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Deadly Highway Black Ice Pile Up Accident

by CZeroMedia • 3,119,019 views

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"I don't understand why people are stopped in this kind of condition" where do you expect them to go?! I don't understand why you and the ford flex were driving that fast in those kind of conditions
Hmm... I don't know, maybe move to the grass on the side of the road!
I drive truck for a living so im in this crap all the time. People just don't understand that if you hit your brakes and slide then your going to fast for conditions. If you cant see lights ahead of you in these conditions and don't keep a stopping distance from the vehicle in front of you.... this is what happens. That semi that flew by you is a freakin idiot and is an even more good reason to know whats ahead of you and whats behind you. 15 years driving truck and no accidents with around 2 million miles under my belt and I see new shit everyday. Hope no one got hurt in this pile up. 
still even if his distance was not enough he did at least manage to not run into anything as far as the video shows.
First of all you need to know what does 'ABS' stand for = it's Anti-lock braking system! It ISN'T anti-slip system... ;)  Second - there is ICE on the road, so there is very VERY little traction and how do you think ABS system will help you if there is literary no traction between tyre and road surface? Third never ever lock you'r tyres when you are slipping on ice - you will just go straight forward no matter what, for example, car on right in the video just slammed brakes locked it's wheels and couldn't steer and straight forward in the car's(80% of drivers does this mistake), video author did the right thing, released the brake pedal so wheels could spin and could get some steer traction to steer away from danger infront... Forth and last no matter if you are driving 'within the speed limit' like  55mph in 60mph zone... In these weather conditions it's way to fast! Drive safe everyone!
but he had an evo with awd i am sure he was ok in any condition /s (#Subaru  not that it would have fared any better)
+Mutation666 Imprezas and Evos are the best!
I am SO RELIEVED to come to the comments section and see many people concurring with my reaction to this video: the driver filming this was going way, waayyy, WAAAYYYY too fast. Why? Because driving in winter is unpredictable. Your speed should be determined by how far ahead of you you can see. At the beginning of the video it's ridiculously clear that he's approaching an area of much, much decreased visibility.  Which means you should DO NOTHING EXCEPT slow the fuck down, maintain a gap between you and the cars near you, and stay alert (at least he did the latter). He failed in continuing to pass another car when entering a painfully obvious area of decreased visibility. NEVER PASS when it's hazy ahead, unless it's to avoid an accident. The comments the driver added to the video show what a fuckwit driver he is... people are stopped because of the huge semi in the front that is stopped. And I went back and double checked - yes, they all have their hazards on. The car rearended the one in front of him to make room for a FUCKING SEMI. God, the poster of this video PISSES ME OFF. It's drivers like him that make the roads so unsafe in winter. He is a terrible driver, I'm sure he would disagree but just further proof of his arrogance and incompetence.
Weather does not cause "accidents."  You were going too fast.  Good luck with your search for excuses.
the ford flex really had no where to go lol, ur lucky u were on the left hand lane
Dude, you are an idiot. You were driving WAAAAY too fast for the conditions, and WELL beyond your visual stopping distance - which is insane.
This guy thinks hes a great driver because he didn't rear end anyone like the Flex did. Let's see here. 1: Both of you were driving to fast for the conditions and visibility for starters. 2: You had a shoulder to go to, by the time he saw it coming, he had little time to react or places to go. You on the other hand had a shoulder to get off on with some grass to gain better traction. So quit being cocky and acting like you're a better driver. If you were in same lane as the Flex I guarantee you would be in the same predicament.
your reaction was superb! Made the best of it!!!!! The truck is just frightening as it apears!
You were massively speeding. The rules are "If the max apropriate speed for condions is below the usual limit, you have to drive slower." The visibility was bad, and snow means, slower breaking (oh... you can break on snow and ice, havong ABS, but ist a slow process). You ware obviosly much too fast, as you were not able to stop before the crash zone, and it was sheer luck, ther was some alternate way. the way: With snow but clear sight, this speed is no problem, as there is enough room to stop.
