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BoA 보아_Comeback Stage 'Only One'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2012.08.10

by SMTOWN • 515,425 views

♪ Download on iTunes : BoA will make a comeback with the 7th album 'Only One'!! Title song 'Only One' is written and composed by BoA and as the...

Finally someone who CAN sing live an dance at the same time! Awesome!!!! And the fact that she's a solo artist with no rest time or anyone to sing other parts of the song is just brilliant!!!
she's the best!! singing live and dancing!!! I like watching live version cuz I feel like I can detect some energy vibes from them hahaha
SM 최고의 실력자이자, 우리나라 최고의 댄스 가수 보아. 여전히 대단하다!
just saying the black ppl dance better han the others
How is it even humanly possible to sing so clearly and smoothly whilst dancing an intense choreography?! BoA is just breathtaking on stage.
鷗海 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
BoA 보아_Comeback Stage 'Only One'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2…:
吳世德 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
BoA 보아_Comeback Stage 'Only One'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2…:
boa is the epitome of insanity. like how can you sound so smooth while dancing like THAT? sure there are other artists who can maintain amazing vocals during intense dancing (as does boa) but not one manage to sound as smooth
couldn't agree with you more
This is really live. Cries. Boa is perfection-
All time queen of Kpop!
no current k-pop star can sing live like she can loved her since childhood~ gogogo boa~ ^^
+Ponki FunkiBear IU don't have complex choreographies, she actually gets stopped on stage, focusing only on her vocals lol
Wow I was electrified by her intense stare <3
It was great ! She is so talented giving such spectacular performances . Go for it BoA !
Eunhyuk eunhyuk eunhyuk eunhyuk eunhyuk eunhyuk eunhyuk 😍😍
Hyuk Jae tục tưng :*
all of her performances were live except the comeback one "BoA4354" can't blame you, coz she's that good to make you think that she lip syncing ^_^
yupz,,,,specially RAIN and JAY PARK,,,,unbeliavable performance in stage^^
this just proves how amazing she is
嗯....到底誰說的是真的阿XD 哈哈 其實我一聽也想那是現場演唱啊 畢竟CD多少有修過音 但這個版本好像不是錄音室版本的 我就想也許是先預錄一段不是CD版本的 好在無法一邊跳一邊唱的時候放咧
i can hear her voice very clearly, unlike other Kpop groups try to blend their voice with the playback
it's live, you can hear her breath clearly. the artists of all companies - not just SM - lip sync for the first week only
I couldn't understand a thing but that was an amazing performance
Is there any performance of this that she doesn't lip synch?
Beautiful dancing... Beautiful vocals... Beautiful BoA... Just an amazingly talented woman.
She is 26. She isnt even old . She started soo fucking young
... Ever better and more emotional than the Studio Tuned Version :3
How can people dislike this?! She's awesome!
Oh my shit. I thought i was the only one. THANK GOD I'm not crazy!
LOL this haterz can accept that she can singing and dancing in same time... btw abt BoA said she bcuz allkpop .the real article (korean web) BoA not said she will be lipsync in all Only One promotion..
라이브쩐다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사랑해보아야
some people wwho didnt take care their skin look age like 30s i m glad boa took care of her skin and she nv age :)
♥♥as usual, better then the recorded version. The queen improves again. ♥♥
보아 춤추는 것 만큼의 반만 추고 싶다
Can't believe she can sing clear and gracefully while hip-hop dancing at the same time. She's truly the "treasure of SM Entertainment."
Amazing Voice and Dance to the point that its creeeeepy.,
boa and hyuk are the best partner in this song!
Eunhyuk oppa!!!Eunhyuk oppa!!!Eunhyuk oppa!!!
Words just can't describe BoA. It's just amazing how talented she is in dancing as well as in singing. I really don't get why people focus more on girl groups. Even before I clicked 'play' button on this vid, I knew her performance would leave me speechless. She did even more than what I'd expected. She truly is a queen.
can't even tell any difference btw her CD and live!!! This is so called perfect
still, she's been in the business for so long now and barely changed
i've always known that boa was a good singer (even though im not a massive fan of hers) but i really thought they edited the mv alot cause the voice sounded a lot softer and ...just didn't seem real but after watching this i was really surprised. despite the movement she's really steady at singing :D haha and i sort of did a little scream when eunhyuk came out :P
sao k có thằng VN nào chém gió hết vậy.
people would be speechless if she were to perform in a large show like teen choice awards/vmas ect.
I mean she can dance super perfectly and sing with this sort of quality. Omg!!!!! She is the best !!
i honestly think that eunhyuk did the best cameo dance! i loved all the other ones too, but I just think his movements were so point point! the audio is edited by sm i bet since you can hear the instrumental and backing so well, but still :3 great comeback stage by the goddess~ :)
Guys This Is A Music Bank It Means There's No Lipsync !!
Am I the only one that thinks BoA sounds better in live performances than in studio versions? Either ways she's flawless, though.
Pleez have a concert in the usa!!!!!
別懷疑 這是現場!! 他唯一一場對嘴的 是第一次回歸舞台和東神的鄭允浩跳的那場 就算聽不出來和mv比較一下也知道吧= =
Wheres the black guy? Why does that asian guy look so much like eunhyuk?
it's amazing she can sing AND dance at the same time, without compromising her performance quality on both ends, AND still spectacular. WOW! *thumbs up*
Some layering, but still amazing when she is dancing like that. Two thumbs up.
she's not old, teuk is older but i think ppl think she's old bc she start her singing career when she was only 13 years old
the orange one dance looks like Daseung..
I'm going to see BoA concert in Korea this month!!
Whats with the sudden screaming at the end
i wish she would have used the same dancers from the video but great performance
even she has been a actress for more than 10 years.. she doesnt age at all and she is still only 20s.!!!!~>>>____<<<<<
anyone feeling awkward for the 2 backup singers at the side? Just me? hokay.
it's amazing how she can make her voice so stable with THAT kind of dancing.. respect
Singing and Dancing 10/10 everytime
Love it when she doesn't lip sync, even tho she has her reasons for doing so.
Whose the guy who solo danced with her? He looks so familiar.
perfect live performance if ur ears are still working good
I love Boa and this song so so much! :)
Actually, BoA already had her debut in the United States with her single "Eat You Up", but at the time K-pop wasn't as popular as it is now, so I guess many people don't know about that. I hope she does make it big in the US too because the US needs more artists like BoA.
춤추면서 라이브 종결자..대단하단 말 밖엔...
BoA Kwon. So-weeet. MySweetie. MyName. EatYouUp. OnlyOne. Thats enough to make me a huge fan. Theres totally more, too. Such a dancer and such a bad ass cutie pie.
The Song Is Amazinng The Dance. Is Amazing Too But The Dance Doesn't Fit The Sonh
Wow she's so awesome singing and dancing at the same time
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