Education Today and Tomorrow

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This video was created by Tom Woodward of Henrico County schools in Virginia. Tom used the work of Karl Fisch from Colorado who created a PPT using various quotes and statistics from "flat world"...

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i have got an illustrations on computer skills
According to the video, China has more honors students than America's total population. As a college student studying to become a future teacher the topic of technology in the classroom is quite prevalent. Are teachers these days preparing their students for advancement in learning and understanding today's technologies? I believe that newer teachers have grown up with the rapid change of the 21st century and therefore are more familiar with how to teach these technologies than teachers of the past. 
+Rachel Degraw The unfortunate thing is that most of these parents in low income areas probably are not able to use the new technologies either. They may not have jobs that expose them to it. I believe that teachers need to keep up with today's fast paced advancement by not only attending professional development workshops but also exposing themselves to new technologies and keeping up with current educational trends as seen in magazines. I know for the class Educational Technology here at Rowan, we have read several articles about how teachers can utilize new technologies in their classrooms. There are resources our there for teachers new and old who wish to use them. 
+Lauren Baranowski There are professional development workshops and other ways for teachers to teach themselves and keep updated with the technology but do you think all of this technology used in the classroom is hurtful to students interactions with each other? The use of iPads and laptops are definitely useful in the classroom but I have been to observations where I have seen all of the students in the classroom on an iPad playing games during recess rather than interacting with each other. 
GREAT discussion to kick off our summer book group. Check out the video that we started with and then come back to answer the essential question: how do we create a school environment where our kids can survive and thrive?
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A fun short musical slideshow bringing up the question: Is the education we are giving our students preparing them for today's world...or yesterday's? What do you think?
@matuchdsm I can agree with that, you make an interesting point. I have a theory I have been researching for about ten years now. If you could help me with some insight I will gladly appreciate it. My website is theglobalinformationnetworkhelper((dot))org. My theory is that throughout history the only difference that the only main difference that separated classes of people (money or social) was and still is information and the way the person thinks or uses their mind. Thank you.
State funded education exists to benefit the state. The state needs lots of obedient little cogs in the machine. So, education will state more or less the same. But the Internet could change all that. We have to keep the emphasis on democracy and participation -- make some demands of "public servants" Plus laws of inertia tell us that once you have a big ol' boat in the water, it takes a long time to turn, no matter how important it is to turn (can you say Titanic?). Let's get the boat turnin'!
ADD means you don't want to listen to boring, uninteresting crap in school then that's what your totalitarian dictatorial teachers label you as!!
Excellent video; really summaries a lot about the changing face of education. Thanks for sharing, Shareski!
I agree with the spirit and intentions of the piece. I just cringe a little when people glorify technology as the saving grace of education. With the recent rapid boom in computer technology there has been a lot of positives but there also seems to be a lot of negatives. As a teacher, I see students who lack basic manners, patience & self discipline. When one learns to possess these first then the technology can be used to it's utmost potential. Instant gratification of tech stunts those traits
Do schools kill creativity? If creativity was a person schools would be it's concentration camp! I think that young people are going through a creativity holocaust perpetrated by teachers especially ones who hate their jobs. Everyone who agrees this is a disgusting inconvenient truth give me a thumbs up. BTW I'm only twenty years old and I understand this.
The U.S. fails miserably in education (Ranking about 30th-38th globally). Some states, its OK to teach creationism. How is this allowed in schools, only churches should be abusing young minds. The U.S. leads the world in 3 areas. #1- Number of people that believe angels are real. #2- Number of JAILED citizens at 730per100,000. Even Mexico is 64th with 201/100,000, Pakistan is 205th with 40/100,000, and Canada is130th with 117/100,000, and #3-Military Spending. So now when you say we're #1 WTF
Whats the name of the song? Best video ever!!! (:
We're only going to end up with money grubing, uninspred cowardly, materialistic perverts and brainless killing machine solgers who are equilly materialistic and perverted. The worst part is most of us don't even have the ablity to say such things, and the rest of us don't bother cause nobody's listening....Goes without saying this is the ideal kingdom. Now I get what Al Quieda was talking about when they said they wanted to crush us capitalistic pigs. Too bad they hit the wrong targets.
actually you can teach yourself...scientific inquiry is that process.
@KUTVgroucho Yea well those schools are not being funded properly and th teachers dont care as much. Most of them just want to show up and get paid so they can move to another school and put that on theyre resume like they are mother teresa for working there to begin with. People need hope so that they can believe they can do anything ad teachers are apart of that
cool video! Please watch my too. Thanks!.
Fabulous video about technology in education, particularly after I'd just found a half dozen sleep inducing vids by teachers who still feel they have to use technology to lecture and who DON'T have video presentation skills. Is this the original production? I've seen quite a few copies.
I definitely agree with you, I'm one of them. High School is a joke and feels like a waste of time. 2% of the U.S. budget goes to education while 17% goes to defense. I don't deny the importance of our armies, but what about the future of our children? Many of my peers are more technologically adept than the teachers. Maybe if our schools were improved to provide an education pertinent to modern society kids would be more engaged rather than sitting half asleep through 45 minute lectures.
