Trials Files 06/24/13

by Rooster Teeth • 449,708 views

On this week's Trials Files, Jack and Geoff show you a stunning Terminator 2 track.

One of my favourite AH videos simply because of their reaction at the end.
Holy crap, this brings back memories from like what, a year ago.
Ugh my geek brain hurts to much when they're calling the liquid terminator T-1000
+Revanaught I'm not sure, to be honest...so The Terminator was a great movie, nothing could ever top it in the robot assassin plot category.
Is it just me or does every Trials Files video have the worst comments section ever?
omg look kid or adult I dont talk like dis sht and I dont say dood I talk normal like this and say dude I have a cousin who went on my account and started this whole thing
wow really you gay prick your going to say that to me. Usually people don't reply back because they think it's a waste of time to fight with me. But you just want to argue with me because it's fun for you. Well guess what it's fun for me too.
I don't think retard describes how stupid he was.....He was like a stillborn retard.....With down syndrome.
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no no no. For the third time, it's fun not flustering to me. And people like me now your being racist to mexicans.
Even if he is a 19 year old, he only stays in his room and plays CoD.
why are you all replying to a comment that was a month ago?! Wtf is wrong with the internet!
Ah, so you're quitting cause you think you'll lose? fine, i don't care anyway
you think Im a dumbass just because 1 error dude just watch youre games
It's Guns N' Roses! At 1:10 that's not your Aerosmith moment it's your Guns N' Roses moment!
did you read my last comment. No i guess not go read it and you'll understand that my cousin wrote all the comments that started 2 say shet like dis.
Now someone make a map of the dirt bike scene from XXX ith vin deasil.
Yeah, mister 19 year old gun expert just gave up...
my answer is my cousin a a fucking dumbass he wrote all those comments
oh wait thats true my cousin really does own 3 guns read all my cousins messeges im guesing
Nigahiga* Only one (1) "g." Plus it's evolution, it's only on the video title itself. C'mon bro, at least try.
it doesnt matter if it was 1 day ago it wasnt me it was my cousin
yes YOU say its a faster way to type but you aren't cutting off any letters which means it takes about the same time to type dood and dude so really you aren't typing faster and what does losing half a second really help you for
You just won by a landslide! As a reward, you get a message from someone on Youtube that knows how to type correctly.
Well, a little insider from "BlueXephos" from youtube :p
Hey nor a while back we were in a fight and and I just want to say that was my cousin he was on my account so ya just didnt want to get things mixed up :)
yeah but NorwegianProduction didn`t really need to keep it up either.
I can't find a period anywhere in this comment. :P
You get that money from that strange woman who has a fur coat.
Try using capital letters in the right places before you insult others for poor spelling. You look like a bit of a fool otherwise...
So you go from dumbass Facebook guy (Incorrect typing) to Typing Like This, Looks Like Someone Has Some Sticky Keys...
how is that texting faster? its the same amount of letters
no champion goddammit read all comments by me and you will understand
well stop blaming your stupid flame war over your cousin
Take a chill pill bro, I was only asking a question.
Dude, everyone who watches video game videos are nerds. WE ARE ALL NERDS!!!!!
... then I took an arrow to the knee
I know, i've had that message previous times before I just hope that you can take some time of your life to look at my last Trials Files #2 comment any you'll understand everything
have you ever heard the saying don't count your chickens before they hatch well this is almost the same (read the rest of the comments before replying to me) also to save you some time i'll just tell you right now my cousin came to my house and didn't have an account so he used mine and started this fight on the internet. also it's dude not dood. ahhh i'm just joshin I know what you meant.
*what *you *I'm *you *because *you're *going *whining *what *you *your *when *you *you *don't *I'm *you *your *you. all of your spelling mistakes :)
read the rest of the comments from other people and you'll realize everything.
Click show comment for an adventure. I just realized that the top comment was pointing out how lame "Click show comment for an adventure" is. Oh well...
Let me try your "Faster Way To Type" SEJFhFnhjushfuhfhjrnguhgeyufjndjngm nkmkefjuhfiwofJUfhu
???? ok so you think I would have gotten like 5 messages saying im awesome? alright if u say so
you retards you did 13 not 12 lol jk i love ur vids
My pants almost exploded when I saw your profile pic.
its all about how much fun you had in the end, innit?
I never knew... But getting an arrow to the knee means you got married...
Nice you pulled a quote from the video and got top comment. Feel like a big man now?
omg just just just shut the fuck up you'll understand
NO! i've always typed like this, my cousin typs like dis.
sorry, what? that made absolutely no sense, but it made me snicker. how am i being racist to mexicans?
so what youre saying is I would have gotten like 5 messages saying im awesome??? alright if you say so
hey If I hadnt said anything I would have a hundred messages saying I suck
hey Rhys . I hate to be needy but could you tell Norwegian im sorry. And to unblock me so I can tell him what really happened.
*dude *said *you're *you *why *because *that *you
well you read it, so my plan worked! muahahahahaha! >:D
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