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by Mrlas704 • 193,291 views

Please like for more Parody's And if your TUUUNED for Black ops 2 Igonore "Parody (Film Genre)" Funny Comedy Spoof Edition Monkey Short "Humour (Literary Genre)" Special Sketch Very Humor Book...

I dont know the point of the vid but i think its kinda good.... Or maybe its kinda retarded and stupid
Mw3 case mw2 disc and on screen black ops 1
Mw3 case mw2 disc and on screen black ops 1
same game, diffrent story
Lol serious he work at machinima lol fail
It's a shame that people can't take a simple joke. I guess that's just what you get with the brain-dead CoD community....
so u have an xbox kinect box filled with junk and an MW3 case filled with two MW2 disks and your playing black ops 1 i dont get it
Ive gotten this vid sent to me like 4 times; whats up wit that???
I like ur black ops 2 can u tell ur gay dad to get me one. Lol. R u mentally retarded or mentally stupid
that's a lie maybe that's why it is a parody because the game he plays is bo1 with all the same guns and the 2 discs are mw2 in a mw3 case so this is a lie
wow nube u suck aganist dummies
i sent this to all my friends!!!!!
Yup lol XD I'll sub to u for that mistake
its good u can think you can play bo2 good dreams :P
Annnd here we go again, I made this video for fun, and ofcourse for views ?, I mean who doesnt want views on their videos that they upload...
ummm.. only one that has the game, playing online with people in the game? LOL i know its a joke but just sayin
this sucks. even for a parody
This is awful. Quit spamming by inbox. And if you really want to make up BS, at least plan it out
i disabled it because some people think im serious .
PS2 best console ever. By the way, nice video Mrlas704.
why did you send this to me. i know its a parody but this is just dumb
Stop spam sending videos you turd mongrol.
how is an apc tank an assualt drone??????
I think the parody is the fact he's not even funny...
and none of the call of duty in history ever hade the same map that is unlocked at the begining mw2 had mw1 in map packs but old maps will never come in the game when u get it so yea fuck u
I thought that this was going to be one of those funny unboxing parodies but it may have actually made me less intelligent....just stop making videos,,,seriously fucking 12 year olds shouldn't be allowed on the internet.....
sorry to tell you but this is not bo2 i know what bo2 looks like
machinima doesnt get games early there a youtube community fuker
please like for more parodies, and then u cant like, huh
Machinima they don't get games early u mean he works at treyarch
omg what a fucking lagg xD and shitty gameplay
What is this a parody of? And don't spam me faggot.
gimme your steam name in a pm and i will add you :P
Well, the game is going to be BAD, like every cod after 2
i've never seen a game lagging like this
omgomgomg i've plaed black ops 1 so much were can i get this gaem!! the futuristicness setting looks so amazong!
this isn't even funny. make the video 30 seconds long next time cuz ur just wasting ur time. i knew it was fake but clicked anyways to see if there were ratings enabled but of course, theres not
3:24 big thing in your hand Yeahh that would be my penis
Its a MW# case but BLAck ops in it wtf!
fukin retard thats not bo2 its bo1
i know kind of frogot some stuff in the first comment and ran out of characters for the comment
Nope you're the retard and stupid fuck here, in the title it says ''PARODY'' and in the description to, you need eyeglasses son.
Cool. But i don't have nothing of this :( i just have my oold PS2 xD
So if ur dad works at machinama how'd u get a real bo2 ur a fucking idiot I bet u don't even know what machinama is? Plus this game was created by trey arch so stfu!!!
my father works at pornhub so i got this dildo early
he is lol i dont think he knows what a parody is lol
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