Hardly Working: Flirting

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See more at http://www.collegehumor.com/originals Dan learns that you have to spoon before you can f*rk. See more at collegehumor.com/chtv.

I was doing something else and just listening to the audio. ya...
the perfect story for a porn video...!!
1:44 sex ?? Seriously ?? 😭😭😂😂
True but still that clown mask is epic
1:06 "I'm starting to suspect that Dan is..." DAN IS WHAT?!?!?!? Answer meeee!!
I'm starting to suspect that Dan is flirting with me. Not that hard.
+jon dupree I'm starting to suspect that Dan is HAS AN EXTRA BALL SACKS
The video was funny except the last bit about killing themselves....  I get it is just a joke but cmon that bit isn't really funny.  Personally  a turning gay with each other woulda been funnier
Yeah that happened to me five days ago.
I can't believe she didn't know how to walk xD
+Marisol Pulido I can't believe it's not butter!
How dare you forget my sandwich in the Kitchen?
um virtual boy in the last scene why?
+Christopher Lacroix +And why? Its nearly the same. Only differnece is that most Wirtual Boy games are not supoosed to be VR. (And of course the graffic/designe of games)
+Christopher Lacroix Have you seen someone staple loose water to a tree?
can anyone link me to the one where Dan is really confused at the end and screams "WHAT?" please
Thought for a second it was a porno at the start. Same awkward acting.
He's just trying to get behind that ass
From 00:14 till 00:44 you can see the cameramen in the reflection of the window, kinda unproffesional, ruins the immersion.
how does this have 11.5m views but the take our picture one not even half a million? It was way funnier IMO...
i love it at the start 0:13 onwards, you can see the camera people as well in the reflection in the doors at the back...
Hahaha, no one cares!
bro are you high? i see nothing...
Oh so this is the video that my friend was referring to.... Hey- Wait a minute, what is he trying to say?! lol
Love that yeah right jump freeze ending. lol
What is the name of the song?
The fact that he was shirtless in bed is disturbing.
what happened to sarah and dan?
my girlfriend loves to fart in my face
+kalatapie I'd gladly make that trade.
1:07 did anyone else see the "hidden" message
is that Taryn Southern?
Looks like the begging to a porno
This is so extremely sexist on just so many levels
+Pedro Leon Yeah I was, but it turned out to be a dead end.
Who ever is saying girls to back to kitchen and bout like that fuck off girls aren't made for cleaning
+Piriathy Not sure if that was directed at me, but yeah... "learn" and "teach" are the same word in my language, which is Norwegian. I often mix them up when I'm tired >_>
did anyone notice taht the beginning was like amateur porn?
Whats the name of the song?
Sooo fuckin ffuuuuunnnnyyy
I'm cringing so much it hurts
Amir reppin Berkeley!
It all seemed pretty standard until she didn't know how to type
Seriously, this is in my top ten of college humor, they are just so good at what they do.
The sex scene reminded me of that movie with Matt Damon...What's it called? Something about him being one of the conjoined twins..Pretty weird 
It's amazing how easily this movie was forgotten.
+Kasey Cordell It's not really amazing. That movie is one of the weirdest I've ever seen. It's not bad it's just, at times, weird and uncomfortable to look at. I too personally don't have a strong desire to see it again.
Nuwan Indika Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Hardly Working.......
girls wants guys who talk about that shit and bad thing is they believe it oh hi girl i went to Mercury in 6 hours and went back to earth via skydiving then i took my motorcycle  back to my house had beer and starting watching the night show  a girl would be like ( ohhh coool i bet that was fine >>> come on how do u believe such stupid shit like that
and Amir has his own segment of vids while Dan doesnt
wEIRD I HVE A FRIEND WHO KINDA DID STUFF LIKE THAT AND KILED HIMSELF TOO. Now im not mad im just saying if hts how shit goes down imma follw all three of these nigga footsteps
How long has Amir been with collegehumor
omg this is so bad :S 
So, wait, if neither one of them were having sex, how come they still took off their shirts?
She cant walk..Bitch is drunk lol
it must of been so awkward filming this
2:12 is that a virtual boy on the desk!?!?
tried this...Ended up on the Friend-zone T,T
this is the legitimate story of my life.
مين منكم ينيكني
Friend zone level 9000
Thumbs up if your a fedora lovin man who relates to this too much..
Tumblr is that-a-way.
Looks like the beginning of a bad porn!
She's playing pool with a golf club by this I can tell college humor doesn't give a fuck 😂
I don't know that looked like a dp to me
FINALLY, I see SOMEONE who knows Avenged Sevenfold.
I like a7x also meh 
A few years ago I would genuinely thought that the sex scene involves Dan teaching Sarah how to fuck... All I could think of now when I rewatch the scene is DP... Internet you have ruined me!
Why do I miss Charlie Chaplin all of a sudden?
Gosh she 'z so ugly and lame
the beginning looks like a really bad porn intro
who is the girl? cause she kinda disappears in the latter videos.
from 0:38 - 0:42 you can see the guy filming
I loved the walking bit
Amir went to UC Berkeley? I did not know that. Awesome :D.
I hate thta faggits with the glasses he is never funny
Sit on chest fetish
GodsBoss Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
wow someone actually has my name Amir
+XxMirrorFlashxX It's a pretty common name in Israel. Actually it's two different names, אמיר and עמיר. The first meaning "treetop" and the second meaning "a pile of wheat".
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