Sunny D and Rum (The =3 Musical)

by Ray William Johnson • 11,275,885 views

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My favorite =3 episode ever. One day Robby Motz will achieve this pinnacle of frivolity.
the saddest thing is I remembered the placement of the SHAWTY after three years
what's sadder is i can recite this video like its a real song.
This will always be the epitome of =3. The end, the beginning, and the.... BEST EPISODE EVAH!
one of the most memorable equals three ;)
Most uplifting sing a long ever
what's with the thumbs down? this video's awesome!!
It's 2014, and I still love Ray singing along to Sunny D and Rum.
Just re-watching my favorite episode again. It's been so long since I've watched this one. Sad to see =3 go. But it has been a fun ride with you trolls :,)
Best...Video...Evar :-)
Did anyone think that the trolololo guy at the end ruined the whole song?
Will always be my favourite =3 episode. Brings back so many memories :*)
Love this episode. My favorite equals three ever
the only thing that makes that sunny d and rum song good is auto tune and im pretty sure everyone in this comment section can sing better than her,i mean im not trying to be an asshole im just telling the truth
A classic, still wonderful even after four years :D
i remember i didnt have a youtube account so i used my moms youtube account so when i didnt have account i liked this song lol
Like if watching in 2014 lawl
So nostalgic I could die. 
One of RWJ's best videos! Now that he has retired from the show, we can truly appreciate his work! Enjoy!
I do not know how I have never seen this video before but it is my all time favorite episode now and forever.
Still like this episode xD
I wonder if Roby will be doing a musical? This is one of my favorite episodes
This definitely reminds me of my middle school days!
Ray is right, the healing thing is bull. What happens is it gets your adrenaline going and because of that it feels like the pain is gone, but it will come back an hour or so later...just in time so the gathering is already over
The stuff he did at Maker Studios in 2011 were the best quality episodes but this is the #1 episode of =3 in the entire series.
most memorable =3 episode IMO
2010 was an excellent year for YouTube.
Yep, it's still an awesome episode.
I'm the most recent person to comment
The best video in youtube
Still the best =3 episode to this day!
Sh*t, probably one of the best episodes of =3 from 2014 which I've seen, LOL  Funny, coz it's in 2010 =)
That was the most awesome thing I have seen all day!!
7th grade me loved this LOL.
4 years later and i still remember sunny D and Rum ;)
when he was like "come on sing along" I actually started to because Ive seen this video so many times.  
Sunny D and Rum....lmao I remember this. fun times
Absolutely THE best episode of Equals Three ever. I remember the day this came out. Brings back so many memories ;-;
8========D        <-----favorite emoticoL
This episode is great
she never got the new hip.
Still better than High School Musical.
teresia rutledge Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
i think it's funny and good
+teresia rutledge did you just reply to your own comment agreeing with yourself?
The trololol man destroyed the song :(
)(0_0) sunny d & rum
Ah the memories. I love it.
This ones my favorite lol
Best episode ever RWJ. THANK YOU
   o    | | oo oo | | | | |   \    /    | |
The people who help made the episode also made jaba the hutt from pewdiepie the own with pugs there pug.
I used to sing along to this so much back in middle school
Sunny D and Rum nham nham <3
sooooo many memories omfg this was the first =3 video that i had seen in 8th grade and im actually sad it ended :(
This truly is the best =3 episode ever
Still one of my favorite
still better than kesha
daaaang 6th grade bruhh....
Damn this episode still makes me smile. Thanks mayne
i cried it was so amazing
Great song sunny d and rum plus with the autotune its way better!!!
This is definitely my favorite video. It relax me
this episode makes me sad :'( but it's good
Feeling nostalgic so I decided to rewatch my favorite =3 episode of all time
This is mine 👉👌
Sunny D and Bacardi Gold, the worst drink I ever made
Rays best vid he RWJ made by far
Sadly, it's better with auto tune.... Especially the sunny d and rum one.
god, i remember when this was first uploaded :)
The best video on his channel
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