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This Is...Inversion

by Rooster Teeth • 397,885 views

Ray and Michael check out the gravity themed shooter "Inversion"

i wish more people played online
thumbs up if u recognize this video bcause of tomska
no my main theory is that everyone human is stupid but i figured its only America sense I've never left the country
You have to be kidding. I don't know what you mean by play style, but Third-Person games existed long before Gears. The graphics do look similar, I'll agree. The weapons? Not so much. The gun with the bayonet? Looks nothing like the Retro Lancer. Not to ruin your fun, but you know the Lancer? The chainsaw bayonet? Not original either.
3,454 more people are playing this game.
I think he means that the guns are very similar and that the reload system is pretty much identical, there is probably more stuff that he picked out of it to give that comment but yeah (Not arguing just stating an observation)
it's black and white when he takes alot of damage dumbass or you have. a tv from 1960s and it's in balck n white
Free modded lobby everyday sub and add me for inv ty
Well, first of all, saw type thing? You mean a bayonet? Those have been around at least since WW1, and have been put in games many times. Turrets. Well, the troika version, the makeshift retrolancer version or just regular? Because if you riff on turrets, there are so many easy ways to make it look like one of those three, especially the troika. Ex: Gatling gun. The animations I couldn't say. I admit the animations do look similar. The gameplay however is mostly different.
@TheCnl18 just because you have a religion doesnt mean we cant enjoy. If you dont, close your fucking brainwashed eyes and let others do what they want. If we are going to thrust ourselfs into hell, so be it. I have nothing against religion. if you respect mine, i respect yours. sorry for the disrespect. but, please, lets not complain, worry about yourself. stay away from it if you dont like it.
Haha I got a hate message because i have 28000 Gamer Score XD
in my opinion i think the people who made this took ideas from the concept of fracture
Lol Internet box reference "so grabby"
I feel like this game will be intense popular for like a week or 2 and then we won't hear anything from it anymore.. forever (Brink)
Cliffy B takes arrow to the knee and inversion born.
Low gravity? High gravity? Super gravity? Is the game sampling the planets of the solar system?
Looks like gears of war 3 same shit and guns 2 really 0.0
I respect Michael's DBZ knowledge
This game is a shitty gears of war >:D
Who else saw the Tri-Force at 1:09
"original 151, i don't care after that" amen to that michael!
Im sorry someone stole your comment and got more likes then you
dude what comments are you reading? he didnt swear.
Getting a game for $15 is called common sense. And is possible if you just have a little patience before you purchase. Yes get it legally of-course! But look for the bargain. As a student you don't have much choice but to get things cheap, don't be so ignorant as to assume that if someone isn't rich its due to their own error.
they probly made the video so people would try and get in a lobby with them. im gonna buy the game anyway
Michael. Soo much respect gained from that Goku reference.
I'm pretty sure this game is inspired from gow, not a ripoff...
Looks like a gears of war mod ...
Well no shit it's a fucking Dragonball Z reference, nice job sherlock
Wow, your grammatical errors sadden me. Maybe you should go back to being 10 or to 10th grade, I didn't manage to understand clearly what you said, clearly YOU are the fucktard in the argument, so please, fuck yourself, people like you are killing the world, please don't breed.
i have some news, in england, not enough of this game was made, so people who pre ordered from amazon won't get teh game until july (at the earliest). This is the reason i think that multiplayer is dead - because not many people have the game atm.
Hey, calm down now. No need for violence. I mean, they're meaningless insults, and affecting nobody at all. It's better just to stop.
honestly, from watching this video, its Gears of War: The Spin-Off
Krillin: Goku how did you get so strong? Goku: I only trained under a hundred times earth's normal gravity. Vegeta: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
You cant get nay more grey/brown than this game
Battlefield. Only need one. And yes, the original battlefield is older than gears, so now you can shut up and quit complaining.
Yeah, I realized you were being sarcastic after I posted the comment. Oh, well.
a rip off, is when a game takes something from another game and claims it as its own. maybe you should see the definition of a fuckin word before posting it in a comment and making you look like a dumbass. not saying that you are not one that is.
gotta admit, under certain could mean either. this isnt one of those however, he is in fact retarded
people with app trailer ads structure
it does look like it a lot though i even thought they stole the lancer from the game
Acually, its "I removed the comment because of trolls." Grammars spelled with two a's BTW.
It's not going to win any major awards, but this game kinda looks like has it had NO marketing or publicity at all?
u know that GoW wasnt the first third person shooter and that what it did isnt that different from what was done before
He's calling you a cheapskate, but it's funny because all if his new games that he gets when they're still like $60, are bought for him by his mom or dad.
because of this video, multiplayer is going to have WAY more people
Of course Red Dead Redemption, GTA, and Mass Effect are clearly rip offs of GoW... don't you just feel the sarcasm in that!?
Why is it all in black and white?
Is this a sequel to TimeShift? Cause the logos are similar
Oh. Well. Go about your business then. *scuttles off*
If everybody who want's this game for multiplayer should buy it, and talk about it a whole lot. SO people notice it, and buy it, and play multiplayer. Tell other really popular people on youtube to play multiplayer or just play the game, because the people who watch them might get, and so a whole lot more people may play multiplayer.
This game looks shweetish (look I made a comment that was actually about the video!)
Actually Goku goes up to 100 times gravity lol
Anyone else think this was Immersion and got excited
I doubt this is helpful, but "inversion" is an early 20th Century term for homosexuality. Gays were actually called "inverts" or "sexual inverts". What we need now is a term that sounds great but actually means "fake" like say..."fantastic" to get... "Fantastic Inversion" = Fake and Gay.
even though im indian i think that indian had poo brain
"Dining Grav Commander Super Foile edition" haha funny stuff
I didn't swear, you sir, are obviously a very troubled individual if you don't even want to search to see if your cause is true, done with my flames, and your age probably is just there to let you see age restricted content, there is no way you are 22.
Anyone else thinks Michael sounds like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park?
Geez that dude in the background is annoying
have any of you guys notice that most video came has a story wen you have to find dudes daughters like so many come to mind. Dead Rising 2, The walking dead
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