Your lucky that you have a car that handles well.  Not everyones car is equipped to handle that weather.
If only everyone drove like you. Glad you were able to dodge all that shit. Damn close though.
Nice dodging and good on you for not locking up the wheels. BUT you were were driving way too fast for conditions. If you cant stop within your field of vision, you are hooped. Your fault....
Nice steering. Most people just panic and crash.
Why the fuck are you going 80miles per hour dumbass
Everyone who keeps lecturing you on how fast you were driving for the conditions obviously never learned how to read.
You were driving way too fast buddy. Drive for the conditions and it doesn't matter if people were stopped in front. You would've seen them and stopped with plenty of time.
It's only funny when it happens in gta san andreas.
That's what happend to my range rover
You're asking for it if you drive that fast when you can't see much and don't have winter tires.
Im from the north call me a yankee i dont give a fuck. You country people cant drive for shit. I live in virginia this how it looks when it snows. Common fucking since slow down when its snowing. Fuck u country people are dumb
Well done at avoiding the other cars. But I think the lesson here is to not randomly stop during a snow storm, just continue but drive slower.
The main lesson is to slow the fuck down and drive based on conditions (which includes awareness of the cars around you...) but sure, that too.
+jewdyism Yea, the reality is people are going to stop, even if not intentionally.  Maybe they spun out and before they can get out of the way, someone else crashes into them. Everyone else should be prepared for cars to be stopped in the middle of the road at any moment and drive accordingly.
All these idiots driving 60mph what do you expect.
Your concern for your vehicle rather than the health of those in the accident field is so shallow. And it's only a 'four door poppa car' at that. That said, I hope your insurance covered the repairs and glad to see YOU survived. 
+46619TAB its very dangerous to leave your vehicle when the road is that slick and visibility is that low  just think D danger (make sure area is safe for you, any bystanders and the causality) R responsiveness  . A airway B breathing C circulatory  D deadly bleeding /shock maybe i'm making the wrong call,  But i believe that an ice covered HIGHWAY filled with cars slamming into each other and more coming by the second does not fall under the "area is safe" category
You're a fucking idiot because it's his right to get himself and possibly a family safely out of a situation like that. You saw that semi go charging into that pile up, would you want to be out of your car standing in the center of that? I didn't fucking think so
I used to have AWD... It accelerates really well in these conditions, but stops same as others. Winter tyres? Anyway, good save and thinking that you should be gone from there. Sorry for my English, haven't used it fora while...
U got lucky u did not crash
я хренею с этого долбоеба, и вообще с амеров кретинов, блять на летней резине по слякоти катаются, а потом пишут что  weather was cause of the incident
good job to drive to the front.  too many people just stop right there, had u not kept going that truck wouldve smashed u bad.
Good recovery.  I must ask though, do you always shoot dash videos while you're driving?  And why?  I'm assuming you're not a cop because of the car's sound and you didn't include "police dashcam" in your title.  Thanks just curious...
how come you applaud him for nice maneuvering and not criticizing him for NOT turning the wipers which, in my opinion, the main cause for limiting his vision further.
He truly threaded the needle on that one.  Unfortunately not everyone had his luck
What do you expect with those bald tires? 0:41
Glad you're okay but you were initially going WAY too fast for those conditions. 
what a save dude!!!! glad you and that gorgeous car is ok
Sweet bit of driving there fella
200 feet visibility and slushy snow on the roadway? Yeah, just do 80 mph and everything will sort itself out.
