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MW3 - Face Off 1V1 Hiding Tactics - U-TURN

by Hidden Masters • 43,661 views

Subscribe for MORE!: In this episode I literally just spawn and lay down on the floor for the whole match. Watch the epic kill at the end! :D Like/Fav if you Enjoyed!...

This type of thing is the only time that Assassin/Blind Eye is accepted.
hate to break it to you but myself and my friend already got the hide on here your slow :P
HECKNN how do you make the map rotate?
I could teach you a lot more on hiding tactics
♜♞♝♛♚♝♞♜ ♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟ ♙♙♙♙♙♙♙♙ ♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖
if u like play like that i have psn , im done with xbox way time ago
Easy way to get blind eye pro is to play drop zone and keep destroying anything that comes in ( enemy care packages, helis etc) very easy!
I went to a 1v1 Facee-off and my enemy could not find me!! (Video proof coming soon)
He's a sniper so he's got a gillie suit
I can just imagine the people who they hid from reacting to this on all of their videos.
respect wat? "stfu and learn to respect...." lots of sense. i know hispanic ppl who speak better english. and theyre 3 years old
Why do he get so many points at the end of the match?
i dont know why but that music never feels over used god knows it is xD haha cool vid bro
i've tried some hiding in BF3.... must say it worked too well 4 matches and i was never found :(
@ProE7 I'm guessing your under the age of 12.
How do you get the hood, i always have the hat -.-
@kenno9461 U can has one (>'_'(>o
...Really?? Read the name of the video... *facepalm*
ellinas eisai re HiddenMasters???
so 4 people would make human centipede and standing up would be statue men, whats one person called then?
No... A sniper changes your skin to the leaves skin thing i think....
Hidden masters your my herros *.*
another good hiding spot is in the pipes by one of the trucks.
hmm i had a feeling it was going to be in the bushes
And I do not speak the language of loser, better go to school fucking shit and then we talk little child... mira te lo digo en español idiota por lo menos no soy una rata como vosotros k vais de chulos por alli y en realidad sois una BASURA asik az el favor y callate la puta boca jo puta wt? u are a rat so suck my cock u fucking shit MDFK sa-mi bag pula in mata pana o sa zica ca ia dat pisatu pe gat
Have you ever thought of trolling people on a Minecraft server?
You guys should check out this video: /watch?v=KvdI4EkoK5k&feature=g-u-u
holly shit the dislike bar is hidding
I am Spanish so shut the fuck up and learn to respect...I have reason in what I said
no you have to get oneshot kills with a sniper, about 200, go into challenges and i think it called basic, it should be somewhere in the middle, then it should be the first challenge
well id say thats a win! so CHING CHING WIN!
u-turn its a map pack map on moder warfare 3 any more specific? what planet is this earth
May I ask, If you don't like people like this, why did you even come to the video? Oh wait! That's right, you're a troll. Shut the fuck up.
Rage faces are stupid. Be more original.
I'm proud to be one of his xbox friends!
Typical sniper, loses the first fight and pulls out an assault rifle with FMG's
I tried being a Hidden Master once, the guy quit out after 2:00 minutes
I HATE YOU GUYS! ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO RUIN THIS GAME!! lol im jk this game is already terrible, you guys make it entertaining
what the fudge cakes i was in hidden masters on black ops
That title makes no sense. Do you even understand the title Call of Duty?
They should just name call of duty, Laser Tag of Duty. Cause theres no bullet drop. No speed in the bullets.... Just wherever you click. The bullets go. Like lasertag.
I like wachn these videos so i can maybe one day be the guy that causes the FAIL video
HECKNN. You can double click X to make the C4 blow up instead of the click...
i love all of these videos. all very well produced. tells a story almost :D
Finally one of the famous youtuber's that didn't sold his soul......
that quick scope at the end was AMAZING!!!
This map is like Afghan from MW2 had sex with Convoy from Black Ops and this map was their deformed child.
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