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killjoys make some noise
whats is the song of metal??? from the 0:00 to 0:40
If ANYONE ELSE had said they hated MCR that would make me immediately dislike them, but this is Metal so I'll let it fly.
i never really liked metal until his reaction to nickleback XD
Ok, soooooo it would have to be the song Heresy by Pantera. Hands down.
My favorite characters are intern 2 scene and Dubstep
I know im late but danzig!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
OHMYGOD BEST MOSH EVER O HJESUS LORD I JUST CANT lmfaoo so mannnnyyy good songs at the beggining seriously <3 #teammetal
metal do you bring me the horizon
I don't know who those people are because I'm lame.
Metal is awesome. Nothing like chilling to Appetite!
"this is how i pic my friends"
Thus showing some surprising internal consistency with this series of shows. I'm impressed. :D
I finally get the Oz fest joke
Lol. Your favorite concert is ozzfest in 1996
Best work out music: Any kind of rock music, metal and screamo. :]
I know almost everyone will have said this, but EYE OF THE TIGER ^-^ Although, I would also go with almost any Halestorm or Paramore song. I also agree with quite a few of the songs people have said under here, like Viva La Vida (I adore Coldplay) and The Pretender (I love that song! I used it in a random ICT project ;) )
LOL I like how you refer to her as a lasagna. "made" You might as well have said "Thats when she was prepared"
Scarfman's words are so....... Beautiful.
The Berzerker - February , very powerful lyrics
Metal pokemon? I would think Onix haha.
I see Metal was having trouble containing his love for Nickelback. Don't worry buddy everyone goes through that faze.
metal can you marry me? ima metal head too :D
nothing much metal about metal....
i know thats just what i said on the 12 episode of my music ^-^
He does his hair with beeswax. no joke there is a product called beeswax they used to sell it at Hot Topic still might. I knew a dude in high school who did that to his hair
I hate everything about you by Three Days Grace
hey metal, if i rocked out to metallica, ac/dc, cheap tirck, and ozzie ozborn could we be friends?
"What colour socks are you wearing?" "Dirty." Best part ever xD
Ass? "Hiphop's not here dude." XDD
Y no opinion on meshuggah? They're freaken epic
Danzig <3 And best song to work out to: Uhhhh "Walk" by Pantera, duh <3
There needs to be a Country and a Rock and Roll C:
i dont know who these people are beacause i'm lame!
Asssss. Hip Hops not here dude.
Why do all the characters hate Daughtry?
Why dont you like MCR?!?!?!?!!! D':
War pigs is always the right answer
Best part-->Elmer's glue baby LEGIT
Paradise City- Guns and Roses gets me pumped
thumbs up if you came here for the Obama ad
Ass xD hip hop isn't here dude omg lol
so far the best episode, out of all four episodes. no scene.
metal i agree with everything you say! you rule! except for the killjoy part. dont hurt me...
DANZIG DANZIG DANZIG DANZIG DANZIG if you dont know him you really need to brush up on music history he has made every punk music band work for any name next his
I have exactly the same reaction when people ask if I like Nickelback.. Except they don't ask anymore because nobody likes Nickelback. Daughtry-Nickelback and that's sad
I DONT KNOW WHO THOSE PPL R CUZ I AM LAME! :p but seriously... i have no idea :C
yeah man!! what sort of metal? Disturbed or Suicide silence, Devildriver, Lamb of god, asking alexandria?
my brother acts like Metal. it's kind of spooky.
NYAN CAT!!! And I'm wearing rainbow socks. AND I WANT SCENE!!!
Eye of the tiger or viva la vida
Work hard play hard by Wiz Khalifa!
please keep doing metal episodes! Metal is not dead!
After watching this I realized metal acts just like my dad... Creepy
This has to be my favorite mosh. "Ass?" "Hip Hop's not here, dude!"
erase a band/musician from music history? "Daughtry!" of course! x3
for the caption thing "OMG two plus two is FOUR!!!"
This was the best episode ever cuz im a metalhead
Why does Metal keep dissing MCR? It's annoying, offensive, degrading and heart breaking! I don't think I like Metal...
Paralyzer by Finger Eleven. Me and my friends run to them.
Foo Fighters - The Pretender ;D
I need that metaltown music, anywhere I can download it?
Cookie by Chanel West Coast! Wat Up! She's QUEEN of the Coast!
Really I mean Daugherty and nickelback are regular rock and they are good. Metal Im not even sure his music library extends past 1980's. Does he like Alice in Chains in the 90s? Staind of the 2000s?
I love Five Finger death punch! Best work out music EVER!
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