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Heavy Rain w/ Ze - Episode 1: Censored by SOPA

by ZeRoyalViking • 81,623 views

Leave a like, comment, and favorite for JASON. :(

Don't worry jerry, you're not the only one
I feel like a creep going back and watching people's old videos
@LoadedEmu97 The game carries on but you could also die if you mess up then it takes you to the next character
Ze: The bird looks so fake like a video game Me: yeah cause you're sure not playing one
@PowerXeta I just got so confused because I saw my name written over and over in caps XD
He didn't flush the toilet!!!oh dear!!!
@Twilly159 Random guy's butt, Kootra's face. What's the difference? >:3
holy shit, you're playing this game! :D
It's raining heavily right now where I live.......
anyone notice his pants changed colour after the shower?
he didnt close the door when he went pee
Ze you didnt flush, you disgusting freak
@SirSmigsalot He said it took 8 or 12 hours to beat. Not that he was 8 or 12 when he beat it...
Are you stupid? Even looking at the tutorial controller you can find your answer or simply scanning through the tags..
@ZeFluffyViking wtf u talking bout
@madrauk3495 actually 5 years and about 3 you round down
why does he need to shave if he has no beard?
HOLY SHIT my ps3 i ordered just arrived and guess what? my father bought me heavy rain as a gift from's gonna be a wild night boys MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
Hey ze, I'm not sure you noticed this or not, but the actors' who play the four characters you play as, the actors' face is on the characters face (I IMDb'd it so that's how I know)
that face its self should be censored...oh god why .-.
I don't think sp00n censored the buttcrack. I guess he doesn't give a shit.
Heavy rain, the only game with truly horrible walking controls. Don't the creators know that it's just the left stick and nothing else. Sometimes there isn't even a walking control in some games. Just running
and I think i've herad there are like 22 endings or something like that (I'm not sure though) :P
@I3rEaChLA And now we know why Ze is so flippin awesome :D
i think more of it as if sp00n and seamus had a child and named hi ze.
I wanna see Madison's boobs later so, DON'T USE KOOTRAS FACE AGAIN!
@chill5249 i played it before and it was awesome cause i never played a game like it before..but it was rented and i had to return it before i finished it..
The censor for the thing scared me
Holy moly that butt face was fucking scary lol
Ze, nice *blur* face. OH MY GOD! YOU FORGOT TO FLUSH!
LoL don't have to blur it, theres more of this through out the game XD
i hope that you are the only one who doesn't change underwhere?
You can never have too much orange juice. It delicious and nutritious!
i heard it is a movie is that true? and i kinda like it
watch gamerkat09 cuz she plays this game
When he drank the juice there was a guy outside the window. He has a stalker.
Your amusingness amuses me. Sub.
this man loves oj ALMOST as much as i do.
you didnt have to blur his but out no homo sp00n showed it
underwhere went from grey before shower to green after.
an interactive game, wow thats new. lol
@pengeano35 nova is awesomer than ze but ze is still a beast
you said this game was out when you were 8 or 12 and yet it's only on ps3, how did you play it?
950th liker ! yayayayayayayyyyyyyy
Can't wait to see how this plays out
you dont have to blur ass cracks just saying
so you can shave but you can't drive a toy car
@DocJ707 remember to leave the link so pepole who dont know about Knoy can watch and see
i remember sp00n's playthrough. come one quantic dream, make heavy rain 2
What sound cache(name on it) did you use in the intro? the bass thing...
@bahir12345 I already knew because there are too many cunts like you spoiling endings of video games.
lol he can control how he shaves, drinks and opens cupboards, but cant control remote car -_-
Nova: hey who forgot to flush? Everyone: ZE!!
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