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Rick Rolled in Class presentation -- Never going to give my meteorite up!

by Yves Ho • 277,685 views

I got rick rolled in my Astronomy presentation for my Advance Wilderness Leadership Program. That's what you get for creating a night sky with your computer. " Never gonna give you up"

I miss the good old days when Rick Roll was hype on youtube :(
Me too it was even on GTA :(
+Jermaine Shorter April 1st 2008. The day youtube rickrolled the world
Darude sandstorm
Blasphemy! Blasphemy of the highest order!
Fake. Why? First of all, the guy's reaction. Fake. And how someone was filming. .-.
He wanted to film the astroid duh and the guys reaction was normal. How is it fake?
What is the name of the song
i put rick astley's never gonna give you up on my classmates startpage on internet, and he doesn't know how to remove it, so i rick roll him every time he starts the internet!
You are a beautiful person
I set a close up of Nick Cage's face as the school computer Background. It was funny while it lasted.
Lol is that Jon tickle
i never understood why the "rick roll" song is a funny prank -_-
It's one of the very first internet pranks ever. That is why so many people know of it and it's simply become one of the most infamous things on the internet, probably in line with My Little Pony.
Some people from the WWE should be Rick Rolled! Lol!
So this is funny, huh i guess gay jokes are gone sigh
Gay jokes were never really 'funny'
No they weren't so sad
Thats what you get for being a homo
Nicholas Elliott Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
LOL this is too funny haha, peak for the class :p
I didnt watch the whole thing becuz it was LAMe
haha it's funnier when a presenter gets rick roll'd than him rick rolling the audience.
words of wisdom, by the way really good video! THUMBS UP!!!!
That's what you get for using a mac...
I have a presentation and I'm going to rick roll everyone, hopefully I don't lose my virginity. Stay with me guys.
They would probaly say a Stormtrooper has good aim. Or they wouldnt know the diffrence between Star Wars or Star Trek
Actually TC3 was a small 3 door hatchback made by Plymouth in 79 and 80. It had a sister named Omni 024. I had 1, it was my first new car...
The best kind of rick rolling.
I'm gonna do this on my b-day on the 29th XD
Windows: Used by normal people. Mac: Used by professionals.
Yeah, good job on the presentation though. I was impressed.
was the person giving the presentation aware this was gonna happen? or was HE the one getting rick rolled and not the class? im confuzzled ._.
The world use to be a quiet and peaceful place.......until I was born. I get that.
That was his gf calling him on Skype....
hahaha you had the whole class busting up in laughter!!!
he must hate Steve Jobs and the apple company
Somehow I was expecting an old man to pop up out of nowhere and say "GOTCHA, BITCH!!!"
Don't Rickroll in school guys YOULL GET A BAD JOB
that teacher deserves to die if he gave rick roll an F-
Why would I shoot myself in the foot ? Think about the medical bills that comes with it.
Yeah if you used a PC you would probably be living in some cardboard box somewhere.
That's some badass video quality, what camera was you using?
epic win...did the same in our music lesson :D
Oh my god when I was in like 7th grade they tried this one video and it wouldn't work and they used a different one and we got Rick Roll'd. xD
Hahahahah that was veeeery good!! xD The guy took it very well! :D
It all makes sense now! Rick Astley was born from an exploding asteroid!!!
1:56 Robert Bigelow, the male gigolo.
what? he's not a robot I always thought he was my life is a lie!!!!! NOOOOOO!
Nearly died laughing, who Rick Rolled you?
I felt a great disturbance in the force ._.
i'm gonna rick roll someone. my new goal for this month.
Rick Rolled from outer space :) Someone should do this to SETI.
i did rick rolled myself because im foreveralone
no u dont get rick rolled when u watch clip it's like screemer need to be unexpected to be rick rolled (we are witnesing class rick rolling tragedy ... RIP... ) :)
They could have downs, or girls in disuise. Possibly Lindsay Lohan's or Britney Spears children
Finally someone's class who gets it.every other video you watch about a class getting rick rolled no one knows what it is.
According to you guys, both Mac and Windows are shit ('cause all opinions are always valid). Linux is the way forward... wait wot?
I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! as soon as i saw there was a mac in this video i knew there would be a comment like that!
imma rick roll my middle school on the last day
Go to 1:11 to see the "Rick Roll".
Next time I have to do a presentation for school, I'm so doing this!!
This is gonna be my senior class prank.
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