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Cooking Breakfast!

by Junkyard129 • 38,432 views

Just keeping you updated! Round 2 of Ken & Junkyard Colorado Cutthroat Gaming

I came here after watching The Real Junkyard on Danz' channel.
WOW epic meal time advertisment! ;o
Thanks for the update on this. I love your videos, and I can't wait to see you win against Ken!
@EoinStidster ya they might have subscribed cuz he makes cod videos but maybe they also subscribed because they liked his personality or something and it don't matter what vid he puts up how can u speak for everyone, u dumb piece of shit lmao
I dont understand the crappy point you're trying to make.
@homieboy100 its pretty good, its hard for me to believe you never heard of that
i love all the stuff you put on there, but put tomatoes with mayonaise! sSSSOOOo GOOOODDD
thumbs up? why the hell did they replace the 5 stars love this stuff though
you should try and get youa tripod junk it would be easier on you so you can move about freely as you make what you got rather than hold the camera and you put something togeether. like this so he can see!!
i like my egg sandwiches this way Hardboiled Egg ... mashed w/ a fork + mayo .... and just put it on bread.
OMG junk....pleeaasseee come over to germany and make me some of ur famous egg/cheeeese sandwiches ; ) im so hungry now^^
damn im making me one of those tomorrow
looks so good! i love your videos keep doing this thing.. wanna learn the language more and the lifestyle ;)
shouldnt use the microwave, on top of radiation, it takes all the nutrients out of it
God dammit Junk, you make buttering bread so sexy haha
My dad has that exact same fucking shirt. You r awesome
I think one of the problems you had (apart from lag) is that you ran headlong into ken which with your lag was a bad idea, and you didnt really have a chance. What you should have done is let him see you then bait him round a corner, in other words wait for him to come so you can jump out at him. I know you wont be doing another knife 1v1 but I hope its a helpful tip :D
That isn't an egg sandwich haha that's egg, bacon n cheese on toast lol an egg sandwich is a fried egg on untoasted bread lol
woot? did you really put cheese on the eggs? lol, never seen it before, does it make a lot of difference? xD
@Junkyard129 u tell him junkyard!!!!!!!!!! ( from: pittpens2958)
i like mine with a kiss. boiled or fried im satified as long as i get my kiss
Hi Junk can u accept my friend request plz
ahah you make a mean sandwich...
I don't give a shit about COD. I care about his breakfast. ;D
I like mine with DEATH!.!...!!
Maybe im gonna punch you so you don't have to cause your a dick
@Junkyard129 TELL HIM JUNK!! lol i feel so nooby
@TheCheckSki umm...we do like these thats why he keeps doin them moron & if you dont like it dont watch it
dude Colorado sounds awesome
made one of these the other day with a bagel
Boiled. celery and mayo. lettuce and chesse. i like cracker barrel cheddar
Wow u should join that tv program.. umm Top Chef :D
@TheCheckSki People like this - you are out of a thousand that don't like his personal videos. I for one LOVE his videos, no other commentator out there does what he does. KEEP IT UP!!
Dammit Junkyard ! Now am hungry ....
whats the song the song called at the end?
the best sandwich evar! cant w8 till breakfast in the morning! =)
@EoinStidster It is my page so I will do what I want! If you don't like it, don't watch it!
omg i laughed so hard when you tried too put on the butter with only one hand :P
please stop! your making me to hungry! that looks delicious :D
I like them on a plain English muffin, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg with runny yolk
@EoinStidster And you must have no life if all you care about is CoD
I subscribed for his commentaries. This is pretty much a commentary.
u r one heck of a fucking bluddy good cook mate keep cooking
NOM NOM NOM i love fried egg sandwhiches. I use english muffin instead of bread, just personal preference.
Can u make some good then give me some?you should have ur own cooking show on TV u be rich and u can split the money with me cuz of my idea lol awesome looks great keep doin them
@homieboy100 you've never put cheese on eggs? have you ever walked?
junkyard maybe you and ken should go to machinima and have the last battle there that would solve the lagg issues, and maybe mr sark could choose the challenge? then it would be fair..
you are now my enemy you shal NEVER fry the egg on BOTH sides look upon yourself as warned
U shouldve showed us u eating that delicious sandwich, now i want 1...
ohhh is that beer in the refrigerator lol and u did not say needless to say keep gameing double lols
i like your videos junkyard :D i would try some stuff that's you are cooking but i can't cook as good as you :P hope you will do more of this cooking videos :D
I want your egg sandwhich!! :D
damn that sandwich looks good. its 1:00 in the morning and now i want to eat breakfast. lol.
I am going to watch this whole playlist, I am bored as hell and this keeps me entertained!
JUNKYARD!!!! I have applyed for member in 3-4 weeks now and im still not member!!!! I have applyed 2 times too! MC kokos71
your a good cook Junk!explanes your name JUNK..bacon and egg=JUNK lol
dude that looks really good i wish i could have one like that! the rust vid was good and the terminal was better cause u won
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