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Kapsberger/ Piccinini Chiaconna

by janerik11 • 114,668 views

played by Jan Grüter

Very good! Who is the author, P or K?
Sehr schön! Das war ein wirkliches Erlebnis! Dankeschön!
This is really wonderful and deeply romantic ! Yes, how much one loves it, all the more than the melody moves one's soul in so various manners, offering us deep insights into divine landscapes, dreams and thoughts ! Thanks a lot :) 
marcos Aquino Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
.played by Jan Grüter
Dear Jan, fantastic interpretation. I knew only versions of that song with percussions. First time I hear the pure lute version. Amazing, and beautifully played! And thank you very much for uploading it on these media! ;-))
Outstanding! I am particularly impressed with the deepness of the bass extensions.
Wow! such a great virtuosity! Sounds powerful and energy!:-)
Beautyful! Bravissimo!
Just found you.............................. Strewth!
Hi Jan, it's been along time since I bought your 2 CDs, then it dawned on me that I never told you how they were. I LOVED THEM!! Absolutely gorgeous. Bravo, bravissimo!! It was like I was listening to the music of the Angels.
vanu49again Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
I just love strinstruments. Enjoy!
I love it, I love it! :-)  I  can think of no other piece of music to wake up to & played so beautifully on the Theorbo. I could listen to your interpretation all day long!  Thank you!  ...and BTW I absolutely love your CDs. Wonderful recordings.  Mario :-)
nice! please check out my new performance of some de visée as well. all the best
Is it just me, or is this remarkably like Monteverdi's Zefiro Torna?
that´s so good.... the sound it´s to beautiful at ears.....!!!!! bravo from Veracruz, Mexico
I gave you FIVE, because there are no SIX stars! BRAVO from Italy!!!
What exactly is the name of the instrument? I've never seen one like it before
I adore this ciaccona. It is an amazing work; BRAVO to the theorbist!!
excellent - i love the instrument.
Thank you, the Kapsberger Ciaccona is in the Libro Quarto D' Intavolatura di Chitarone.
Is an instrument like this tuned in fourths like a modern guitar?
Well, I recognise the Piccinini, but which manuscript did you find the kapsberger chaconne in? Very nice playing!
außerordentlich gut gespielt ! ich liebe dieses stück :->
Cet instrument Théorbe est absolument magnifique.
Theres four people here on You Tube that should be subjected to water boarding.
Your skill, the music and the quality of the video sound are fantastic
I admire the technical skills of this lutenist, but more than that is his musicality in the performance! Outstanding!
@GuitarraUltima I am looking for a transcription of this chiaconna for the guitar as well, surely there must be one out there.
This is just an amazing piece!
Marvelous and joyful music! Great playing. Thank you, Jan!
What a wonderful sound! Whose theorbe is this?
Delightful; like most continuo instruments, at its best when played alone.
This performance has had me absolutely enthralled for days. Thank you! I wish I could learn this instrument. it's one of my favourites.
this does not matter, because the famous grounds of the virtuoso ostinato compositions of the 17. century (and used by many composers until our time) as Chaconne, Bergamasca ("the magic chords"), Romanesca, Passacaille and others (!) came from the late 16. century´s folk music (mainly from Italy and Spain). J.G. makes a nice compilation of two of the most exciting Chaconne realizations. jazz-like you also may play pretty different pieces with a common ostinato bass simultaneously ;-)).
sou musico e nao conhecia essa musica ainda. mas vc esta de parabens pelo trabalho feito. amazing song
@Wild1990Child I'm 99% sure it's a Theorbo... Although it looks somewhat smaller from this angle :T
It will NEVER sound so good on guitar, because the the theorbo's sound is just so much better and nicer!
The theorbo is tuned in fourths and a third on the first 6 strings, accept with the theorbo, the top TWO strings are down a whole octave, called re-entrant tuning. For example, if you put a capo on the fifth fret and turned the third string down a half step (This is lute tuning), and then if it were possible to drop the top two strings down a whole octave, you have theorbo tuning. As for the strings from 7 down to 14, they are tuned in a diatonic scale to fit the piece
Is this just one instrument!? Amazing... it sounds like two instruments!!! Beautiful!!!
thank you, freedom makes it sublime... it´s true, god like interpretation of a song... indisputable.
i like the interpretational freedom of the ciaccona, it's the minor changes each time around that makes it so good
Listen to the birds at the end. It just fits perfectly...
I'd like to learn how to play this beautiful instrument. I love it! Nice piece...
Are all the lower strings in some kind of open tuning?
Beautiful performance. Interesting theorbo. Is it based on a suriving historical exemplar?
Why did this instrument ever go out of favour? The sound is like a small ensemble all by itself. More, more! Bravooo! Anzi, bravissimo!
You play veri nice goog good feeling when I listen you One OLE from Spain for you Ole!!!
The ground is the same as that from Monteverdi's madrigal "Zefiro Torna". Which of these pieces came first? Thanks
Gorgeous rendering of this virally infectious chacona!
What a pure sound and sensitive approach! Thank you so much for this elevating music. If only the world listened to this type of music, there would be a lot less crime and alienation among humanity. I subscribe!!!
Te transporta a tiempos remotos, donde el hombre era más sencillo...que belleza
what's the name of the instrument, sounds amazing, and this is the first time i have seen one of this...
Theorbo tuning:a,e,b,g,d,A,G,F,E,D,C,_B,_A,_G.The highest string is the 3rd,(b).
What a fantastic piece of music beautifully played! Thanks!
The two CDs that I ordered arrived today and they are lovely!
The realityguy isn't taking into account actual reality.
Well, it looks like 4 Yoko Ono fans have put their votes in....
Awesome, very cool!
excellent,really loved it....words fail me, wonderfull !
I love the Piccinini! I found this piece by accident. It has such a contemporary sound, almost like a mix of new age and folk music. If any one has the sheet music for 6 string classical guitar, please let me know.
One more thing: Do you happen to know if there is a guitar arrangement for this? I would love to have the score. But if there is not, perhaps even lute score would help to make my own guitar arrangement. Thank you again for this presentation.
Wonderful sound and gorgeous playing. Thank you. I am reminded of the passages from Samuel Pepys' diary where he refers to his progress in learning to play the theorbo. Perhaps his instrument was similar to yours in range and appearance.
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