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NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs CFG4 - Is the Streak Over?

by Chris Smoove • 335,885 views

CFG4 = Conference Finals Game 4 If you missed Game 3 click here We have a chance to advance to the finals this game. We've swept the 1st two rounds of the...

Still watching in 2014
Back when Smoove Commentary was a lot more calm but still smoove
9:13 curry stepped out of bounds!
who are you why are you even typing back...stfu you attention whore
I got to say monta Ellis is a beast
on offense click L1 or LB press X fr ps3 and A fro xbox and choose a play
man chris you should be a basketball commentator it would make basketball sound so much smoover.
9:14 Stephen Curry backcourt, no call :D
how do u get all the good players somebody help me!
this game sux so bad. this was by far the worst one yet. its almost impossible to pass in this game
bieber fan good one y dont you ant off your ass and stop talking to me
the yellow gives me a headache lol
My fucking teammates are missing every shot. Fuck my luck
dude im your biggest fan go smoove!
does anyone know what shoes he has on? i think they're lebron 9's, but i'm not sure.
Na dude that's for a regular pick, I want the exact one he's doing where it shows you to go left then your wide open.
Your so awesome your so cool I don't even know wat to call u cause you to cool smoove
im must be dumb but what does shot clock cheese mean
Can someone tell me how he does that pick 27.0 seconds into the game and at 8:58 where he makes the three? Please I really want to do it.
how did he get those players on his team
@ 9:14 Curry should have been called for a backcourt violation
man can u tell how to throw accuarate passes? im have pass at 95 and it stills that stupid artificial intelligence,when im on a fastbreak sometimes i just throw the ball into a other team player lol....
im with the hornets we are beast we got 22 game winning streak were bout to be the best team in are conference im shooting guard i just like chris smoove i am not smoove to smoove im Hoops All Day
you have something that make me to go and play nba 2k12 after i listen your commentary
What do your players average? Like Bosh, Crawford, J-Smoove. You get like 40 points a night so how high are their averages?
its impossible to win rookie year finals without cheats or mods right?
Since when did Golden State get so good?
my player made it to the finals but we lost 4 games to 2
I'd rather saw your games than nba playoff final games.
hell of a game, but what shot do you have on
He had already caught the ball then stepped back that's a backcourt vio
Dude i was sweating watching this! ur an awesome 2k player :)
you can go backcourt on an inbound. rondo did it too
Chris Smoove is a beast but wen u got a lead they come bck alot
I'm playing against the Magic in the playoffs in My Player and they always seem to get open for three
on the mismatch u should of gone kemba walker on him
But I'm going kick his butt in the next season and win my ring!
you r the best dood iwant to play with u my gamertag is LGxSKILLZ
Man I wish smoove uploaded daily 2k vids like mrgoldensports
wrong its release 26 base 46. go watch one of his attribute videos
Look somewhere in the My Player Main Menu Screen in options, it's something like show plays. And just put full.
How did u get such a good rockets team u hav u, jsmoove, csmoove, crawford lsmoove n i have myplayer , chris paul ,kevin martin ,patterson ,scola , n chase budlinger
Whats up Chris I wanted to know what is your gamertag
ah smoove play me online in 2k12 1v1 my xbox live account is enigmoe.
you bet my Golden State Warriors I play for them in my player
Chris Smoove plays NCAA 2K13? :)
Chri- Chri- Chri- Chri- Chri- Chris Smoove
if he sucks why are you watching his video you little dick
tht the streak was over for a sec
you still in your first season?
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