The Food Revolution - AHS 2011

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Do you want to improve your weight and health by eating real food? With no calorie counting, no diet products, no hunger? This talk from Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 shows you how to do it the...

Regarding the Ancestral Health part - which one of you knew that our distant ancestors did not consume dairy, therefore they could not eat butter, the highest fat cottage cheese or drink milk as this doctor recommends? They did not have high fat diet, they had high protein diet, also consuming eggs (which are naturally low fat), their game was lean and they also ate quite high amounts of wild plant foods, which contained significantly more secondary plant compounds, having protective effect on health, than we get in the modern cultivated crops today. Yet this doctor endorses the diet which is low in plant food but high in fat of all sources - calling this natural, healthy and even Paleo. Recommending this diet to cure civilization diseases, focusing only on body weight, diabetes and perhaps lipoproteins, while ignoring the proven risk of cancer due to high animal products consumption, is a heresy. And although I have a lot to contradict about the content presented by Dr Lustig, I express my respect to him for coming forward, challenging this doctor with the actual data and making him look like what he actually is - presenter of opinions, or at least one-sided facts, not the whole truth about the complexity of the relationship between the diet, our genes and health. About one in seven currently living hunter-gatherer tribes have diets which is dominated by plant foods, not animal foods and definitely not animal fats. And they do well, too. They live naturally, eat naturally and they have a lot of exercise. I would very much like to see how their health would be affected when going on the diet this doctor recommends while adopting our current lifestyle. 
+Ryan Waller It was the capability of humans to thrive on meat that made them move from equator towards both poles. In tropical and subtropical areas there always is something of plant origin that human can eat, if only the humans knew that today. Cretans are known to being able to survive on plant foods, which they could test when Germans took all their food and livestock during the war times. And that is also part of the reason they are one of the healthiest nation in the world with a long lifespan. There are various consumable plants under the ground that are there for much longer than perishable fruits and seasonal berries. I did not say that people in the past should have stayed vegans, but in the modern world, when there is such a secure food supply in such a variety, the meat not a necessity anymore. The problem is that people appreciate the processed and cheap food more than in its natural form. There are different cultures in the world. Some thrive on mainly animal based diet, others on mainly plant based diet. It is the processed food which makes both of them sick in quite a short period of time. This processed food is lacking nutrients and non-nutrient compounds, providing too many calories and cheap fats with fiber-less carbs at once. 
There were birds back then, so they may have had eggs from stealing them out of nests. , so they probably had the purest forms of fats,  Do you think they trimmed their meats back then?  They ate everything!  Their animal fat was their butter. Think about it:  They were hunters and gatherers that sometimes did not eat for long periods and the fat and protein they consumed, sustained them.   Do you honestly think the cavemen were vegans?  I believe before they discovered fire, they ate their meats and fats RAW like sushi.
Hello Diet Doctor, I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar and the Psy Dr.  Prescribed me medications, and mood stabilizers and some other medications. I was told that there is no cure for Bipolar but I've been searching in the internet for a while and today I found this article  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23030231 and I came to the conclusion to start the Ketogenic Diet for Bipolar Disorder. Also is there a special list for Ketogenic diet recipes for Bipolar or can I still use the LCHF. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!
Thank you very much Alexandria Golson, I was trying to get a hold of some one but still no answer til now and from you. Thank you for responding ;) God Bless
+bajagreatwhitesharks  You are more than welcome. Did you try any of the blogs or communication "contacts" at the DietDr.com site? This video is years old and I see that the website now has something like 50,000 daily visitors. If you noticed in his presentation he mentions 500 to start and then up to 19,000. I can only imagine how busy it is with 50k. This may be something you have to really focus on with your health care professionals and share the results with them. It really does seem like a grass roots from the ground up kind of thing. I'm very interested in the bio/psycho/social man; meaning the whole person. To that I add the "spiritual" man as well. Our physical health does not exist in a vacumn seperate from our mental health. We are not islands. Peace and healing on your journey. P.S. I have NO idea how to use google plus, but I might start trying. Thank you for sharing. 
People who aren't or haven't been keto-adapted should probably refrain from commenting negatively about LCHF or ketogenic diets if they don't want to sound like morons...just hatin, and sayin.
