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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.13 - REST IN PEACE

by UberHaxorNova • 431,620 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

I'm laughing so hard. Nova: Oh, T-Dog, I didn't know that I- GAVE YOU ANY ROOM!!! laughs HE'S SO MEAN TO THAT TURTLE!!
stupid people commenting when the videos are about 2 whole years old >.>
+Dakota craig I was reffering to the people who tries to give him tips even though he made like 70 episodes later and the video is WAY out of date.
Yeah I know just being funny
Free my nigga t-dog
When nova said is someone coughing I was coughing qXD he heard me it's a dream come true
I came from the future nova will get a bed in the chest
Poor Ginger Turtle, but when I saw the particales fall all i could think of is Ember and Will o wisp hahaha xD.
Ginger turtle died cause of the fire particles of the torches not he butterfly
And there might be lava on top of him you never know
It rained for Ginger Turtle
Ginger turtle died from the fire particles that where coming from the butterfly i think
Can anyone explain why Ginger Turtle spontaneously combusted?
inthelittlewood likes lapis
Everyone asking who wants to know why he hates T Dog watch episode 8
It would appear that nova's abuse of t dog is his saving grace
+Kevin Barrera Well Herpaderp a wild troll appeared huh?
let t/dog go next to the turtles
Ginger turtle : died From oxygen
They ganged up on the Ginger.
The turtle died because of one of the mobs letting james collect fire from torches when he right clicks
He has a fire power to move fire balls
Why do you gotta be such a douchebag to doTdog
Ginger powders son Ginger turtle
Randomly bursting into fire isn't memorable?
I think T Dog has learned his lesson...
some people say the adventure ends when u go home but for nova it starts when he gets home
Must have been to bright for the Ginger turtle xD
awwuh the feels for T-dog </3
I thing we have established that that was the point.
As soon as he buried Ginger Turtle it started raining :')
ironic the ginger died by fire?
ginger turtle died from the sunlight
why are you being mean to t-dog?
f u give t dog a brake u r now unsuscribed
What the hell was actually happening when the fire was flying from the torches?
i love how it started raining as sson as he put the sign down. XD movies are real
ginger turtle spontainously combusted o.o
T-dog is just trying to get attention.
does anyone else hear the grudge D:
Will T-Dog ever escape his fence prison? I don't know if I can handle this suspense.
report by General William t turtle-we have pinned it inside its lair.we can regroup and prepare for a attack and avenge our fellow turtle brethren.
Ginger Turtle's funeral was sad :( Gotta love those moments
T-Dog is trying to be top turtle so he eliminated Ginger-Turtle. one by one
Ginger Turtle burns to death after T-Dog and Mr.Torch had an evil plan. 3 turtle deaths
tornados happen because your mean to t-dog his needs revenge
btw the ginger have no soul shit is old go back to trollin retards
Why are you being an asshole to T-dog?!
is it possible that T-Dog was a she and had babies?
Awh.. y u be mean to Tdog? he has been in there too long
On the next paragon nova's The Walking Turtles.
this is becoming like one of them murder mysteries
That is kinda weird that rain, and sad music start when Nova puts the grave for Ginger turtle
anybody else hoping for a huge gang of robbers to just wait outside novas door?
T-Dog should've played with the other turtles :<
possibly. im not complaining that its different, just thought it odd
that fire is creeping me out... I blame Stank (Skank) Turtle for Ginger Turtles death that whore!
who noticed that it started raining when he finished ginger turtled's grave ?
Funny how it started to rain right after he wrote the sign.
You say "I need more reeds",plant reeds men.
8:05 Hes the panzy apparently
Well to fucking bad you piece of shit! That is my favorite line, and I love what he's done with t-dog.
He is unaware that he is a fire bender
I liked how the rain started when u finally finish gingers grave
T dog is a good boy don't do this to him
It started raining when he buried Ginger Turtle . The skies are crying too .
did anyone see the fire particals?
The torch shooter thing is a mod
I know this is a different series, but this is starting to remind me of the Ostrich Sex Farm, from the last update XD
how come whenever he burys a turtle it rains?
Hey Nova, Remember last season when you said that those purple creepers were useless :)
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