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Reading of "The Paranoia Agenda" by Naomi Chambers

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The Paranoia Agenda by Naomi Chambers: Reading Request Form: Upcoming Videos Naughty...

From what I know Watson made a comment about the experience she had, briefly in a video and that's when the shit storm hit. Have you seen the video?
Whelp, you did kick the shit out of her. At first I agreed with the Judge and sided with you...until...that is...I took a look at your twitter activity. Tisk. Tisk. I am glad you like the images because they were so much fun to make.
*Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing - as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the 99 where things turned out very, very right. Other than that, excellent blog.
Well, in that case, it's working. If people are noticing, you are doing it right =) Good job, keep it up.
I for one, feel like my constructive criticisms of elevatorgate were totally ignored. I thought that the request for coffee at that time & place was inappropriate, but when Watson turned it into an issue of sexual; harassment i started to lose respect for her. The fact that she never considered the validity of polite criticisms like mine made me lose all respect for her.
I really like the style of your videos. Your readings are also very clear to understand. Good work on the audio. I see you made the effort to actually use a decent microphone and your pronounciation is a feast for the ears (especially for youtube standards). The content of your readings are to the point and I find myself agreeing with them just about all the time. So, thank you.
I would like to reupload this to my channel. I will provide a link back to your channel. The reading was great. I see you put a lot of work into it.
Odd that she claims (a) I strawmanned someone, (b) xxild posted a video response to my so-called strawman. (b) is clearly false, and (a) is quite clearly inconsistent with the video from which I took an excerpt - as demonstrated by the section of video I used. After detailing many different types of 'misogyny' and 'harassment', Watson took special care to address the name issue after breezing over the apparently common things: ass slapping, catcalls, smiles. Bleh.
Her first video about the incident, her reaction to the elevator incident was not one of being a victim. Not at all. The thing is these "trolls" are actual atheists who want to be taken seriously. I've heard atheists say, well like Naomi Chambers, that they don't believe the incident at the elevator ever happened and that Watson is lying. Dealing with supposed "rational thinkers" who spew this shit can get to anyone.
There's a CRINGE inducing Atheist Experience where Matt just keeps bringing up that he hung out with PZ at a conference. He says it to some theist who obvious has no fucking idea what a PZ is, Tracy even looks a little disgusted. Pretty funny seeing the start of the decline. theist: "Ah prove evolution wrung!" Dill: "Oh? Well I can call up PZ Myers right now, I'll get him on here next week and HE can talk to you about it... he'll do that for me" theist: "A pee what?.." Dill: "He's mah freeund."
Actually, you misunderstood. Justin Vacula is the one who strawmanned in a pod cast. Xiled's video was in response to him. Something I did not make clear enough in the blog
Wow so many assumptions, that's fun. What I'd like to know because I haven't researched this at all. Is aside from Watson first mentioning it briefly, in a video that was about other things. What other issue did she make of it before she got a load of negative responses? From what I saw, she spoke about an experience she had, we still have that right yeah?...then she got a shitstorm of replies for it. Then she replied to that. Where's the big issue she made initially?
After reading your blogs, watching some of your videos, and some of the random comments you have been leaving on forums.... I wrote a lovely blog entry about you today. The things you have said online make my blood run cold. You are truly a monstrous human being.
As for drama, you don't think what you wrote contains more insults then anything of real substance?
the seething rage in this post and the holier than thou tone gives a clear picture of the insanity naomi is suffering from.
In other words, I couldn't properly understand what you meant because what you wrote didn't actually state what you thought. =P Damn those ambiguous antecedents! But I appreciate your letting me know this inasmuch as I was wondering how you could think I strawmanned them, or that xxxild's video was a response to me!
"Don't sexualize us like that". ... Rebecca Watson
Much obliged. You pretty much listed all the things I'm trying to achieve on this channel, so very much appreciated :)
Sure thing, I'd be very happy for you to do so as long as you provide a link back to my channel. And yes, I I did my best convey the sentiments and arguments expressed in this post :)
Thank you. There'll be plenty more in a couple weeks, once I get through my current lot of exams. Wish me luck!
What? I was responding to some guys on a podcast talking about their google chat discussion. You spoke to the fact Jen lives in one of the safest places in the country.
Yeah, Matt Dillahunty has contradicted himself and become an incredible hypocrite numerous times since getting in on the FTB crowd. It's genuinely depressing and embarrassing. He's betrayed his own beliefs and basically ignored logic so he doesn't piss off his little internet celebrity status he now has, especially after watching the Thunderf00t stuff implode.
I'd love to see you doing professional audiobook work. You have a great skill!
I think most likely they are. I've been in the atheist community on youtube long enough to see that being an atheist doesn't mean you are any one way or the other, doesn't even make you rational. When she first came out with the elevator thing, she mentioned it in passing on a video and that was it. She didn't come out with guns blazing, going over the top about it. To me, it's a very believable story as is having to deal with people making threatening comments to her after.
I am glad. And I fully intend on being a creepy stalker. You have brought me so much enjoyment in life. I must thank you for that. Those images were great. BTW.... beating up your poor girlfriend? Wow...pretty bad. Pretty bad.
This was a great read. Chambers sure nailed the pin on the ass. I'm glad I subscribed. Now, I'm going to look up Albert Camus' Rebel. This should be good. On another note, I just noticed her exchange with this Aurini dude in the comments below. Not that I intend to shake hands with this SKSHMSMF but I would rather not take in the overused word 'Patriarchy' either. It's classic male chauvinism and gender neglegence. It seems to fit.
Love this vid! More praise coming your way -> You do an excellent job reading, natural talent:)!
Thanks! I'd be very happy to do some professional audiobook work. If you'd like to put someone in touch with me, I'll give you my contact details in a private message.
There were a lot of assumptions made about the character of these FTB people. That being said,Rebecca Watson turned the incident into a sexual harassment issue. That, to me, compromised her credibility when it comes to speaking on the issue of sexual harassment in the atheist community (which I'm not part of because I don't recognise any such community anyway).
It's actually quite sad, Matt D did actually comment on Elevatorgate. He's personally threw his lot with the whole bunch.
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