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One Take Sunday 4-15-12

by LIFEasEDDIE • 403 views


EXACTLY!!! Its all in how you raise them! I mean....Pitbulls didnt always have this reputation....Petey from the Little Rascals was a Pitbull !!! They used to be "America's Dog" but like anything else a couple bad apple spoiled the bunch :(
LOL... I had a special covering for that window and then one day it disappeared. Eddie thought it would be best to cover the window with a towel. Hey, it works!! lol We can finally watch a show without the sun messing up the screen. lol =)
also! if you have any questions about weight loss or just want to talk about it, let me know :) ive lost 57lbs in 4 months.
I dont know if I am the right person to say that since I'm a boy but I love your eyebrows, Jennifer!
Man !!! Macho don't cut the cheese brother its already stinky enough By the way Jennifer this a recipe from my mom She's hispanic. So if you have eggs do what you normally do but don't add anything. Next put bacon bits if you have any. Then add plantains just put it in your pan for 5 minutes for one side. 300 Fahrenheit for the plantains. Then your done.
cutting calories can actually be bad for you. you body needs a certain amount to function and if you mess that up you will get dizzy and it gets bad lol. Cook everything you eat, all whole food, and fresh veggies. food might suck for the next 2 weeks but i can guarantee you will feel better. i dont think healthy food sucks anymore so i enjoy it. running is great, but if you can lift weights as well that would be good. lean muscle burns more calories then fat. and drink only water.
Very cool Guys! XD I'll vid response to one of your vids comin up!:) if I had an awesome dog I wouldn't get rid of em either!
hahaha, you guys are ridiculous. i love watchin' these thou because it's like i'm spending everyday with you guys, better than just my week visit in the summer. miss you guys<3
LOL...Its a towel. I just rigged that up because the sun was coming thru and shinning right on the TV. haha :)
Thats AWESOME MAN!!!! Congrats! I have 2 weeks to lose 15lbs....whats the best way to day that? My plan is to run everyday and try to cut calories.
Omg it's almost 1am & I'm lmao you guys crack me up literally.
I hate how people have a negative view toward pit bulls. Its how you raise them, if they are going to be mean or not. and that goes with any dog, you could have a mean ass Chihuahua if you raise it bad, and they can be even worse then pit bulls. and good job on the running, i hope you guys stick with it!!
Wow I went threw all your vids and u have 0 dislikes
LOL...right! Macho was BLOWING IT was bad. ahaha. We called you out LJ....we want a response video :)
I know I have some dislikes but thankfully not too many :)
Love you guys --- definitely my fave You Tube channel !
I would love to come to america lol
I know it's not my business and you don't have to answer, but it's really bugging me. LOL Why do you have an over sized looking t-shirt above your door? Haha.
you guys or awesome Jennifer can rap really good
You both are to be commended for your weight loss goals ... although you both look great :) Also, I really like your "Couch Chats". Thanks for doing these videos. One never knows which direction the conversation will go --- or blow --- right, Macho ? :)
Jennifer can rap :D you guys are awesome.
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