Motorola DROID RAZR Review

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PhoneArena reviews the Motorola DROID RAZR. Combining two of the most memorable brand names in phone history, the Motorola DROID RAZR is bent on establishing itself as the poster child of...

I have to say, this is the toughest, most reliable phone I've ever had. Got it new in July 2012, it's still running on the same old battery, same everything ever since. Unbelievable good phone. Obviously, such a long time has degraded the charge life of the battery a bit, as to be expected with any smartphone. Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable unless you're daring enough to pop the back off the phone and void it's warranty. And it's not entirely impervious to little bugs and glitches every now and then, but overall, it's been one damn good phone. Damn near bulletproof Gorilla glass screen, splashproof, spillproof design. Motorola knows their sh*t. My next phone, if this one EVER dies, is gonna be the RAZR Maxx.
Damn tough under rated glass screen
Find this phone on Gazelles store on ebay, a good condition one goes for around $110 you can also purchase $20 insurance for it just in case you have issues down later down the road. 
Wow, John sure can talk non-stop! Great info guy, nice presentation!!
So if i have to pay $300 for the phone itself (yes in know its $50 now) how much do i have to pay for the 2 year contract? (im not American and live in india so don't flame me)
that shit just came out. Razr came out 2 years ago... you fucktard
So, your opinion between the Droid Razr and the Droid Incredible?
Random period in the end of that last sentence, my bad.
the one i want from an android phone is longer batt life and fast internet.... is this good for that purposes???
It's the best smartphone ever!!!!I wish i had it!!!
i just don't think i'd be okay with an OLED screen, the burn in is very unappealing! Waiting for the Droid Razr Hd with an HD LCD screen..
This phone is 99$ now and it's on ice cream sandwhich
oh boy... don't give a flying fuck about how thin it is... tell me how it runs.
No thank you lll wait for iPhone 5
I'm getting this phone in two days <3
Hated this phone. Everything about it was sloppy and unpolished. No amount of stainless steel on the inside can detract from the fact that it feels like a cheap mp3 player from kmart. You can literally count the visible red pixels ALL OVER the screen and even navigating the phones menues is met with considerable lag. Switched back to smooth red incredible 2 for its more polished experience and higher quality build
The razr is international version and droid razr is of verizon.
Thank you for your excellent review of this phone, clear, concise and strait to the point! Excellent work!! Thank you sir!
It really is. I had two in less then a year that broke.
I've had this phone for a year and used the nexus for a couple days, and imo the razr beats it in every way...better build quality, screen, call quality, faster performance...I can't comment on the camera as I hardly use it
I have this phone. I love it so much.
I'm probably well my parents say maybe well i don't know of they are trying to suprise me but , is it better than the galaxy nexus ?
Is it just me or did it sound like he began the beginning sort of at the end??
this the best phone out!!!! especially since it got the new update.
I hav this phone and I have absolutely no prob with it, I got it last valentines for 100 or so and it's great
Lol your contraindicating yourself. You say it looks gay but it looks exactly like the 4s, so if it looks so 'gay' why'd you buy the 4s...?
I'm selling this phone I have the white an black one fresh clean esn email me if you want it ytbswiss@gmail.com
And it's still the thinnest smartphone in the world :P How is this not the best selling phone? the build quality and the specs are fantastic..
im tempted to get this for free vs the HD for $100/3 yr plan. hmm... I like that it isn't huge. Noone needs a screen bigger than 4.5" for a phone.
What i like about this Phone its thin and HD !!!!!!!!! Yay! buying this phone after my plan goes off!
I hate my iphone i'm thinking of buying this phone for speed. I had to wqit 20 fricken minutes for this video fto load on my phone. I'm sold
That depends on who you're buying from, I'm not sure about the prices in India, are you trying to buy it from an American company?
No....? Why would you want it to come off anyway. That Verizon label stays on like every other phone.
I'm going from sprint to Verizon. Sprint sucks
Lol why didn't you wait for the 5? and a phone is not bought for the camera buy yourself a pro camera if it's for the quality.... Anyways Iphone is only full of hype. I hve this one and galaxy s3 and Iphone. (I'm a technology nerd) and prefer the other two then the iphone....
A bit lagging phone. iPhone is smoother.
why buy this phone when razr max is $0 if you renew you contract of sign up a new 1 yr contract.
it has nothing to do with apple dumbass your just stupid
@Patrick Seredy lol if you want to buy somethingess mainstream then the LG Prada 3.0
I got this phone at best buy for $1
How much would i have to pay for the phone TOTAL? (phone + 2 year contract)
lol i was like 7 when it came out and i'm 14 now XD i'm still a youngen lool
$99 on contract with Verizon, so its subsidised. and i know that phones are cheap as hell in the US ,but phone bills are mega expensive, while in india they're the cheapest in the world ( in know you're Indian and so am i) and even in the US unlocked the phone is as expensive.
I have this phone and i love it so much
Yeah, it is. Only major difference is the custom themes (eclipse looks prettier imo) and the android version they're based on (eclipse is based on gingerbread and aokp is based on ics). I would get aokp because of the ics features, but from what I've read the latest version isn't stable on the razr yet. The install process for them would be identical.
Moms is goinqq to givee me miness tomarroe for an early christmas present, ! Ive already playedd with a little but iknoee its great
this is the droid razr. the motorola razr was a very thin flip phone
Whats the diference of the razr and droid razr?
it's a modded firmware for a few different droid phones, based on the android OS. it still runs all the apps an android runs, including google apps, but it takes up less memory, runs faster, and looks better. there are videos on youtube that teach you how to install it, as well as many sets of instructions on the internet.
When do you upgrade? Plus when I upgrade in June 2014 should I get a RAZR, galaxy s3, galaxy s4, HTC 8x (windows phone) or iPhone 5
@TheMercedescls63 The original Razr was a flip phone that was immensely bulletproof!
@12comet12 Being young is always good! Lol!
@137gamerssnd in germany 300€ :))
And know I have a RAZR HD I love it!!
How is the battery power? I'm desperate to get rid of sprint and considering going to Verizon to get this phone. I've heard horror stories about crappy battery though. I really don't use the data, I tend to use wifi at home or at a friends house so I won't be making it work for that. But uhhh ya, with texting most of the day, music-videos-gaming (videos rarley but mostly the occasional game if i'm bored and music), and phone conversations up to 4 hours at once. How long will the battery work.
Very fast and battery life is pretty good, but if battery is a big deal get the razr maxx which is exactly the same but with a battery that lasts 3x as long as any phone on the market
Samsung Galaxy S3? IPhone 4S? HTC OneX? LG Nitro? I agree it is one of the best phones but maybe not the best
i love apple.. but you just sound really obnoxious denying that the android has certain features that you WISH apple put in their iphones.
Please do a review of that Game Boy Pocket.
i think i'm gonna go for the motorola razr. i don't wanna get the mainstream nexus just cause it's a nexus.. i like less popular brands.. and from other videos i've seen that compare the two, the razr's layout and look just looks nicer
I still prefer my ancient 2004 Razr! Lol!
I totally recommend this phone to you. You won't regret it. ;)
Im getting this phone i broke my bionic and they dont make it no more so they are giving me a razr.
I love the phone way better than my i phone 4s and way stronger and faster
You can get winamp, then import your itunes library to it, then change the droid to mass storage mode, and use that as a music device in winamp
You sir, are an amazing reviewer!
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