Feel bad for truck drivers who have to deal with this
Well the good thing is now,you have an excuse to go get a real car now and get rid of your wanna be "Fast and Furious" it was a blessing in disguise!
what makes this guy think he's in a position to educate others? if the weather conditions are like that you just slow down so you wont crash into cars standing in front of you. that means visibility + roadcondition. why the fuck would they keep moving if other cars ahead are blocking the road, probably for reasons? you're just a selfish punk who thinks everyone has to play according to your rules, huh? fucking "common sense" as long as its yours? how about fucking stick to the law and SLOW THE FUCK DOWN? on a sidenote, that guy who got hit by the car in the beginning was lucky, otherwise he would have get crushed by that truck.
Holy fuck! I would have said the same shit you said 
If you watch enough crash videos, you know that accidents happen for a reason. There aren't any videos of the people who plow into cop cars parked in the highway. Those people don't want to explain on camera why they are retarded.
Pretty hypocritical to bash 'people w/o common sense' when YOU were the one going WAY too fast for conditions.  
+Lightningchase1973 no, it's because he was ON ICE. The flex was braking too, he couldn't stop, could he? 
+Suren Simonyan Which totally proves he was driving outside his and his vehicles limits.
Good driving, you wouldnt believe how many tards dont know how to avoid an accident, I feel bad for the damage to your evo 8-9 but that said, its better then being in the hospital because you locked up and ran into the van. I applaud your driving good sir!
This is why I do not travel long distance in this kind of weather!
Did you try slowing down by downshifting and letting the clutch out when braking didnt work? I feel like that would have been a little more effective at stopping the car or at least slowing it down more.
i think that was nicely controlled, shame the guy next to him didnt come off the brakes and regain steering. now that would have been awesome :)
Don't drive that fast in the snow and he would've been in more control. 
I met this guy the other day!
The lesson here is if you are going to drive slowly in the snow, stay in the right lane!!!
Letting off the brake certainly saved you there. I've been in this situation a few times and letting off the brake to regain control is so counter intuitive your brain almost won't let you do it. Luckily you had just enough time (and were in the correct lane) to take control.
Well done avoiding crashing your car
There is no such thing as "black ice" unless the water was black for some reason before it froze. Ice from rain or snow is clear or cloudy white if it has a lot of air bubbles in it. "Black ice" is a term invented by the sensationalist media because it sounds scary and ominous, which in turn makes it even easier to blame for crashes instead of the stupid actions of drivers. In reality, "black ice" is just regular old clear ice on blacktop pavement, which really wasn't the case in this video. That was just a typical slushy, icy mix on unsalted roadway, as typically occurs during a snowfall where the pavement wasn't brined in advance. It's a recipe for a crash if you're carrying more speed/momentum than you can quickly manage in an emergency.
Well done, fast thinking, i subscribed
Read the description for the love of God people!
id say you did a good job avoiding other cars. kudos
Une chance que la Lancer soit une 4x4. 
People saying that are saying this had nothing to do with driving skill apparently never been in situation like this. Takes quick thinking and the knowledge to not slam on the breaks to be able to get through the smallest opening like that.
Amazing driving skills pround evo owner as well but i dont think alot of people would handle that the same way like the car next to him bravo
I live out here in new mexico near the state line of texas moved out here 3 years ago from missouri, We don't get a lot of snow here but when we do people think you can still drive at the speed limit and then stop like normal, have to say he got lucky with his car, yeah might of been going to fast but coming up on something like that not much else you can do but hold on and hope to hell you get through it with out getting hurt. I have to say i hate driving in snow due to is scares me, not that i don't know how to drive in it, its just other people around me, a few years ago i had a small 10 blazer and ended up rolling it over 4 times after some one who was driving to fast spun in front of me heading from the opposite direction. It would of be head on if i did turn my ass end to take the hit. Needless to say it flipped me over and down a hill in to someones back yard. I think the speed limit on that road was 50 i was doing just about 35.
It's a miracle that this driver was able to avoid such pileup when very few could, and they wouldn't be blamed.
Great job driver.  I live in these conditions year round. And they aint no joke. Great Job man. Car sound amazing by the way as well
At least you didn't hit anything. Could be worse.
all language aside, nice driving. props!
