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Broken-Hearted (Jon Lajoie)

by JonLajoie • 1,024,914 views

To buy this song on iTunes: A song about breaking up in the digital age by Jon Lajoie. Produced by Brandon...

Damn that bitch is fuckin hot
you're an actual actor but couldn't deliver "oh no", other than that hilarious xD
I loved much, and you broke MY heart the second you pulled out a macbook in this video. It means you're either a whore who got paid to use it in your video, or you actually like Apple, and both are very disappointing thoughts. I'd understand taking money from them if it's a lot of money, if they weren't ruining things because everyone stupidly wants their devices & products, even though they are ridiculously & criminally overpriced pieces of trendy shit, and if they weren't the reason user interface design is now fucking ugly horrible shit that everyone is trying to copy or be similar to......I mean I'd understand taking money from people I don't like for something I don't like, but Apple is one of the few exceptions.
A computer savvy person runs up against a big issue: Mac sucks, Microsoft sucks, Linux is the only decent software and hardly anyone supports it. So many of us just get whichever of the other two giants fits our style better. Jon Lajoie probably makes a lot of videos, well they can be edited easily with the default software on any Mac, even an old one. Don't bother trying to edit videos on a PC, you won't get anywhere fast with windows. You might be able to do it on Linux, I haven't tried, and I also have no idea where to look for Linux video editing software. So if you think about it, it is entirely reasonable for Jon Lajoie to have a Macbook. It doesn't mean he has an iPhone...
Just so you know you should read the description It's about breaking up in the digital age. Also I doubt Apple would want their family friendly image in a video about Anal beads and sex tapes.
William Owen Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Oh shit, that's the chick from Birdemic xD
You're right, that was the first thing I noticed :D
oh my god it FUCKING IS AAA
So rawmantik... I fapcried.
i thought is was going to be without sex references .... i was wrong
Jon could totally pull off a serious album
he has, just look up Sun Kil Moon
+bbm savaril what does that have to do with jon?
if he would make a serious song he would billboard's number 1
i highly doubt it. only mediocre songs top that chart
Anyway, I'm seriously in love with the girl. She can cheat on me anytime (oh, and through this video I also found out about "Birdemic". Thanks a lot everybody).
I thought this was serious for a second…I was wrong.
I want those goddamn videos.
please put ads on your videos again and donate the money to a deserving charity.  Its a waste of theoretical money.
i wonder how many times this happened in real life already....
Lmbo had me thinking he was serious for the first 52 seconds
This is a little like Nick Cave's Songs are, isn't it?
Haha always hide your face!!
he is fking genius!!!!best lonely island is nothing in front of him!!!
Szkoda ze nie ma pokazanyh słów po angielsku
This was such better video quality compared to your older videos! nice job
For a second there I thought it was actually a serious song....
Pretty close to best you've done
+mentosnoob lol no...nowadays u have to explain everything if u want people to's ridiculous and painful at the same time.
yea, it fucking sucks
Leandro Devoto Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
the first like 45 seconds of the video sound serious but when the laptop comes out it just turns
I was hoping this was gonna be a good one.. I was wrong..
Damn this song is so similar to Death of a Cheerleader by Marcy Playground
Jerking off into a frying pan Jon...I guess you ran out of oil. Check my channel for more funny music videos.
He looks like drake in the thumbnail.
I hear fried sperm is a delicacy in some countries...
Tyler Collins Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Kevin Cagle Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Well I would suggest Everyday Normal Guy pt 1&2 and Everyday Normal Crew doesn't get any more normal than that :)
I'm's about's ta do's somethin's real quick's. 'Eld on...
Yeah, let's make him a boring generic uninspired wannabe artist like everyone else on youtube.
at first i thought that "realy? jon lajoie making a sad song without sexual things?" i was wrong
I'm just sending them all to your dad...bitch...oh no!!
The chick in this video looks almost exactly like my ex, it kind of weirds me out a bit.
In my mind i heard "vagina bitches"
That is the best "oh no" I have ever heard in my life
Who the hell jerks off into a frying pan? I'm not eating fried eggs at anyones place anymore.
Listening to this song with my headphones, didn't realize i was singing it outloud. Didn't realize my mom was in my room.
i dunno..i find it so stupid it's almost hilarious xD
Are you saying you dont do that? either you are a liar or you are a lesbian.
I think that's kinda the point with some of his other songs. :P
Miz stop spamming about your formulas to get girls no1 cares ppl actually enjoy These videos.
What the fuck that's the girl from Birdemic!
This didn't have penises and farts as was promised.
I was going to post a witty comment based on one of his songs, but then wealthy men hired me...
hahaha keep making music videos and keep making the league shows
Not a bad thing, but the guitar part is very similar to "The Ballade of Love and Hate" by The Avett Brothers. That being said, this is brilliant.
And that's exactly what jon is making fun of, just make a random song you've already heard, change the lyrics a bit, there you go!
then he would be cheesy and boring like all the others he is making fun uf
I will email you a card to the group I'm in. Lesbian men anonymous.
Is it bad that I know all the words to this song?
I thought that this video would be emotional. Well... I guess not really.
jerking off into a frying pan...i-ive never dont that >.>
When you think, spam can't be more retarded... :B
What the fuck.... That's got to be the worst attempt at comedy in the history of Youtube comments.
Maybe she said it in her language and he translated it?
you guys know that chick was in birdemic
This reminds of Taylor Swift lol
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