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SOE Community Webcast: EverQuest Hero's Journey

by soevideos • 1,841 views

We announced the launch date for EverQuest Free to Play. Your Way! This week Eric "Piestro" Cleaver (Community Manager) talked with Alan "Absor" VanCouvering (Sr. Game Designer), Chris "Dzarn"...

How do i get into contact with someone who has the ability to make these kind of changes? ive loved EQ since 1999, and i want to keep paying for it and enjoying it. i dont want to see its decline. i want to see people flock back to its greatness. i have some great ideas, and am willing to do whatever it takes to renew the game ive grown up on, and grown to love.
Massive server merge, and more GM events.. like the good ol days =)
stop adding zones, the world is big enough. with the addition of TSS, you dont need to mess with anything too low of lvl, if you need new content, evolve the current world... let the orcs try to burn kelethin. finish firiona vie's construction. turn the old ghost-towns into the new end game areas. we wont miss the out dated broken quests, but we would definitely fall in love with the correct usage of the content youve spent years preparing for greatness
F2P was the best thing to happen to EQ. It will help keep a old game competitive with all the other MMOs. One gets more stuff F2P in EQ than any of the other MMOs that are F2P and it as least not a PAY TO WIN game...those are the bottom of the barrel loser games.
When are we gonna learn more about EverQuest Next?
Can you open up for the forums for us future F2P players to post? I have bought EQ probably 3 different times throughout the years but can't post on the forums. I'm excited for F2P launch but I cant discuss it anywhere.
you'd still never get the grouping that made the game great and you'd have to use the bazaar. I don't see why they don't just offer this service and bring back those of use who want to play the game as it was.
What was that fail with the dates?
I think SOE did EQ F2P the right way. The content is spectacular and I still plan on paying for their service. As a returning player, being able to try out the current EQ world without financial commitment was really important to me.
Defiant gear screwed things up.. it made old gear useless... EQ should have 'just' added defiant augs, that add the appropriate stats to the old equipment to bring them up to speed.
SoE version of free to play is a joke.
these are some very good features, but to be honest, im disappointed that EQ isnt focusing on more important issues, like adding achievements to the old content to help new and returning players experience the storyline. and something needed to facilitate that, would be creating instanced versions of dungeons, and turning long respawns, into lockout timers. so everyone can experience the zone without server reset / named campers (specifically epic, and story-line mobs) ruining their gameplay
Give us a classic server please. I want to play old school EQ and theres a lot of people who also would like to play that.
@ThumbsUpBrah mt dad used to play EverQuest2 yeah 2 xD EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY LOOOVVVEEESSS SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i play FreeRealms my name is Melanie Coldwave1 if you try it out you can add me! :D but yeah my dad wants to also and he cant =/
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