The Ultimate Cats On Treadmills Supercut

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good cats. mine's has been collecting dust and it's just a decoration to fool visitors and my friends that I'm working out.
+Diablos u get laid for a thick crooked kidney tickler... not for a perfect body. Trust me.
Whete is peta to condemn the wicked??
This is gonna seem like a strange question, but does this really help your cat lose weight? My cat is severely overweight. She and her siblings were born in a hallow tree, we had rescued them and their mom. While in the hallow tree she couldn't reach her mom to nurse, thus not having food. And then when she was 2 she got lose and we couldn't find her for two days, then we found her in a drainage pipe. She hadn't eaten for two whole days. Ever since she's had this phobia of never having food and thus it resulted in her being too overweight
People who are overweight can lose weight with this. So you tell me, can this help an overweight cat?
How did I end up on this video
how do you train your pets to do this? O.o especially the first one..
I swear one of the cats at the second vid part is like: "You're not gonna beat me with exercise!"
STOP, GROUND. Slaps ground Ground doesn't stop I SAID STAAHP. Keeps slapping
Agh. I love cats. Lol @ the end. He got so scared xD
The cat at 1:53 is staring into my soul...
Best way for cats to get fit xD hahahaha
In the last couple of decade,s science has made huge strides in showing human's thoughts and emotions through brain scans. I think that we need to take that one step further and do that with cats.
that last one always gets to me (can't breath from laughing too hard)
It would be a shame for you not to lose weight when normal people are able to shed fat  easily using Skinnimaker Routine (Look it up on google).
now I get why they call it as CATWALK the white kitty is awesome:P
Yes! That last clip was the actual video I was originally looking for. If you see the whole video of those two cats, you'll end up crying, it's so funny for some reason! 
Angie Hsu Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
2:32 Das ist ein floof ball.
tuxedo cat says, "stupid treadmill, you made me look bad!"
my heeeeaaaad haha so freakin high on dope, treadmill more like treadkush into  my carpet lol :P
Jim Jess Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ohhhh Bush flashbacks. Never have I wanted to kill someone's disembodied voice in the past more than the radio announcer at 3:15
Oh here we go another Bush whiner! A hilariously cute and funny video and little scarf boy here just can't help but bring his anti Bush pussy rant into it! Hoe exactly do you kill a disembodied voice anyway scarf boy?
History will never forgive him for the Iraq war. WMDs my ass. He's led thousands to their death and drove up the deficit over a lie.
I was on Youtube to watch a documentary on Chernobyl. How the hell did I end up here, watching cat videos?
Gustavo Ota Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I love how they still do their girly-looking cat steps even when running.
3:45 This really got me.. thank you for that
Faye Ryan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Faye Ryan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The pussies at the end stole the cake
what have i done with my life......(.-.)
The cat at 1:55 has so much sass it's fucking hilarious
00:41 the black one's cheatinggggg lol
هذا من اجمل المعروف الذي يقدم الي الضعفاا وكبار السن
The second to last one was HILARIOUS he looked like he was trying to box xD
3:48 the funniest one in the whole entire video XD
wow. great way to train cats to listen
First clip. Could I have a higher look please?
If i tried this with my cat he would look at me like i was stupid then go lay down and go to sleep.
The last one was the best!!!! Lawlz
im in the weird part of youtube again *sigh* well mine as well stay
Omg it's Snowball from the Stuart Little movies :p
★ Nice video ! But my cat is unbeatable... :D Greetz
The last one was easily the funniest :D
The last one was sooo hilarious!!!
Very Good clips.. Cats Each have their Own Unique ways and personalities !!
I know what you mean, once you get locked into the youtube vortex, time slips away.
or he thinks he's operating the treadmill lol
Mt favourite part is when they fall off,get back on and fail to continue running....! :P SO CUTE!
Is she having an orgasm at 0:40?
this cannot possibly be safe for animals... imagine a tail or foot getting caught...
see i did the same thing with my cat but i had to tie a two pound bag of catnip on to a string and dangle it in front of her. my brother accedently put the speed up to 32 and my cat flew off the treadmill and into the wall. HOORAAY FOR SPEANDING 500 DOLLARS AT THE VET FOR A BROKEN TAIL AND LYPOSUCTION!
класные кашарики
i love the last cat. lmao i have the hiccups now.
The last one was like ill smack u nigga
Love the last one where the white cat hits the other and then it hits the treadmill HAHAHAHAHAH
3:48 Cat1: ¡Hey dud... Cat2: WTF!!
Lol the last cat is like "wtf are you?!"
I visited youtube to watch videos of police brutality and protests in Brazil and look where I ended up.... Again!
2:10 I thought these were dogs!!!
Wow that is a lot of treadmill cats
hahahahah sooo cuuute lmfao, Watch their eyes LOL
cat at 3:50 is like WTF IS THIS!!
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