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Paladins Quest 2: The Well Trodden Path

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 2,161,532 views

We have sailed the seven seas to try and secure a job in Windwater Monastery to make our good ole mum proud, but things haven't worked out quite as planned.. Join us as we battle our way through...

lewis... you are just the worst a parkour..
The music is a lot like skyrim and I LOVE IT!!!! :3
Ahhhh the good old days :)
Finally one of their series I haven't seen.
At least have the common decency to finish what you started... I love this series! 
This is one of the best adventure map Ihave seen. can any one recommend what other adventures I should watch?
hello is there eny more series like moonquest besides tekkit and volts
Your adventure maps are the best
6:33 'torches I need torches that's the most important thing' ~lewis Brindley, 2012
Lol this is the first video of theirs I ever watched and I haven't stopped watching yet.
Anyone got any cool minecraft adventure maps like this message me I'll gradly play it, rate it and recommend it
Probably Dokucraft or John Smith, but I dont really know. It's used quite a bit, so try and find another video where it's used and they'll probably say.
There is a pickaxe you'll take the pick and i take the axe just cut it in half
Did I hear Him Say Scarified?!
Lewis: "look at me! Pro'n it up already! Stone sword!" Simon: "take this armor, sword, some food, torches, potions,"
when i saw the chest i was like its a tomb with mob spawners lol
This map would be better now that there are resource packs
"you take that pick, I'll take that axe."
Love this texture pack, quite a bit.
Look up What would you do - stuck on the road watch the last guy. DO IT
It's John Smiths, but it may be a different version. I think atherys ascended is just a John Smith edit
so you want them to really got through every single texture packuntil they find the right one?
yayy, I didn't know about this series! :D
I don't know the texture pack and i don't find it in the comments help :3 please
I love how, in the new youtube layout, clicking on their Paladins Quest 2 playlist in their channel, doesn't actually take you to their playlist, it just takes you to this video alone, with no proper links or PLAYLISTS for the rest of them. Sigh. Google, why u hire interns?
anyone get the lord of the rings refrence 14:00
no you didnt the likes are 12000+ only....... just saying.....
Let me help you out there, what you meant to ask was "Which texture pack are they using?" and the answer is all over the comments section.
no it actually works really well
This is absolutely amazing o.O really well made map, cutscenes n guides.. makes my adventure map in progress look crap xD
the intro is almost like the intro to the anime fairy tale
Wat is the next vid? Idk which one is the next one and it is not showing up in the suggested vids...
Not only appears this to be a great map (how many include Cutscenes after all? XD) but also: great start for the adventure there arround 5:55 XD Amazing.
They didn't make it they hired someone to make it.
U r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
Mad you're a shitheel? That's okay, i'm sure you'll be appreciated someday.
well the scene with the big building
The single arrow couldve been for a infinity bow.
Why did I wait to let this load for an hour in HD? It's minecraft...
My ship wrecked again, for the umpteenth
in minecraft im not mlg im mlf major league failer
Anyone have the seed for this and Paladin's quest 1?
I watched it while my cat was vomiting
I said this at the 11 min and 26sec mark:EAT!!!!!
I know, because i have both texture packs, i get confused which one is which! D:
00:54 It's the guy who captured jeoffrey!
make more shadow of israphel videos please
why cant we have more of this? this is frekkn sweet
the music came in at the right time 16:06
The texture pack looks like Atherys' ascended
And i speak with experience!!
5:55 he gets blown up by a creeper
Do they use it in all of their videos? I also watch Rendog.
I liked 100000000000000000001 times....
why is his beard darker than usual?
why did they never finish the map! i would love to play it.
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