Elizabeth Warren: I Would Be MA's First Native American Senator

by William Brady • 7,696 views

Elizabeth Warren says if she is elected she will be the nation's first Native American Senator.

Is this pathological lying or insanity? Hard to tell.
It is so hard to admit a lie, isn't it? Yet, an intelligent person, caught in this self-made trap, would at least have the common sense to simply back away. Change the subject, anything. But no, she goes down for more. This tells you what kind of senator she would be.
She needs to be charged with fraud, The Cherokee Nation has exposed her as such.
She's more indian than Ben "Nighthorse" Campbell? What a nut
This woman needs serious help and I hope she looses her election big time!
Oh this must be why she does not want to debate her democrat challengers
If I were 1/32 anything, I would never go around claiming that as my identity. That's just crazy. Typical moon bat mentality. They want so desperately to identify themselves as a member of a minority without actually having to deal with the difficulties of being such.
Would that make her the first Affirmative Action Senator of Taxachussets?
In her case it's NOT Na-tive more like Na-ieve..
How does she not know about Ben_Nighthorse_Campbell Colorado Senator 1993-2005. Her statement is that she'd be the ONLY senator (not just from MA) who has Native American heritage.
Elizabeth, you do NOT have "native american heritage!"
She is the darling of the KOS/Van Jones progressive set. They want to see her as President someday.
Shesaid heritage not that she identifies as native american. On top of that 1/32 of NA is an incredibly large amount. Being part native american is far more rare than any other race and higher denominators are more acceptable.
Can there be any MA voter dumb enough to vote for this delusional moron?
There is seriously something wrong with this woman. Pathological liar.
Lies for Many Moons. Soon go the way of Coakley Buffaloes.
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