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GungHo Energy Review

by ZybakTV • 38,730 views

First 100 people get GungHo FREE! WOOP Twitter: Want to help the channel grow? Help me out and click "Like" and share with...

Does anyone know why I have not received my order? I ordered a Trial Pack on the 17th and have received no emails about it and I've sent two complaints and still no reply...
These shots are energy, an FOCUS Shots its made for gaming
Geesh I still like your guys content but all the youtubers who sold-out to this crap kinda still bugs me :/
dis shiet is amazing, I used to get bad grades. because obviously i don't pay attention in class. And then i took dis, and i get better grades now. free trial link!
Thank you deadlox for bringing me here to watch a video about a weird nasty looking energy goo, , why was I even curios about this crap!?!?
I use it on my way to gigs and what not it may not taste the best but it's better then most and wash it down with redbull or monster and you'll feel like a rockstar totally useful. I aprove👍
I don't need to consume something just to try to get better at a video game, that's silly. How much did you get paid to make this video?
+TheJsmythman It doesn't do shit... At least not for me. 
no joke, i am a young artist with ADD/ADHD and have been prescribed Adderall for the past year and a half. It helped clam me down, focus and not get distracted. All great but the comedown would make me feel like shit, so i looked for something else that i could take. Then i found gung ho when i was watching swifty and it is literally like a low dose of adderall to put it in perspective, but you don't get a crash. It makes me want to be productive and i feel better mood wise when i take gungho. I now have a monthly shipping to my house :D haha if you think this is a fluke, scam, or just a fancy name for a product that doesn't work, then you are wrong. i love gung ho and i am telling you that it works wonders. heres a link to the gungho site to try the trial that they have
Its Butter's Creamy Goo!    a.k.a Cum   Enjoy the boost of energy and happy emotions! :D
+noobinator6000 Not until you try it yourself. And I guess you haven't.
+noobinator6000 Buy it don't buy it. I don't give a fuck, I bought some and it's amazing. 
now what i want to know is how bad is this for you =(
gungho energy. Does anyone want Matilda on VHS??
this guy only get like 5-20k views yet he still gets hated by trolls and big youtubers.....
how, everyone that i know personally that has used it agrees it is an amazing product.
Better than BumHole/GungHo, whatever that shit is is.
It's recommended for ages 12 and above, and I highly doubt you care to look at the recommended dose daily. P.S. Call of Duty is rated M for ages 17+.
Whats with all the dislikes?
i got gungho and to be honest i didnt really feel like it helped that much, i might have gotten a bit more hyper and it actually lasted longer than sugar rushes, but overall i dont think its worth the money
Thats all you care about. You got what u deserve tool.
so I watched your video.. you sound like a little bitch!
Gungho is a fucking scam i bought some yesterday. it gave me the racking # and it said it was delivred in nov 2012 how do they deliver something a year ago when i just bought it yesterday
So thats how this rat got so fat
He'd still woop your ass and your gonna gonna comment back with the "hey fat fuck" grow up.
Lemony cough syrup? To me, it's more like vanilla and electricity, I love it!
i've used the product, it actually is fucking amazing. seriously, get the 3 pack trial and test it yourself. I was playing League of Legends like a fucking bot on this shit.
when you have a school day til 16.00 would you recommend to take more then one?
I hate people like you and so do 80% of the youtube community!
why do all these gungho review videos have so many dislikes
Zybak how do I buy it abroad, like in sweden?
hes really not even that fat. its also pretty funny how people can hate on a person because of their weight when that has nothing to do with their videos
it smells like cancer,opened one and only smelled it,then it went straight into the toilet
Will this be available in Canada?? :((
He gave feedback, how is he in the wrong? Do you not like that he gets stomach pains? Chill bro.
How are you so white in the dark???
I looked into the Gungho's table of incredients and it includes niacine (B3-vitamine), caffeine and guarana extract, which are commonly used in energy drinks. I can't see how this should behave any different from other so called "energy" or "focus" products. Gungho also refuses to tell how much caffeine the product contains, and so it's not even approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (let alone any other health admins).
How old do you have to be to have this? I'm 13, is it ok for me to use this?
What about gamma labs? What would be better for a gamer who plays cod late at night? Gung Ho or Gamma Labs?
Take them apart from one another, too much at once can be bad for you; try taking one after the effects of the first one wears off.
Your such a liar. It taste like medicine (shit). Quit lying
XS Energy shots. My favorite shots. Come in Wild Berry and Citrus. Try it!
alright i lost it when he said "you lose your ability to daydream" looks like im getting this shit :P
fuck me, this is like a description of different club drugs. " with the mda you get more visuals, but with the pure mdma you get the body high , but with yay mixed in you get to zombie fiend level, but smoke some weed and calm you down, but than it gets you up there and shit like speed for 5 fucking days" .... gamer drugs. gamer.drugs. ENERGY SHOTS. dafuq.
I had these and they work okay. Definitely better than 5 hour energy but you need to get a bit of food in your stomach before you start a gaming session with them
Ogkush if u don't like him don't watch him douchebag
It's an energy shot. I drank one just now and feel freaking amazing.
Gungho is a bad product believe me if you want diarrhea or stomach pains go ahead
uhm, tried to order some but I think they only ship to US folks! Too bad :|
He didn't call braindeadly out, he didn't even mention braindeadly's name in that fucking video, and really, again with the whole swifty thing? Your internet "God" swifty is unbanned so you can quit QQing about that.
feel bad for the honest people sponsoring this pubehaired cuntmount.
You're so pale, I had to wear sunglasses to trash talk this video, + flag for child abuse.
Im pretty picky of what i eat -lord and savor zybak LOPL made my day
Soooo many small time channels promoting gungho, but who cares gungho is great!
Still really bad for your health. Try not doing nothing with your life, give's you energy.
So if you had to choose between making just enough to keep doing what you love to do by making videos, or working 40+ hours a week at some shitty mindless desk job. You're saying that you would go for the desk job? You're a pathetic human being.
So kind-of like vision enhancing drugs???
u had to pay the travel tax tho anyways like 4$ for me in romania
Your body may not be able to handle the product. Not every one can.
It's alright to wash your hair from time to time.
Came up with the same thing, it's all a marketing stunt. Notice how they're targeting stories like students using adderall or how energy drinks can kill. If you google search for reviews on Gungho they have fake reviews set up on sites related to stores like those. Worst thing is they're sponsering youtubers and having them set up fake reviews without even an FTC disclaimer, thus having all the kiddies believe this thing is actually real.
actually it gives you more focus then energy..its made more for gaming then anything else
taste is acquired. It gets surprisingly better.
He lost his sponsor.... braindeadly is turning into a athene fag.
You made yourself seem the biggest dumbass ever.
oh an btw i am unbiased to w/e the fuck is going on with the youtubes drama, im just saying what this reminds me of.
Lol go watch Braindeadly's 100th video, Zybak's "thank you. i will miss you guys" video is a result of zybak's "dry humor" just like braindeadly apprarently. Only zybak isn't an attention whore.
combine that with Gunnar gaming glasses.
How long does the effect last?
you seem mad bc ur very bad at everything and prolly have a baby dick
Btw, It isnt an energy shot, It's for concentration.
Looks like nice stuff :) thanks for the rev.
HAHA" im picky guy when it comes to eating stuffs" you are FAT!
Synthetic in front of natural = Greatest tragedy of human civilization.
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