Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Panorama - 360 degree image

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It is arguably the greatest image on earth -- a 360 degree panoramic view from the very top of the world's tallest tower, Dubai's Burj Khalifa. The giddying image shows the view across the city of...

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ドバイの世界一高い超高層ビル ブルジュ·ハリファからの眺望 The Breathtaking View From The Top Of Dubai's Burj Khalifa
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Dubai, 360 degree image HD.
Been there twice, love it there!!
Howabout a photo credit to the photographer? Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan.
Quite lovely. Thanks for sharing because alot of people won't be able to see this in their lifetimes...that's the really nice part about You Tube...seeing wonderful sights you'd never be able to...God Bless.
Like if you wanna visit Dubai !
كس امكم انتو وبرج خليفة اليهود يقتحمون المسجد الاقصي ويجوعون الفلسطينيين وانتم تتفرجون وتبنون ابراج
@proquimica Because Burj El Arab is in Abu Dhabi.
Dubai looks like the 1939 Worlds Fair's 'City of the Future' - not Democracity, the one in GM's Futurama.
ماشالله تبارك الله، منظر جميل جداً
Oooooooh, you can even see the slums.
We all loves the videos you have plus your Youtube Channel. I've just setup a new Tattoo Channel you should visit and check it out you have a good one.
I live in UAE and I can see burn khalifa from my house
All I see is spam ,so @HIPA ae ,just disable commenting
It's so cold here in Washington :( I wish I could go back to Dubai and feel the heat again :P
هاذي دبي الدبدبيه هههههههه
احلا تحيه للإمارات العربيه المتحده 
Very good job! I'd love to check this thing out one day myself
Why Burj El Arab is not visible on this video?
The description is laughable. "arguably the greatest image on earth" ROFL!
Its not in the middle of nowhere
Can't stop replaying this video, so beautiful, my god
Another world wonder! People please stop posting hate posts. Its wack. This is a majestic piece of architecture. Not a sounding board for blasphemy or bigotry.
الجمس الأسود تايم
~Beautiful...terrifying....but beautiful!~
Been there its amazing, Dubai is a great city
It woulda been a lot better with some music. Just sayin
Lol beauty for the rich, slums for the poor
Dear all, any disrespectful comments will be deleted right away. Kindly respect and make sure you use decent words.
I just wish the view was better- not of desert but of mountain or forest
Been there, done that, literally, I've lived in Dubai.
why you compare dubai to new york ? what dubai has to do to it ? it's different nature , different cities . You need to get out of your bubble and be more open minded and see the world . america is not the world .
أحلا تعليق وش السالفة يالحبايب ( :
Never going there; afraid if I jaywalk or take my burka off they might cut my head off
360 degree in 360p. Well done.
Used to live in Dubai it was like 40+ degrees celcius everyday in the summer
i feel like m on the top of the world
Actually burj khalifa roughly translates into tower of the president
A fews country I stay before.....now am in Dubai. My family love it even my self....make me lest stress here.
I would say. Dubai ruler is a great man really
Could be. Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) was the tallest to the top of antenna of any building in the world at 527.3 m (1,730 ft). Burj Khalifa broke the height record by a wide margin all four categories for completed buildings.
Yeah right! Khalifa (from the word Caliphate / Chalipha) means what it means. People can research such things you know your lies don't work anymore - those lies may work on brain washed Muslims though. Ruler of UAE might be known as Khalifa it may have something to do with his or the ambitions of the Muslims. Reinstating the Caliphate.
Oh thanks. I just got a motion sickness watching that.
It's not the greatest image on earth!
واو منظر رائع بس احس الدنيا تدور
Since I'm scared of heights, I don't think I'd cope with the real thing, so thank you, this is probably the only way I'll see this amazing view!
Круто!!! (Perfect!!!) ах да, и это нельзя взорвать. (and, you can not blow up the house)
Awesome. Thank you for sharing this. :)
Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills #78 is a legend. Best defensive football player of all time.
A building built to satisfy egomania and complex built by western engineers and equipment brought to the world by a western invention you tube. Even the name is chosen carefully to say that Islam wants to rule the world under Islamic caliphate hence the building's name means THE CALIPH's TOWER (caliph = ruler of all Muslims
sais quoi se salle truc de la merde en boite
وش السالفه يالحبايب
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