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Jason Michael Carroll - Livin' Our Love Song

by JMichaelCarrollVEVO • 5,663,539 views

Music video by Jason Michael Carroll performing Livin' Our Love Song. (C) 2007 BMG Music

When the video starts what song is playing on the radio.
whos the chick with the goatee?
Excellent voice, love country music song. Alec.
Robert Cortez Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Darling In all these years When You look at me I still have me shaking Knees. ..and We're Still Livin Our Love Song. ..
This man's voice and smile could make any girl's heart melt
This is my and my girlfriends song and me and my dad just got in to a big fight and this song helps I can't go home tonight I am staying at my land lords house she is so nice to me my dad told me he is dropping my insurance to my truck that I work for myself but it not even that I can care less about that he need help he needs a dr but we can't afford it so now I Am having to move out i guess I will have to go with my grandma because my mom can't take care of me ether I really don't want to leave this town I got a job at farmers market and I don't get pay much but it means the world to me that I can by my own truck and afford to feed my pets and have a little extra to take my girlfriend out sometimes I already had to start my life over once we I lost my great grandmother 3 years ago she was my mom and my dad the good to all my bad the best when she past everything went to hell I jump from house to house for a bit with my mom then moved myself and my little brother in with my friend and it was working but I thought everyone hated me for what mistakes my mom made but I was the only one they could get ahold of and they were mad at her not me but I was there and she wasn't so bad turn to worst I got into trouble and got DHS call on me and I guess angles where looking out for me and my dad came and got me he told me he wasn't on drugs anymore and he was clean but he wasn't then he did get clean for a bit but was doing on the weekends and it started talking over again and finally he got clean him and my step mom and is staying clean but he has bad problem with his stomach and can't find out what is making hurt and he can't control his own anger he thinks I have anger problems but he is the one with it so now instead of sleeping in my bed at home being ready for my hunting trip in the morning I am not I am wondering if I have to start my hole life over again on Christmas night 😞
Hang in there kid all will work out in the end
Things will work out for ya man!
one of the hottest singers ever, not fair that he didnt keep singing, cuz his voice is like magic
That is crazy, kinda sucks because I like Disturbed too, it's always cool when someone famous are kind and humble and not some jack ass.
after that show they only did one more and then they didnt play live again for a few years. when they went back to plying again, well i havent heard anything similar. i think it probably had to do with drug use. that could make you get irate over nothing. but i have heard of nothing like it since and im glad cuz i like them too, my husband listens to em all the time
Listening to this I could've sworn it was Chris Young at first!
This has been mine and my husband song from the time it come out. He's from a small town and I'm from the city. No one was thinking we would make it. That was 8 yrs ago
Goatee need to go! He is mega fine!!
I love you Ela Marie forever and always
I love you too Raymond Bruce Myers III
Jason know my family I'm from Oxford N.C and hi know his ex he use to go to my sister Loris daddy marvins church. I met him last year in south Boston at the fair where he song I told him I wanted to he a Sanger and he said I won't you to and he said hey seriously I want u to good luck. I have been singing sence I was 3 and here I am 17 still singing I just don't know where to start. Or how to do anything when u r living in a small town I asked my uncle Tim ciffers for help he gave me good advice so now I'm sanging at cowboy up. Still nothing it's my dream.. I wish it could come true but no-one will look for female singers in roxboro or Oxford because it's so small there goes my dreams 😢
what the song called on the radio
Beautiful man and voice!!!
Really wish he would release new music.
Make me think about me and my boyfriend
Does anyone know what country song has the music video about a couple and his girlfriend leaves to pursue her dream of being a model . During the photo shoot she breaks down and runs out and calls her boyfriend
He is hot love this song
Joy Rivera Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
me and my future wife love this song 
this man's hair look better than mine. great song btw
I sang this to my gf and it made her almost have a damn orgasm
