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Rugrats on glass bottles

by xanda bach • 26,336 views

Hey! Read this before commenting!!! Ok, the purpose of this video is to show you how we actually do make our videos in real time. It's not our greatest video, and I wish I hadn't lost the original...

Fun stuff. I think you guys are amazing, regardless of the speed you make your videos in. I look forward to more of your work.
That's not an opinion. An opinion is whether you like something or not. Saying it does not sound like something while it clearly does (and even everyone else agrees) is a form of idiocy, not opinion. And as I said, if you do not like this, then gtfo. No one wants your negative opinions here. It's stupid to comment on something you do not like; defeats the purpose, really. There's constructive criticism, but your comment was nothing but a stupid remark.
yeah, I think the difference between this one and our other video is that the other videos were actually much much much slower (originally) and then sped up more; surprisingly, when you speed it up it makes the tone sound better. I'm not sure if we did it in the key of C, you'd have to check the slowed down version, though.
that show was so cool i grew up watchin it go rugrats you guys r awesome wahoo!
Never realized just how much you speed it up (I obviously realized you do speed it up, of course).
oh, that's cool! i cant imagine this being easy at all to put together, considering each person has to learn each bottle.
Tremendously complicated, I've played it in High school band, there are alot of harmonies and for it to be recognizable you need a large amount of players.
aww i grew up with that show!
When you speed it up you cause the pitch variable to bend (i assume you knew that though ;) ) . it's really hard to tell what's being done when it's slow. I cant really tell the notes being played at the bottom because it just sounds dead with no tone.
How the hell was it too slow....Wow. If you had listened to the original, you'd notice it's pretty much the same speed, wth.
why didnt you just edit it rather than trying to time it then speeding it up. seems like so much effort
so if you play any song at normal speed, you wont be able to recognize the song at all? what if i wanted to do a live one? would that be impossible? i need to do one of these blowing things for a project and im so confused as to where to start :( :( i wish i could sound as brilliant as you guys do!
Haha, awesome, but here's a hint: the Rugrats song is basically the first two keys from each chord on the D scale.
sup guys! can you guys do the harry potter theme? thx!
hey thats the same way i move my fingers to play it on piano
More bottles, better tuning, gives a wider range of notes, and thus more accuracy. >_>
You are a dumb ass then without ears. It sounds exactly like it.
yeah, after we speed it up, we lower the pitch so it's not too high.
lolz it sounds like shit when its in real time but yall owned!!
lol, if you guys hadnt sped it up so much i think it would've sounded better, but this works exactly like it would on a piano, lol. that's awesome! I'm guessing you played this in the key of C as well?
lol notice how she has to grab every bottle she blows on. haha thts what happens when u slow things down, ppl start paying attention to minor details
wow i wish i could have that 1 minute and 12 seconds of my life back
that didnt sound like the rugrats at all
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