@KUTVgroucho Free education should be here in america. It should be taxed and used for education and free health care. More socialism and less capitalism or this country will stay in debt forever. The price goes up every year and thats just greed.
Can I pleaes use this film on my wbsite Of course I will acknowledgement who made the video
Funny thing is I almost got fired for mis counting. Fuck cashiering. Its not real mathematic's
This is an awesome video. I know a place where someone can choose an Online Degree. There number is 877-636-0328
But children need guidance in distinguishing good references from trash on the internet...and what about trying to get resources which aren't available online?
I think that after 5th grade everything I learned after that was basically a repeat. Not only that but, school was meant for education not for boredom and depression. Bored and depressed was my whole life in middle school!
This message should not only be seen as a positive one. It points out the fact that the world has changed in terms of quantity. Not to mention that the video juxtaposes Shakespeare and Eminem. We don't really need more songs, we don't really need new skills. We just have the right to acquire them, but finding the right way to live comes before them.
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Nice message, but there still ARE production lines, and someone has to run them. Education does not only have to be high-level, but also diverse and suited to the individual learner's needs and attributes.
Kids, take the wheel and drive! Bye bye Industrial Education. see the school: aisudbury
all the pressure is gettin put on the kids nowdays. at high school kids age, not many of them are willing to learn, because they could be playing games or sports. quite frankly, i dont beleiveyou can start by changing high school. we need to prepair our countries kids from kindergarten, then when they reach high school, they are already more advanced and prepaired to learn!
The problem is too many kids today learn how to behave and how to interact from the computer. MSN text and how we treat each other on the internet/msn/chat rooms is not how we should treat each other in the real world. Some kids don´t even know the difference anymore.The fucking up of the English language is the worst aspect of internet. I am glad I didn´t grow up with the internet age. I know the times when we didn´t replaced cold technology for the human social experience yet.
Всё течет, всё меняется. Завтра это будет уже другой мир.
"We" should not have to teach them anything. People need to take it upon themselves to learn when and what they need or want.
Yes, my perspective on the problems within ED comes as a former US Army Officer and consumer of the product, the product is deficient. The amount of time The Army spends just trying to get the new soldiers to read and write functionally is significant I now teach inner-city HS, 78 % Hispanic (1/2 of those Eng as 2nd Language) They need to read and write; to do arithmetic so no one cheats them out of money Tech IS a critical task, but we must estblish the foundation for tech skills
Ya there is really no use for much of the stuff I've learned in school. Now a days you can just do simple math on your cell phone. School is really a place just to keep you busy with 6 hour long brain teaser.
Perfect timing for an expression like this. I agree with you totally and truthfully.
What I don't understand is how you can't see that the pictures of standing and working in a factory LOOK JUST THE SAME as your picture of a classroom. Instead of sitting with a desk in front of them, students sit with a computer in front of them. Instead of looking through a book of knowledge (like an encyclopedia) they have a tablet. Google: The Westwood School if you really want to see something different.
But it works, and not everyone can brown bag it. Lastly, all schools MUST teach shop classes, music classes, labs, and everything else you need more than a note book to learn. All this could be done with small changes in prodocall, but for best results, the education budget in the U.S. would have to be raised to 10-20% of the actual federal budget rather than 6%. And Youtube, I am not a robot, so quit testing me!
hey wats the name of the song? ???
The holocaust is fake. Free Palestine. Death to israel. this video is your wake up call.
What does this actually say? Times change. There's a surprise. So education should change. Okay. How?
@jonver92 We should give teachers bonuses for a high pass rate and they should be required to work with students that are not doing well after school
Are you a teacher? Want to make an IMPACT? Please visit our channel.
mac is a marketing scandal. computer engineering will always be done on PCs.
it helps the kids become familiar with all the new technologies that people use, more to the question, why are students in some other countries speaking multi languages and doing mathmatics,science and literature that americans would consider college level by the time they are in HS? an american HS grad couldnt pass a German or japanes 9th grade, why have we let our standars fall to the way side?
It looks like there is a code in the image at the beginning
Pretty sure we are preparing them for a world of Apple Geniuses
but it's definitely good to point out that we need to adapt and it would seem the architects of our education are not always on point.
My definition of school: Highly unefficient rambling lacking common sense.
ty! ive been saying this for years! showed this to my teachers and our school has suddenly, but mysteriously gone and invested in about 5000 brand new computers... odd...
I teach at 1 of the largest community colleges in the US and I have also taught in Latin America for many years. To summarize my experiences with students in the US and several other countries...American students have no hope, no future, except that of being a SERVANT to the Super-Rich. Every day I see students cheating in many ways. They buy their term papers and assignments online, they score lower on the SAT exam than students 40 years ago. Parents are LOSERS, DRUG DEALERS,N PROSTITUTES.
