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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - Official Trailer

by seekingafriendmovie • 1,085,153 views

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@Ivegotwo No you will get the blow job and go for the shot with kierra knightly.
@FairEllenLochinvar NOO i would get my blow job. Then go get another one from kiera knightley cause hey. We about to die. Fuck awkwardness.
I still wanna see this movie! also whats the second song?
this movie looks great. steve is the man.
Ten bucks says that it hits earth, only ending everyone, who starts every word with an upper case letter.
I'm entering the $100 Visa Card Plus Prize Pack from imnotobsessed
What is the song at the vary start of the trailer? I cannot find it anywhere
hey its that guy who should have never left the office!
- "I regret my entire life" - "OK, Bye"
looks good but looks are deseving
the friendsys scene is hilarious
I dont think this will be better then the Avengers but looks AMAZING!
You know what, If something like this happened, there would be panic. and looters and criminals would run rampant and shit
Funny, Earth's demise due to a meteor called "Matilda"
Seeking a friend to see this movie with. lol
interesting concept for a movie. i'm definitely watching this.
lol...The asteroid is called "Matilda"
It's most definitely going to burn up in the atmosphere or miss Earth completely.
this seems nice, but slightly depressing haha
Looks like a great movie. Of course, the only people who wouldn't become humans again in such a situation....cops. :P
@FairEllenLochinvar I believe i have a better chance with knightley than you :P
>2012 >believes an asteroid killed the dinosaurs wat
This is the second time I've seen Gillian Jacobs make out with a girl. Is there something she's not telling us?
Call me now it's alright It's just the end of the world You'll need a friend in the world 'Cause you can't hide So call and I'll get right back If your intentions are pure I'm seeking a friend for the end of the world
The movie does look good but i just really wanna see it to see keira knightley kiss that waitress
This surprisingly looks awesome. Stoked for this!
@Sloppyjoemess Not really a spoiler if I haven't seen the movie. Some of it was speculation based on Hollywood's track record and predictability of its upbeat flics.
wow this movie gets depressing at the end but the ending is what makes the movie work.
Are you fucking kidding me? 70 mile wide asteroid is just going to burn up in earth's 25 mile atmosphere.
I'm guessing that the people who live in the smaller town don't know about the asteroid coming yet?
its also a movie...that is a comedy...with Steve which people are acting semi normal knowing they are going to possibly die in 3 weeks...and YOU are trying to loose seriously?
F U Cop! its the end off the world! Do you still feel its neccsary to give tickets!?!?
Looks good. I like the end of the world situations, i wanna see that film by Seth Rogen about him and his pals and the end of the world.
get your facts right, everyone knows Chuck Norris killed all the dinosaurs.
It didn't come out where I live -_-
This... actually looks really good!!
Wonder if they all die in the end...
Wow he was getting a free bj and then he says we have to go? Is this 40yr old virgin?
I don't know how I feel about this yet.
xD defiantly want to see this movie!
Saw this ad on youtube..didn't press skip.
It'll burn up in atmosphere and whatever's left will be no bigger than a Chihuahua's head.
I like the idea of this movie, playing off the "if the world was going to end, what would you do" I would enjoy watching this
Different people have different ways of dealing with certain situations.
Thank you for posting this, seekingafriendmovie.
You cant say that peaple wouldnt act this way with surtain doom ... everyone has their way of denying the inevatable. Some distract themself some lose themselfs and some just act "normal" i dont see a single sistuation in this trailer to say this couldnt be how peaple would react. The mind is a weird and intresting thing.
Steve Carrel is always the 40 year old virgin no matter which movie... in 25 years it's gonna be Michael Cera.
I'll take that action and it will end with Steve and Keira failing their missions, but decide to make the most of it by finding front row seats to the Apocalypse, which ends the movie pretty much.
Damn this movie is fucking depressing...
I don't understand why people would loot and take shit, your going to die everything you take is worth shit and has no value anymore, now me I would go have sex, all day everyday. Do everything I haven't did or atleast try. Then i would off my self because ain't no meteor gonna take me out XD
The first or second? The second is Road To Nowhere, and i think its by The Talking Heads.
Yet another Focus Pictures release = yet another fantastic film
THis is the best ad on youtube
Why is the cop driving a car from the 1980's, yet Smartcars exist? Anyways, this looks like a good movie.
Wasn't there a Canadian film in the 90s/early 2000s just like this? Is this based on that?
The world is ending! It's Threat Level Midnight!
Your gonna have to give me 10,000 to 1 odds on that one...
I'm illuminati tweets.. (`_`7).....crap!
It was a sweet movie. That beach scene. :)
Nice! Quoting the last joke of the video so that people of all attention spans can remember how funny it was.
wtf is this ,,i dont know man i find it fishy they make this movie with all the conspircys going on
we all going to die in 2012 WTF !!!
We don't know that, but saying that a seventy mile wide asteroid is just going to "burn up" is shit!
Oh my gosh xD That last scene there, LOL This looks great :) Odd.... two movies today ^^
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