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Notre Dame Flyover

by mattlanta88 • 90,357 views

Here is a video I made of the typical flyover after the National Anthem at a Notre Dame Football game. I didn't catch all the action but I got most of it. Enjoy. Remember..... it isn't football,...

notre dame football blows ass - roll tide
It's called "Get out of your moms basement. - You are worthless!"
you were in an inverted dive with a MiG? what were you doing?...Just keeping up foreign relations ma'am, ya know...givin him the bird
what's with the commercial planes towards the end?
Guys, your government spends more than 500 billion dollars a year on defense...
Thanks. I filmed that at a Blue Angels practice show in Chattannooga. Best sounding plane ever.
It's called "We Are Homosexual Pedophiles - We are ND!"
2 cool. I'm thinking it's a good thing this one was a joke considering right after they fly over ND, they fly over my house. Wow, I could just imagine what it would be like here if it were real.LOL
0:39 my grandpa use to have that plane..
@foxracing2345 It doesn't really look like the F-16 is about to stall....A low angle-of-attack and his flaps are up. Besides...the P-51's max speed is about 440 knots, WELL above the stall speed of the F-16. ;)
When they send in the Learjet, you know money is tight!
hey it is your nephew G whered u get all that!
95% of these videos arn't even from flyovers at the game, they are from airshows.
Fake, just like another domer that didn't attend ND. A flyover pilot cannot perform those types of "stunts."
wow dude the only flyovers there were at 0:34 and the beginning sad ..
ya the rest of these are at airshows
the best thing in thes video is the mustang at 1:00
Seems like you didn't REALLY get the joke...
yes i love when the learjet is shown on take off, the gear being sucked up. definite flyover that time.
its called "We Remember" by Dwayne O'Brien album: Song Pilot
i like the fact that the merlin overshadows the turbo jet
check out my 2013 pump up vid!!! /watch?v=2pSonSqmiUY
@mattlanta88 Hey I am a Tennesseean.I am curious about when they will come back.Can you please tell me when the Blue Angels will return to TN,and what counties they will come through.
i have a pen that shoots better quality than this. so wtf is this?!.
HEY G!!! Most of this was from a blue angels show in Tennessee a few years back. The opening and closing was from a Notre Dame football game my boss went to.
0:28-0:33 is exactly like a clip i have from a BA show from 2005 lol.
I'd like to emphasize that ndfaithful is a butt hurt USC fan who dropped out of high school to pursue his life long dream of gargling balls. Please... self lobotomize before reading his comments. uscbeatnd is the same guy.
Nice job taking air show footage and passing off as ND football. There's a high probability you didn't even graduate from ND. A flyover/fly-by pilot can never perform those types of aerobatic stunts during an aerial support. Don't believe me, google DD-2535 aerial support for a reference on what is and is not allowed during a flyover.
seting up for theeeee double farvel
No damn way all those planes did fly bys. The Fat Albert Airlines JATO take off is included
It makes me laugh when i see ww2 planes flying in formation with jets. its like the mustang is struggling to keep up, and the jet is trying not to stall lol
lol i don't think people understood that it was a joke
Do you really think anyone would fall for that? I could see the F-16 and B-52, but the rest? Come on.
LAME! show some actually flyovers...... WOWWWW
Love the P51! Seems excessive for a 1-6 football team though.
Damn go easy on the Irish, we have had to put up with England. Dont make us come after USC. lol.
There are no fly-overs like that. FAKE
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