When we were just a child joy of life was all we knew and our thoughts sweet and mild then according to states rules they sent us off to schools we were then catagorized according to what we memorized and as we were, through the years graded our secret joys slowly faded replaced by dry responsibilities and imposed sensibilities
That's for sure, and they carry it over from year to year so you don't even have a chance. Did you know that students, ALL students learn more and faster if they can get up and walk around? The only reason they don't allow it is because it's too hard on the poor teachers.
Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it :)
It is a shame thanks to the GOP the only people wanting to be americans are Mexicans and Terriorist.
" I see students who lack basic manners, patience & self discipline." This is a MAJOR problem in public education. Basic social etiquette should be learned in pre-school and kindergarten. It's so vital that it should be the primary objective at that level. However, the main reason education fails is because built into it's nature is the acceptance that a certain percentage will fail. We teach to the Bell Curve system, rather than to the child. We make the child fit the curve.
very well put, but for one think, you should've ended with: do we teach them? Or should we let them learn? Otherwise, awesome video!
Books are not for EVERYONE... In schools area where the drop out rate is highest - build trade schools. Teach them Farming, Truck driving, Welding, Brick mason, ect ... teach them a JOB!
@jonver92 : I'm pretty sure you learned how to type your oppinion in public school too. But i agree, we need an educational revolution.
this video is very well done,not only has it cleverly depicted a changing society,it also uses some excellent tunes.it does a great job of exploring the shift in times from a chalk and talk era to this new instant information world.
it's never bad to read a good old book ^^ but it's not in the center of the future education, because it's nether mutimedial nor interactive. future learning will be much more collaborative and dialouge oriented learning..
no different really than school today.
this is a rip of "shift happens". the world moves so fast these days we need to keep evolving ourselves, as teachers, and as learners. I try to teach my students how to learn to teach themselves using the web, evaluating comparing and contrasting data until they get what they want. whether youre building a canoe or a computer the information is out there. were digital natives, both consumers and producers of content, connected and uncontrolled by heirarchies. this has NEVER happened before
im a pc person. bt wut do u mean by mac being a mrketing scancal?
@KUTVgroucho You can always try, instead of vaguely stating that there is a problem and leaving the reasoning behind that to the rest of us.
@evuntamed Considering america is spending 300 million on a war that was startd to get oil after bush and others messed up the economy worst than ever besides the great depression and managed to raise th national debt to a number so obsene I wont even mention. I dont see how america cant use taxes to pay or free education and healthcare. Its being done in other countries and socialism works.
You're not making your case for education when you go from Shakespeare to some low rent hip hop twerp like Eminem.
After I got my Masters in common sense I toured the land hoping to achieve social conciousness. I tried to save oiled birds after the oil spill & succeeded in scaring them off & trampling on their eggs. I taught myself Latin till I chipped a bone in my Backus Bonus. I stood as a speaker for politics - but they were all egomaniacs & seldom told the truth. I tried the CIA, but they were worse than any criminal. I gave up on society & decided to live alone. Their education had brainwashed me away.
Education Today and Tomorrow The situation in Physics now # The more I study the more I know The more I know the more ideas I have The more ideas I have the more they abstract The more they abstract the less I know the truth Israel Sadovnik Socratus
@neurotechy I taught myself. Even when i have had teachers I only learn what I want to learn, they simply help me teach myself.
I think distance education is the wave of the future. It gives students freedom and options for their success.
The evolution of recent human history has been dominated by minority control over the majority, the rulers have come up with nessesary illusion for compliance and servitude of the many, Science and technology has created a world of plenty, but the market mechanism is about artificial scarcity to perpetuate poverty and exploitation in a modality of war,enviornmental destructions,animal cruelty and so on . The new paradigm is sharing the Earth for our collective needs and wellbeing
I Really Like The Video Tom Woodward of Henrico County schools in Virginia. Tom used the work of Karl Fisch from Colorado who created a PPT using various quotes and statistics From Your
Pretty interesting video - simple, but interesting.
China has more honor students but the quality of life there is the same as it was 700 years ago,mediocre.
@jonver92 Obviously, you know of only the worst public schools who have no choice, because the communities they serve represent the lowest rungs of American society.
your absalutely right, we havent changed in the last 28 years....may b thats the problem? May b thats why jap/germ/UK/sweed students are held to and perform at higher standards than american kids? What am i saying, we cant even figure out if we want to teach creationism instead of life science in our schools lol
Your Video reated by Tom Woodward of Henrico County schools in Virginia. Tom used the work of Karl Fisch from Colorado who created a PPT using various quotes and statistics from "flat world" thinking Is Very Useful Sharing
Yes, change always happens..BUT learning to read effectively does NOT Learning to do arithmetic does NOT Being able to write an understandable letter does NOT Being able to understand the legal/political system you must live under does NOT This does NOT involve creativity (74u73hjd) in involves simple work and effort. That is why US Public ED is so screwed up! In all the crap about self -esteem, creativity, self-directed ED, we lost what is needed, basic ED skills for ALL!!
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