I am looking to start this Way Of Eating I have absolutely no support so if anyone has google+ and wants to help support each other just leave me a message and lets help eachother through this.
I don't know how to use Google plus, but it looks like I might be adding that to the "new" journey as well. 
Well Xan have you started the Journey yet? 
I am starting this diet tomorrow. Wish me luck. :) 
Get some literature and read up and join some low carb forums.  Good luck to you.
Awesome talk, I have been on LCHF for 10 weeks now and its the first time I have felt free from negative thoughts around food. My headaches had been reduced from 5-6 week to 1 every two weeks. I have lost 4 kg of body fat, and maintained muscle tone, and lost a dress size. I can't reccomend this way of eating enough, and this video will be my go-to for people who challenge me with ideas that I might be getting heat disease etc. This way of life is worth trying for everybody for atleast 8 weeks, then make your mind up. I know I will be living by these principles for a very long time. I agree with the diet doctor, lets make this go viral, because if we rely on the authoritys we will be waiting a long time.
I'm a type 2 diabetic and after 3 weeks of low carb higher fat I am off my insulin. And never was I hungry and all my aches and pains of my body are gone, My ears and eye are clear and my mind fog is gone. My asthma went away and my body sensations of hunger, fullness, need to pee, and such are working again. Very thankful for this way of eating and I truly believe you need to eat real food not processed too much is hidden in the processed foods.
Wonderful presentation. I am most struck by the 1917 Diabetic Cookery book in contrast to todays recommendations. I am excited to begin this journey afresh. 
I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and it gets triggered when I get really stressed, mostly early mornings with poor sleep. However, since I discovered LCHF and tried it, not only have I lost weight and felt much better (healthy, not tired after meals and not hungry all the time etc.), my IBS has also REDUCED a lot to minimal levels!!! I really hope more people will realize and understand the science behind LCHF diet! This diet is what people have eaten through centuries!!! And eating fruits sometimes, were the "candy" of past times. The thing is, bananas got a lot of healthy things in them as well, also fiber etc. And in the hunter-community, eating carbs such as fruit could help with long-term exercise such as running long distances every day. The thing is, we don't do these intense exercise today so that's why we should avoid eating them at all too. I have never really tried different special "amazing diets" that promises to drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time etc. That is bullshit. Science is really important for me and that's why the only LOGICAL way of eating today (as well as it has always been) is LCHF! I know this because of own experience, as well as seeing the results of other people too. And unfortunately, the failure of people who tries the other "amazing diets" that starves them and then they gain weight again when they start eating carbs again after the diet. LCHF food tastes great too :) I love eating bacon and an omelette in the morning!
Sure, just send me a private message!
I have read that people with gut issues like yours and others like ulcerative colitis do very well on this diet as it reduces or cuts out all the foods that feed dysbiosis. ( The imbalance of healthy flora and harmful bacteria and fungus in the gut) It starves out harmful bacteria and fungus giving the healthy flora time to proliferate. Taking a good quality probiotic will also speed healing up. One can take up to 300 billion per day. Best of luck to you.
bulimic high school through college - appetite of an ox - - grew up and stopped purging but fought that appetite right up to 54 years - - 10 days keto - can you imagine the freedom - only 130 lbs but emotionally... nutty and omg the craving - i wanted to be healthy so i switched to raw foods - - how much watermelon could i pack in - apples and apples - - without hesitation - - i was so full !!! and unsatisfied - did juice fasts - water fasts - always on the hunt for balance and just wanted to feel better so bad - - its a little early for me - but i think you guys may be on to something :) - thanks loads
Interesting and informative ... I loved this video! Sharing it!!!
Forget about "paleo" it's nothing to do with "paleo" - in the paleolithic humans lived short miserable violent lives. You'd be lucky if you survived to 18. Can we just call this diet "low-carb/high-fat" please ?
That 1917 book provides yet another refutation of the myth of progress and the blasted chronological snobbery it breeds in those (most) who swallow it.  Note: technological development is not to be equated with progress. 
Yes...a lot of these followers are feeling the effect ...Go Vegan.
Yeah, feeling the effects of low carb for me include, losing weight, skin clearing up, fingernails stronger, never hungry, and that is just in the first week! I was a vegetarian for 4 years in my 20's and felt like CRAP but was doing it for ethical reasons so I suffered....
