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Daniel Yount - Dark Horizons

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 465,223 views

A huge thanks goes out to Daniel Yount, who composes all the great music used in our Minecraft series. Here's a quick trailer I made to support his new album - you can get it on iTunes or bandcamp...

I have a question how come the itunes website says $9.99 but when you open itunes it says $16.99
Good on ya! i really like Daniel's music! and im really happy toi see other people loving it too!
This music isn't as good as the original music - no music can be that good - but it's still really good and simply THANKS for free-use! That's a great piece of music you've given to the community!
They're the "comment war" type and must always be right and continue their conversation. It's rather pointless to question their logic.
I use this song in my videos and it won't let me montize them but i thought they were royalty free?
Daniel Yount... Daniel Yount is amazing. He has completely changed my views on modern compositions. You guys definitely found a diamond in the rough with him.
Hey, blah, check out my, blah blah, like, blah, channel. It like, blah blah blah, doesn't have many views, blah blah blah blah blah, appreciate, blah blah blah blah, thanks SOOOOOOOOO much, lol shut up guys.
One of the songs reminded me of amnesia, i don't like things that remind me of amnesia.
I just read the entire argument and I applaud you sir.
Dear Zeightix, Y u suck ur own dick so much!!?? Or in my words, why do suck your pathetically minute cocktail sausage so much you disgustingly idiotic and annoyingly spam obsessed man whore?
WAIT i just got somthing this isnt a new series this is shadow of israphel THE THIRD SEASON.
This is the next shadow of israphel THE THIRD SEASON
let's say they are still building the set because they want a good show for the last few episodes... best answer i can think of :/
so you said correction...when i was correct? i think you have the problem mate. seriously calm down.
Hello, I am 13yrs old and have just started making videos about Minecraft. I would be really great full if you helped me get going. Remember, I subscribe back
This video was amazing with the music they should do that more often like this to make them see it
oh... but still. at the end of 1 SOI they show parts of the next
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This all sounds as bout as good as two Steps From Hell. that makes it very epic...
Epic Music, Makes Epic Video :)
you have got to be kidding me thats the worst attempt at spam i've ever seen
hey Daniel! I love this music. just wondering, what is the music Duncan (yogscastlalna) uses for his tekkit series, and is it downloadable by us? thanks for your time.
your an actual idiot arent you, THERE NOT PLAYING THE SAME TRACK OVER AND OVER, every tv show has an artist who does all their music, and no one else.
Let's add a text face competition on the end of it. XD Here's mine: ಠnಠ
Dude, you realize that was a commonly stated 'first' response right? Don't get butthurt over something so trivial. Oh, and if i'm truely an idiot, then why respond? I obviously have no clue what i'm talking about, so why give a shit? Your the idiot here. Grow up.
:D in my first comment I said "You are just another Lemon that wants to be my size and my YUMMY" I was joking. I thought of the joke and did not steal it from you.
Your grammar is an absolute disgrace. It would take too long to list the catalogue of errors in you comment because it's so bad.
You're probably 6. Only six year olds complain for more 'shadow if israphael'
funny that... six moths later and people still wont shut up about that
What's the song called that's just before the end part?
how about we all agree that you both are original to your extent and can you now stop making a rage war over the comment "Wow. Original"? we are all/should be mature here
not ture, he didn't compose the opening music to almost all your videos
Mate no offence but i think there are better ways of promoting your channel other than posting on a video which a million people are going to watch! and sort of 'Begging' people to sub you!
@PingyRules55555 @ixVert . What a sad pack of fucks you two are.
Can't tell if argument, or spam.
LOL You sound mad, ol' chapp. You sound really, really mad.
actually he means you have to buy the disc and tehn use it in any videos
i don't care about your comment so next time you see my name PLEASE do not reply.
The music for the minecraft series is actually quite good.
Omaigawd, LOOKIT ALL THE SPAM!!!!!
Absolutely love the soundtrack! Well done Daniel! :D
I can't believe it's been four months since the last episode has been released!
Hit the "Show comment button" and let's go on an adventure!
what Music Software does Daniel Yount use?
I thoought you said in your comment before that you weren't gonna comment to him after that comment at all?
Wow, I just read that entire argument, what a wast of time. It saddens me that people will fight over something so stupid and get so worked over it.
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