Whoever shot the vid was just as guilty as everyone else. Too fast for the conditions. Idiots.
So, people died in the pile-up, and you passed right by and then stopped to check your bumper?  Nice going...
You will NOT see BLACK ICE where you live.  Has to be much much colder.  If it's snowing, it's too warm for black ice condition.  It's when the temp is so cold, that car exhaust hits the pavement and forms ice.  It looks shiny black, not snow white.  Good job finding the right spot, the ONLY spot.
the last 10 seconds of video, whats the "rump rump rump" sound? is that the road, tires, chains what ever? or is that the motor loping along?
omg...that semi that flies past you when you swerve could of fucked so many people up
It was all your fault. You, the black van and the huge truck behind you were driving RIDICILOUSLY fast for those conditions.
why would any one hit the thumbs down button on this video? 723 losers worldwide 
Simply driving under the speed limit in snow is not enough. Those highways are 65mph so do you really think driving 64 or even 40 is safe? I can only judge your speed based on the passing environment, which looked to be at least 40 considering I know what it's like to live in a 30mph road.
READ THE DESCRIPTION PEOPLE! also the semi that flew buy you could have killed lots of people there.
One could argue that you were driving too fast for the conditions, but you definitely avoided multiple potentially disastrous impacts and kept a cool head to get through that mess with minimal damage.
He had the right car in right time. Evo)))
Wow nice skills i live in nc nd this type of things happen down here.. Nice ride btw
awesome recovery and damn lucky you know how to drive that semi looked like it was gonna take someone out...
In the description, he says that seconds before starting the recording the sky was clear and so was the road. Now, if he had slowed down to what was the safest speed for the conditions he would have had to hit the brakes which could have made him crash before even getting to the pileup, when braking on roads in conditions like that it doesn't even make a fucking difference anyway. So I will assume that every one of you that is bitching at him about how fast he was going, will probably be or have been in this someday and you're going to do everything wrong and crash. I'm sure he didn't stop because he was in just as much shock as the people around him. It may have never occurred to him to check on people, until he was gone, but he can pull over and check on his car any time. So everyone coming in bitching, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
i think most of them were in stun or already rear ended or carshed up with other people in some way and were trying to somehow trade insurance info but ya still quite quite stupid to be stopped there...great video thanks for sharing !
Everyone was driving way to fast for the conditions. What do you expect is going to happen?
broken car?relax you fix it,look those crashed cars man! you saved your ass out there! peace
Was surprised there was no damage on the evo after driving on the side like that good shit
when you brake the car leanes forward and puts pressure on your front tires this wil give you control with abs your tires wont block so if you have abs Always brake
+Jacob Jackson but if the weels do find grip you will be able to steer away from a crash if you don't break like the other guy suggest you will crash for sure  and abs will not allow you weels to block but will keep the weels turning this will help the weels to steer if possible
+janbrandonjr I agree, if the wheels grip then they will steer, however it will very likely cause the car to spin or understeer. If you really have to brake, then try to do it all and then let off before you steer so that you don't have conflicting forces. It's amazing how easily your car will turn if you steer right after letting off the brake, but you still do have to watch for oversteer. As for the ABS, it will stop your wheels from locking but it will not stop your front wheels from being dragged straight when they are pointing sideways, which is what I was trying to refer to earlier.
Did you know that the natgeo show "hell on the highway" uses this clip in there opening scene?
No I did not. Lol. I have to check that out. 
should have gotten a subaru 
no, should have gotten a Renault rally car
He performed rule the car
18 wheeler is trucking lol
Good reflexes! Poor cars tho :(
All because of one stupid idiot who can't drive his 370z in snow
umm that was my car and the radar showed no snow on my drive back to my destination.  I wasn't the car that caused the accident dumbass!
props man your reflex's and that beast ass AWD system saved you!!! if you wouldve wrecked that semi might have plowed into you
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