+charlottesmom Yeah, but the vegans will tell you that you're being a murder for looking after your health and figuring out what works for you. Most of them strike me as lunatics.
Great video, the world needs to wake up to this stuff.
What a beautiful presentation on the Paleo Diet or as I like to call it the "Paleo Plan" I have been following my New Paleo Plan for the past 2 months and besides almost completly reducing my arthritis symptoms I have droped 2 sizes and I feel great.  At the same time I quit drinking coffee and diet soda and started drinking a lot more water and Kombucha.   Did I say I feel great?  
I can't stay away from coffee, so I drink it with virgin coconut oil. It tastes like creamy cappuccino. Try it.
I'm into Paleo, but with growing world population, eating organic paleo isn't possible as there would be not enough food to feed the whole world population. It's possible to feed the world with starchy carbs to prevent the hunger. Said but true. Unless we all become cannibals which is not the option. Any solutions? Please advise...
Could you give some sources what you base this on? Sounds a bit like armchair speculation. Not saying it isn't true. But I have seen a lot of arguments on both sides and don't really see it. Have you looked how massive our planet is? 7 billion is nothing. And there has never been such a thing as a global food supply anyways. + while animal products do "use more energy" to be created they also eat things that we could not process anyways, like grass and leaves. So a bit of citation for reading would be nice.
Heather MacGregor Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Worth an hour a hundred times over! ~ The Food Revolution - AHS 2011: http://youtu.be/FSeSTq-N4U4?list=PL9E35F689C3F67D03 via @YouTube
LCHF/Ketogenic for 3.5 months now. Lost ~9-10-kgs and my ex-lecturer (whom I meet very seldom) says I look a heck of a lot younger! Blood sugars have also normalized, albeit being in the higher normal range :)
your accent reminds me a lot of arnold schwarzenegger's but he's austrian 
I have started eating like this 2 weeks back,I already lost 2 kg and have much more energy!!Best of all is that I do not get any cravings for any carbs and I'm always satisfied!!
Dave McClelland Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
What a talk. Super interesting!
I watched the video of the Stanford Study done in 08 where the veggie researcher was stunned to find out that during their study Atkins did better than all other diets, including Ornish and Standard American diet. They said that Atkins was the most easy to turn into a lifestyle and that people on the Ornish weren't able to sustain it and some of their blood work numbers actually went up. Anyway, I've lost over 20 pounds in 6 months doing LCHF. I'm choosing to lose it slowly so my body is more like to adjust better.  My bp has also gotten better since starting it and my sleep and energy are leaps and bounds higher than what they were. Can't wait for my annual physical in July to find out if my numbers all went down, I want people to understand that on this diet I eat a lot less because I'm full eating just a little. Also, people need to understand the science of sugar digestion and fat digestion. Too much sugar always gets converted to fat but eating dietary fats does not equate to storage of fat in the body. I understand its confusing but it has been studied extensively and proven.
Really? Why did he die?
I so believe this. Wheat tears my bowels up. It's horrible.
Uroš Dolinšek Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Lahko rečem samo: +++++
Great presentation! The low carb, low sugar diet worked for me. Lost 30 lbs and managed to eliminate over $20,000 per year of medication for arthritis. 
The arthritis in my left knee took 4 months of physical therapy to feel better, it started acting up again, changed from SAD to low carb and 1 week later absolutely NO pain! Other plusses, my face is clearing up, my fingernails are stronger and most importantly I'm not hungry all the time!! :0)
is he saying that Sweden are fat and american's not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i always get told i'm skinny and i eat what i want. funny thing is i hate the bland taste of rice and pasta, and rarely eat bread. i don't really like sweet things either... now i know why! i'll continue with my fatty foods :)
"Less fat, more carbs" and showing french fries, donuts, ice cream? Is this serious, does this guy know how much fat is there in those foods? Can somebody point out to me a single vegan doctor who promotes that kind of food?
+Tom Osborne Thank you for the voice of reason. Well...minus the "executed over and over again" part.
Love it! never hungry! Thank You!
There is no money if people are not sick. Big pharma, the FDA, Healthcare companies, and industrial farm operations don't want  people to be healthy.   
