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Fails of the Weak - Volume 88 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

by Rooster Teeth • 776,904 views

Jack and Geoff are back with the 88th episode of Fails of the Weak. Where they are going, they don't need roads...or success.

I know this sounds stupid but i watch red v blue all the time and i just dont know who does sarge's voice if you know can you tell me please
No but it's like weak they're weak
in soviet russia, building hit you.
in soviet russia robots make you' im reguler russia people make robots
not halo 4 spelt week wrong
people that don't use their radar are noobs
That building got a kill from the grave.
I went under the world too
what was the blues body made out of? must have to hurt
if i get halo reach i want want the wall 2 b on my team
the building got a from the grave kill lol
The wall's K/D is probably 5844574357897544.00
Or 8(maybe 10, it has been a while since I committed suicide) if... they kill themselves.
I've done the exact same thing on the last fail EXCEPT i got pushed below the map and was flying around and if i went too high i cant quite remember, but i think i either died and respawned at the checkpoint i got just after i glitched or i just got the 10 second death barrier... Anyway, i decided to get out of the falcon and well...i was floating on an invisible floor at the bottom of the map... I should have saved the film :/ it was fun!
Thumbs up if you read "Where were going we don't need roads" in the description as he said it! :D
I've got the elevator glitch I got out of if the map
The Freelancer project continues! XD 0:40
how do they not know how that flying glitch works.... its the skyrim giants. they enter the detectable y/x axis and they are luanched back into the playable feild
The realzshaner was on like 3 in a row
that building got a kill from the grave^^
that buildings k/d wasn't -1 it was 0
I'm glad i got my fail on Fails of the Weak :) benn trying for 40 weeks actually. but the building kill i remember well. i was like, " what? what?? AHHHH!" and then i was like "FHCFHJGCFHVC" afterwards with, of course, tons of laughter.
Wait so geoff is grif not
it took me a while to find out it wasnt me i thought it was because the same thing happend to me
Omg I wish I could some how record my halo fails and send them to these guys...:-/....
does the building fall in the campaign? the world will never know
In soviet russia, buildings destroy planes
It can't be Caboose because the warthog was filled with the red team.
Dude i go hog hugging every weekend
2:34 the chupathingy just wanted a hug....
2:40 dont you meen *sunglass's* HOG-HUGIN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
either that or he is the most badass player in existence
dude what's so stupid is that therealzschaner has been on this 3x!!!!!!!
FDS Slippngriff? He's on my friends list. Write in a video together with our pal Chrony!
The wall actually got a sticky kill
0:42 Bitch i did that with my eyes closed
the fail were that guy chucked the grenade it stuck to him was i the only one that noticed
this was rooster teeth's b-day present to me :D
Lol!!!! So, once I STUCK myself with a plasma grenade... Me; 'TAKE THAT MOTHERFU**ER!!!!' I miss Me; 'Oh SH**!' The grenade landed on MY FREAKING HEAD!!!!
0:40 That spartan is a SPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the reason on why the vehicles fly is because the game lags while in the air so basically when you resume it after it lags a bit, you just fly and fly till you blow up. thats how that happens.
they said it in one of the videos. it said that they did it that way. its kinda what this is about, right?
At 2:10, all those DMR's in the background where the guys who got assasinated by the red souls.
hey i know you probely get this alot but add me on xbox Ke1th98113
the warthog didnt want it was clearly geting revenge for treating his girlfriend badly
these comments the guys make about the fails make the actual fails 100x funnier
If that was the meta... then their bodies wouldn't be there...
2:53 So what do you think watermellonduke was thinking at the time. "Look, a collapsing building and falling d'ebris, I should fly TOWARDS it!"
omg i so hate it when you are killed by a falling vehicle piece. i was playing halo 3 and when i finally feel triumphant when i finally kill that god damn scarab for the first time, i get a checkpoint and its leg falls on me and i hit a wall...
Hey roosterteeth im your biggest fan
I love the BTF reference at the beginning. I didn't get it until I watched the movies and returned to this a year later
well i ment i was the one in the back cause i do not have any effects
2:55 "because being splatted with a vehicle part was to mainstream"
im watching this at 5 am...good times
those 3 red guys who got assasinated are such noobs
you guys a re so funny i have a funny fail but no idea how to send it in.
who said they meant a seven day week, it can be a week person wee *bigger trollface
No Jack, the warthog didn't want a hug. It was clearly Caboose trying to lend a helping hand.
BECAUSE.......... the people who make the fails are weak
Spartans dont die either they´re just missing in action ;D, or maybe taking a nap
The building's rank? I want to know the rank of the guy who blew that fucker right to hell! Seriously, how many kills do you think the guy got?
Imagine how pissed the persians would be in 300, if that was true!
Nope, that's called a wart-hug, not hoghuggin.
dat warthog looked like a tomahawk from blak ops
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