Love him and this song he is so sexy and this song is so true my friend posted this and I have been in love ever since he posted it
Baby just look at us all this tiime and we still in love :)
My boyfriend sing this song to me :)
Drake Walters Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Jason Michael Carroll - Livin' Our Love Song:
I literally just heard him for the first time yesterday on Sirius/XM The Highway i think and i never expected him to look like that. Great voice. Awesome artist.
pamela horad Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
he is so cool;;;;;;;
This song remembers me straight up of my ex. It was our song when we dated for 4years. We still are in love but he don't live in the same state anymore and it brings tears to my eyes. I love that man with all my heart
This was mine and my ex bfs song to we were together for almost 5 years he left and we broke up we don't talk anymore we have other people in out loves now but he was my first love and he wasn't a back woods boy I'm the country girl and he was a city boy
It is Kayla Baker or Patrick Cooper
The song on the radio is his other song Alyssa Lies
is he cute or what? greatttt voice to boot.
I love my boyfriend so much we have been going out for 8 weeks and I love his baby blue hazel eyes
This is my boyfriend and my song♥
My new favorite so g :-D I love it so much....
Hes so hot love this spng
LOVE this song!!! #phone ring tone #beautiful #JMC is AMAZING #follow your dreams: )
Wow he is so attractive
+Rolando Marroquin This could be the mids talking but this is totally us I think :)
Reminds me a girl that i like..😎😎😎
This is my ringtone for when my boyfriend calls.  We've only been dating for nine months but I know it's true love.  We had a big trial to go through just recently and we never gave up on each other. 
This guy sounds so much like Chris Young!
Raven Moon Kincaid Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Listening to this and fleetwood mac to feel better
looking forward to seeing him in concert on june 20th at High Octane Saloon in Homossasa Florida ,, I got my tickets today ,, just 10.00  each going to be so sweet,
i love this damn song
Loved him since I was 15
Fell in love with my boyfriend when I was 13 and he was 17 but were still going strong <3
he is so hot wish he kept singing i love his voice
oh my god... i remember when this was brand new 8/
love the song love his voice but would never know it was his voice by just looking at him
Marie Stewart Kern Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
June 13, 2014 Happy 36th #Birthday  Jason Michael Carroll
I want this to be my wedding song. <3
Such a great song! I got some Studio Full Band Covers so check it out on my channel if you have nothin better to do! #KeepingMusicALIVE. Peace friends!
Crimson Givens Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Makes me think....
Nice voice but hes not attractive at all.
What has being attractive have to do with anything? 
I love this song! I listened to this when I was little.
Jason Michael Carroll is so sexy and I love this song.
Dawn Hamam Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
What A Special Song to me!!!
My 3 favs by him are; livin our love song, alyssa lies, & hurry home^______^
@Fallon Jones           8 weeks? are you sure you know what love is?
He's sooooooooo fiiiiinnne!!!! I'm not attracted to guys with long hair but he definitely rocks it! This song is addicting!
living our love song for life
Kim Hall Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
is it me or does he sound a little like jj lawhorn? good song
I love this song I want to use as my wedding song when I get married
Stacey Marie Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is mine and my baby's song I love you Cassie tolman you defiantly are my fairytale princess and we definitely are proving them wrong
Valorie Zavala Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
One day I will be....
michelle oglesby Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I love this song because I was told this so many things
Long hair, that smile, those eyes and that voice. Yeah sexy much. The things I would do!!
Defiantly future wedding song!
To my sweet pete. How do you see us. :) love the and
I Remember when this song, 1st came out I was addicted (❤2014)
So who is the girl with the goatee?
Janusz D Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Miłego popołudnia i wieczorku ))
wzajemnie , pozdrawiam ciepło ;-))))
+Beata B Dziękuję i nawzajem ślę gorące pozdrowienia ))
I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 20. Three years ago we fell in love and we are still going strong. Love has no age limit. :)
Yeah everytime i work over time i cry to damit to hell.
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