Zane Dickens Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Brilliant video - with a convincing argument for Low Carb, High Fat diet
+Diet Doctor Thank you ever so much for helping to improve so many lives, including mine! I will ensure I also spread the word here in Australia!
I agree that this is a very brilliant speech.  I don't believe that I have heard this topic spoken of so well.  I am planning on following the LCHF lifestyle.  It seems that adding the additional fat is very good, as I was concerned about eating too much protein.  Now I know that I can just add fat when needed.  Thank you, Dr. Eenfeldt.
Pass the butter....
Great presentation. Thanks. 
For all I have to say, TRY IT and be amazed by the results. You will feel so much better after your sugar-addiction has gone away. Proper food tastes much better.
The obesity epidemic is spreading.  A surprising cause...
A little bit of both carbs and fat will do you good. Water is the life line. None of this crap means anything without water. Control your Portions and let your body look the way it wants to look. Exercise to feel good not look good. That's the problem, people think "my diet failed me because I don't have a six pack" and they miss the fact that they feel great. Your diet failed you if you get fatter while on it, it may even be failing you if you lose weight. Genetics is more powerful than any thing said in this video. Both my grandparents are in their late 80's and all I did was eat what they ate. My cholesterol went to normal my blood sugar went to normal levels and I lost  37 pounds in a year. My Dad didn't follow their lead and ended up needing a kidney transplant. So if you read this and you have grandparents in their 70's and 80's...... follow that lead.
+MsGinxy They probably ate a lot of those types of foods when they could get it. In colder climates, this probably would have been impossible.
There are actual pasta replacements that work do work for. Asian Shiritaki noodles are one example. :)
high fat diet is idiotic
that's your opinion
It might be "idiotic" for you. I am not of the opinion that every body processes food in the same efficient manner. Sounds like you are blessed with a healthy,high functioning digestion. For someone who is healthy to suddenly stop eating a healthy diet that works for them is idiotic. For someone who is sick, this may be a lifeline. 
+duyen690  Where did you get your statistics? Ever since I stopped eating according to the US guidelines I forgot about heartburns, snoring, high blood pressure and all the bloody nonsense you put in your message.
+Peter Pan Let the idiots die off, and let us with brains who give a shit continue to live and create a whole new generation of bad ass Greek Like god bodies and intellect out of this world.. that is what I am hoping for. They want to be stupid and believe myths and not listen then fuck it, dont waste any more time on them, they want to be vegans only with depleted soils that their plants aren't even giving anymore let them,,, they will realize when they start getting all kinds of diseases,, look how long it takes on an all carb sugar diet,, vegan might take longer but it will fuckem up in the end.
LOL! I like the way you put it man... 'forgot' :D Keep at it and may we all be blessed with better health! :D
David Munoz is a total jackass. Americans are eating wheat-based, low-fat, processed food diets.
Some interesting facts about low carb high fat diet and it's benefits.
John Kallbrier Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
I think I'll change my diet.
John Biethan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Most of the carbs you posred dont make you fat from the carbs. They make you fat from the oil. There are no antioxidants in animals . Oxidation is the leading cause of human decline.
Hmmm...now I am wondering about antioxidants. 
Why his skin is so oily?
Those lights are hot he's probably sweaty.
I have one question regarding carbs if anyone can answer: How does low GI carbs such as brown rice or sweet potato stack up with regards to insulin? Is it good or bad?
+Steven Blackburn I'm going to do this!  (I already kind of do, but your full recipe is very exciting.)  And oh, I've been using Himalayan salt, but didn't know why.
Rice in all its forms should be avoided dude. 
Brilliant, paradigma are the security of conformist Apv
Fantastic..... it's about time the truth came out ! Spread the word people for the sake of future generations....your children....
LCHF Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Watch! :D He explains it beautifully!
Light work,aerobic exercise burns up fat.Heavy work,anaerobic exercise burns up sugar/carbs.The world wide trend today(in undeveloped countries too) is light machine assisted work.Fatty food keeps you unhungry longer than carb.foods(should take lecithins,preferably from beans than diary higher in sat.oil and cholesterol) Humans can not continue same cultural diet,while changing locality,climate and life-style.
