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Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Trailer)

by KatyPerryVEVO • 2,897,546 views

Official music video trailer for "Wide Awake," available on 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' on iTunes: Written by Katy Perry for her forthcoming 3D film, "Katy...

Published on 12 Jun 2012 Official music video trailer for "Wide Awake," available on 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' 
Why is there cat whit spinning eyes like it's trying to hypnotize you. Now remember who did worship cats as gods or something like that, Egyptians. What shape of a tomb did they build for pharaons etc. From this we can see this is all connected. Iluminati confirmed. no ragrets
This is the last song I loved from her. Roar and Dark Horse are just a joke in her career...
Dark Horse is a amazing song!
the prince reminds me of Hans from frozen...
Katy return to your pinup girl days, dont waste time with songs like Thia is how we do.
instrumental feels so incomplete without lyrics!!
Earthos_TV Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Published on 12 Jun 2012 Official music video trailer for "Wide Awake," available on 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' 
Amazing trailer Katy!
Final chapter....awwwwwwww tears in my eyes..^. ^
I love that woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does remind anyone else of alice in wonderland
That's so cool and sad
True. Love you and miss you Lynn. Signed, Lynn:-)
Last chatper for teenage dream album
Omg ' last chapter of teenage dream-- oh my god i wish that teenage dream will be alive again-- so beautiful to hear that song-' i got tears in my eyes!! so really magical'
1 ° Wide Awake did saying que awoke from her fake marriage 2 ° did roar talking he dropped it and then she got up 3rd did Unconditionally calling him again saying que the love he is the one she left with q by phone: Russell Brand I do not speak English so I used the google translator
So cute kitten in end
This is my fav kp song!
katy perry Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure the music video is about being freed from the illuminati...
I sing this song almost everyday I 3 your music
A trailer for a Music Video?!! A Katy Perry Music Video?!! smh! i never liked Perry or much of her music, It's so repetitive & commercial & she seems to try so hard to be iconic i personally think she is so boring also she sounds like crap for the most part live ..i've seen & herd she is way over rated, Most of her live performances she never pulls the crowd nor has she had an historic moment. Sorry katy fans but she sucks :) 
O clip ficou maravilhoso.
what is the music in the end ? please
miluju katy pery a všechny její písničky
Whichat is it about,?
omg the cute little kitten melted my heart
ZOMG the trailer is soooo kcewwwlllll :DD
hey...nasabut ak im language...hahahahaha... Tae...hahahahhaha :D XD
Thumbs up if this ur fave song by her
Y no que no conocia a Belinda! JAJAJA xD
Katy, you are our firework so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Salinas California you can perform at the FOX theatre or at the rodeo even on the streets anywhere! Just come:(
She made her sons from her diaries.3
Hola yo se que esto no es cool, pero pasense por mi canal para que vean un video de wide awake siendo que me encanta...porfa;S
tell u this i did the same fucking thing in søb ALL AFD yousee436(agnembram)(yes just still a human)(word after life no get in your tiny boy you tube tool Hmmmm)
It means she won't do more music videos from "Teenage Dream" album
I bet he's using the Internet Expoler that's why he's that LATE !!
When did she say that? I follow her on facebook , twitter and everything else and i never heard that.
Now.......I'm wide awake too!!!!
WOW. does it means that wide awake is her very last song then she'll stop singing? please dont tell me it isnt. katy perry is like the fairy that guides me (im 16. and i still BELIEVE in them.)
katy perry é muito linda mesmo vcs nao acham
HAHA - I'd prefer a tickle fight with Katy Perry. nevermind a chat lol
im i the only 1 who think this is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy
i dont judge just told a kid to appreciate his life instead of seeking attention and be upset about shit
Not sure if wide awake or wide aware :S
The Final chapter... interesting...
If its the last chapter, shouldn't it be at the back of the book, not halfway through? DUNDUNDUUUUUUUN!
It is deep, indeed! Check out my cover of it on my profile :D
Fuck...I I was Russell brand I would never have let a girl like Katy go
I love the whole point in this!!! But.. i also LOVE the kitten:)
la... i know all this.. never mind lah... hehe..
i love the song wide awake i know all the lyrics
katy perry es mi inspiracion jiji como se puede ver en mi perfil
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