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Siren: Blood Curse - Part 1 - Lets Play Siren Gameplay [Walkthrough Playthrough]

by PewDiePie • 2,601,075 views

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I love how Pewds was such a noob in 2012. XD
hahaha yes is was a noob now he is a fabulous noob
Like if your watching in 2015
Rape jokes aren't funny pewds...
+Slasha Botti Are people not allowed to share that experience? If the person is willing to share it then by all means do so. It can help them heal and help others going through issues cause of it.
Am I the only 1 who is watching this before sleeping!?
However weird it may seem, I listen to this playlist whenever I do origami or when I can't concentrate on my work. The odd Japanese theme going throughout the whole playlist gets me in a "do better and faster" mood.
+Limefuzz in psn store awesome game.
+Limefuzz get all the archives to really understand the game.
1:23 No they didn't kill her they just stabbed her through the heart with a sword.
+Sparky the Dog he got shot and fell off the waterfall but I don't think he died. I think he got his powers from the girl
+Luke H Well he Regenerated due to red water, yet didn't become a shibito because of the girl.
Dude, you talk way to much.
lel podipie faggits attacking sumeone for a comment.
memories ;) this and amnesia were the first series i started pewdiepie with and it makes me sad, i used to come home to another amnesia or siren blood curse video but now he barely ever plays horror, lets just hope the evil within is as good as this. Another thing that makes me sad is that is that his name changed from pewdiepie with an emphasis to "poodeepie" it might be a little pathetic to even care about that, but it just feels like the old pewds is gone and the new 30 000 000 subbed poody is here, plus i feel like part of his personality changed from a timid Swedish dude to an over the top youtuber, he sure did change..
So, because he stopped playing horror games you're going to stop watching
I WANT THOSE GLASSES AND I WANT THEM NOW! XD My goodness i laughed so hard!
Oh I miss the old pewds so much ;(((( not saying pewds is not fabulous any more hahahahahahaha but I love how he reacted when he played these horror games
Oyeee podriaaas poner subtitulos en español??
Que lo.digo.por mi hermano pequeño
pewds seems high in this video . like really high 
Why u dont just shut the fck up and try to play game witouth your stupid comenting ?
Why didnt anyone like this game!? IT'S AWESOME
Who came here from his vlog?
The video I subscribed to him on. (:
Because of Halloween sale this is available for under £4 on psn, I highly recommend it.
Lmao the account he played on is called "penis" lmfao
pewds was so stupid and didnt see the quest tracker lol..\
just want to know....where he get all of those game....!!
U fkn annoying shit head u playing and screaming like a pussy ... And btw i hate ur commentary ewwww
obvious troll is obvious.
I did not even watched to the end , jusr couple of minutes and i just had put some comment here and i switch to another video
I'm eating toffee pop corn while I watch you because I love your vids
Oh great game its on psn store on ps3 maybe xbox360 idk about new system but search siren on the store awesome horror game.
I miss the days he did play series like these, long, doesn't seem like too much editing, good game.
doesn't a good guy in this game turn bad
A girl actually. And I love this game so much!
this is so much better than his new stuff in my opinion.
Ah... 2012.... I was in fucking PAIN!!!!!!!!!! But I made it through, Pewds also looks and sounds younger, but I feel like although I set the settings at 720p the quality is still bad.
If you don't get this one I'll be amazed
what's the song at the very beginning called?
2:48 That is David Tennant and you cannot tell me otherwise
.......I wish dashie was on episode 2 already
I don't want to see someone making stupid noises and talking throughout the game when I just want to see a game, damn does anybody just record a game without someone yammering on in the corner
Then you gotta go search for a walkthrough. As far as I know walkthrough are comment free. Just the game and it's audio. 
I never saw the game before I only played it on Playstation Home like a mini game and IT WAS FREKIN' SCARY !!!  -Stay AWSOME , Love from TUNISIA <3 Brofist
2:48  Is that the Doctor from "Doctor Who?"!? O_o
They did not kill her but they stabbed her in the heart but she survived
He talks so different from now to then
Any Anime fans wince when he says Sack Bottle instead of Sake Bottle? I do...
What's the name of the song in beginning?
It's in the description. 😀
Saw it the second after I posted my comment. Lol.  Thank you though. 
sometimes pewds annoys me. Like if watching in 2015. 
in the description your welcome :).
0:06 why is ellendegeneres on his shirt in the doodle ? 
is it just the whovian in me or is that David Tennet at 2:48?
Like ur vids bro fist pump.
I have a question where did pewds play this on the computer or xbox ?
x box if you notice in the begining he was holding a xbox arm
No duh..that's the same thing as killing her...but if Pewdiepie happens to listen..would  u play the P.T. Silent Hill game with Cutiepie??
1:23  (me in this situation) Me: (looks around) (purses lips for a sec) Nope (turns around and walks away) Anyone else? Anyone out there with common sense...?
Yuri Lowenthal your voice cannot escape detection.
I would love for you to do a playthrough of the original, forbidden siren :)
I'm guessing she did not die I think maybe I was wrong
Fatality! Kid wins! Lol
I love the Zelda sound effects at the end!!
it takes pewds forever to figure out what to do. lol
I just had to watch this series again!
Aww poods Swedish accent fabalas!! It was so much more noticeable! Xx bro fist 👊
Anyone noticed that the player (not pewds) keeps on saying fu*k and sh*t?
I came here cuz pewds say in his new video "the Within part 2" : 'It reminds me of Siren Blood Curse, my favorite horror game ever. Well, in a long time.' I just wanted to say that :D 
Amy is a shit horrror games
Wait is this real or fake?
+NeedMoreCoffee The entire plot of the game is based around a curse that brings the dead back to life or some shit like that. He was asking if this actually happened somewhere. And while the plot is based loosely around something that did happen somewhere, the actual events in game are not real because of the mystical aspects of the plot.
+Jordan Escobedo Fair enough, but I'd say they're just "not real" period, regardless of magic or God or the flying spaghetti monster or not :-p it's just not real.
howard sounds like yosuke from persona 4
I would have bought this game if it wasnt only released digitally :P the whole thing is on sale for ten dollars on psn right now though so I might give it a try :D
pewds could you please please play psycosis it is a horror game and it is cool
........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
Wait why is his speech slurred...? :/
This has to be my favorite playthrough that pewdie has done:3
that game looks terrifying, i want it
Is that girls voice from the recording in the beginning of the video the same voice actor that plays April Ryan in the Longest Journey series?
I love pewds when he was just like this. But now..... i dont know anymore.
What playstation is this on ? If you reply thanks
its ps3 i already know
I am a troll. Feed Me! \ ( Like Biscuits )
Loool this is so dumb
would you stop calling him women after all he is a boy
What's the intro name song?
raping is no joke. but funny
why can't this guy talk normal?
Good old pewd's. 
2 million views but the game only sold 0.26 million copies. Faith in humanity = 0
+Gabberman9000 Films Not their fault this is cheaper. Besides... by the time this video came out, the game had released 3 years ago.. I don't think it was gonna get anymore sales. If anything, this helped it with that problem.
Yeah. Shame though, this seems like a fairly good horror game. Ah well.
that police officer shot that guy for no reason why ?
brah watz ur all time fav horror game???
3 am is when the dead comes out poods .-.
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