@MacGamut15 Go to the emergency room in a hospital and see what kind of injection they give patients in critical care. The first thing to stabilize them they give them a 0.9% solution of salt.
Dai7261 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
@DocScience2 I don't know what you are smocking over there but all the folks who listened to the low fat advice ended up in an old folks home with Alzheimer's, dementia, schizophrenia and the list keeps piling up. Why? They are not eating enough cholesterol that makes up ~70% of human brain. What do they get in return for following the "advice". Brain shrinkage and deterioration of all mental and psychiatric functions. Hey, but you can keep the FDA diet, this planet is overpopulated.
Anand Kumar Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wonderful information for us all! Even more truth being revealed. In additiion to this, even more proof that the Pharmaceutical and processed food industries are corrupt to the core and most governments know about and allow it! Let the Detoxing really begin, on a global scale!!!!! I am type 2 Diabetic and I have just started low carb/high fat lyfestyle! Can't wait for results :) which includes reversing my sickness and no longer funding the drug companies!
Thanks for your response and supportive comments! I am noticing results already, as in my sugar level was only 6.2 about 1.5hrs after my evening meal last night, which meant I needed to only take the one tablet which manages. the glucose levels. My other tablet which stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin therefore, due to the much lower than normal glucose level was not required! This is amazing stuff and literally only days after starting! I've also dropped a couple of kgs! So yes, the LCHF approach is also working for me! I'll get a full blood test done in about one month to see how everything is going!
Thom Kotis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
A pretty nice wrap up of paleo type ideas. Join the revolution.
Austin Kuba Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Even just the first 10 minutes of this talk is pretty powerful anecdotal evidence in favor of the paleo lifestyle.
Lars van de Goor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I've been eating basically this way and am doing awesome. 8 months with no wheat or sugar. lost 25 lbs and feel 10 years younger. Real food. Real health.
Jakob Majkilde Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Low Carp Diet virker som vejen frem ...
Matt Jakymiw Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
vicevex Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
A Kaufman Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I think we can all agree low fat is not the issue. It is healthy plant based foods verses high fat animal meat and milk that is the issue. Avocados, nut milks, seed milks are very good for us. It is the corresponding high animal protein intake that is taxing the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and kidneys. Hence, high # of gallbladder removal, high insulin regulating drugs, acid reflux disease, etc...
# 2 “I went vegan I was crapping out nothing but undigested plant matter” Obviously your health was really messed up when you went vegan, your digestion system has become extremely weak from your previous diet…all you had to do is continue and your digestion would have ended up perfectly. And you can gain weight on any diet....all you have to do is eat too many calories, on top of that I actually don’t even believe your story, sorry dude
In 1975, I was talked into switching from my Vegan life style to the new Paleo Diet, "to get bigger & stronger"; ten months ago, at age 50, I almost died from Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Gout and Prostate Issues. I switched back to VEGAN (no salt, no oil), lost 130 lbs and have completely reversed or cured ALL of the above Diseases and Issues. I eat ALL the High Carb/Low Fat Fruits & Vegetables I want. see: The Starch Solution
No but if i where that would actually be the only time where id eat Vegie like an anmal because i would have the option for meat... People ate meat for thousand of years and these sicknesses arose only in the last 50 Years before that most people died of starvation or plaque and then the time before that like in the time of the Roman Empire people used to live even longer then us today (at least the rich bastards) and they ate loads of meat and bread and fish and for the green part mosty olives
Oh ans I mentioned chimpanzees before, because you conveniently left out the one animal that has the closest DNA to that of humans.
You (obviously) didn't read it with an open mind. And you may very well be paid to troll the internet in the interests of Big Food.
I assure there is no fructose in cabbage. Fructose is fruit sugar. lactose is milk sugar, glucose,sucrose etc
That's not the Seven Countries Study LOL. It's a different study called "Atherosclerosis: A Newer Problem In Public Health." And even if Keys' research was flawed, that wouldn't discount subsequent research into saturated fat. That's a genetic fallacy.
I am not 12, I am a lot older than that and actually follow all the plant research as they are far more advance on their evolution as we are. Pain is defined as a signal of present or impending tissue damage affected by a harmful stimulus, and thus is experienced by almost all multi-cellular organisms. As soon as injury occurs, chemicals are released that "warn" other nearby plants to bolster their defenses. Plants react to tactile sensations in general.
This guy is nuts! his stats are so twisted and his connections of cause and effect... are a joke! Americans are fat because of eating a high fat diet typical western diet! The solution is a plant based diet!
He is not scary! EVERYTHING he is saying makes sense. Thank you Andreas for this presentation.
LOL…you are 100% wrong..Every time you just eat carrots and apples, you get all essential aminos you need, every time you eat just Goji berries you get every single one, Soy beans and quinoa are complete proteins...to get all the aminos is the easiest thing in the world...and Protein requirements are actually not that high, only 50-60 grams per day - most people get more than that, even only eating plants. Also the body has its own amino acid pool, where it can get any amino acid type it needs
Some find that veganism works for them, some find that eating paleo/primal is their best bet. As a vegan, you should be aware that you need EFAs though - that often lacks in a plant-based diet.
So - glucose causes diabetes? That's far too simple a stat. You need to be a bit more scientific; you're talking about sheer number of cases, in the largest population in the world. You need to look at the *percent* of diabetes cases. U.S. 17.7m cases in 316m people China: 20m caes in 1.35 Billion people And most of those are in bigger cities with more processed foods and a more western diet. The only way carbs can contribute to diabetes is by weight gain, which almost any food can cause.
Very interesting, anyway, like u I also advocate/eat a raw diet, it just seems a lot of trouble to go to to hunt down & kill a non-human animal I honestly couldn't do if my life depended on it. The issue for many vegans like myself is our sense of intimate connectedness or Love for other beings. Perhaps as Gandhi said "I feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants", coming evolutionary milestone
37 Cherry-Picked Research (by Andreas Eenfeldt) 1 watch?v=u-yMePBREe4
Greens have fructose in them. For example, cabbage has 11600mg fructose per serving.
I've been eating LCHF for over two weeks now... (you gotta start sometime!) I never thought it possible! I'm surprised how little I am missing carbs, specifically starches. I have an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, and subsequently I have painful rheumatoid arthritis, for which I am medicated. I definitely hurt less... Hopefully I can wean off the arthritis meds. I need to lose about 35-40lbs...I wonder how long I can expect that to take? I don't weigh myself, but I feel smaller a bit.
All the people I know who go with the low carb diet are overweight.Refined anything is bad for you.
All I'm saying is that we as a species seem to be the most lost in terms of the natural sense of connectedness to to life(instinct..etc) compared to all other species. All Carnivores, omnivores & herbivores will eat their food in an unprocessed way ie raw
It is NOT high protein! It is MODERATE protein! I am Low carb/high fat, and only about 20-30% of my calories come from protein. 60% or above comes from fat, because there are other sources of fat besides meat. I eat less than 60g of carbs a day. GET IT STRAIGHT!
In 1975, I switched from my Vegan life style to the new Paleo Diet; ten months ago, at age 50, I almost died from Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Gout and Prostate Issues. When your not playing with yourself do you have a hobby? "Give me a child of seven and I will show you the man."
the sound seems to be a bit screwy with this video recently?
exactly we do need meat. This whole vegan movement is bull. My grandma lived to be over 100 years old but she ate a lot of veges and sometimes meat and also ice cream every other day. AMericans just eat too much meat and they have too much sugar in their food and so they go to extremes with veganism. In Asia, people laugh at how esp Americans are vegans and vegetarians....they believe in balance and still eat less meat than Americans do. I love green smoothies but I also like SALMON and fowl
My problem with the concept of "low carb" is that fiber and sugar are being lumped together. Fiber goes right through you while sugar is really bad for you. I don't understand then why instead of doing a "low-carb" diet we should do a strict sugar restriction and cut out processed simple carb foods (vs. vegetables and some fruit). It is more complicated to say I guess than "low-carb" though--not as buzz wordy. :/
Hey, I can't even kill mosquitoes. That is precisely the reason why I avoided meat for so long. I've come to realize, however, that I'm not actually opposed to the killing, if done cleanly and in a good environment. I'm opposed to the suffering of animals, which can always be avoided if you take good care of them. I've been thinking of maybe getting a hunters' license, since eating meat would to me feel much more honest if I had done the deed myself, so to speak.
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