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The Minecraft Files - #179: Pulsing Redstone Doorway Lights (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 216,092 views

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16:42 close your eyes and listen
You know what I hate more than people who misspell words? BUFFERING!!! :D
man you probably suck and are just lieing to get fans and i watched you the people who JUST GOT MINECRAFT ARE BEATER
your a fucking ididot if you look at sups an compare it will be like a half million at chim an zero at you so who is the best you fucking asshole
1. No you're not the best at minecraft dumfuck. Upload a video about minecraft atleast. 2. Yogscast dumbfuck not jogscast. Yogscast and keralis is probably waaaaay better than you... 3. Can you make a adventure map like hypixel? 4. Fuck you.
I hate that you can carry 64 heavy rocks but you can't carry 64 measly wooden signs! This should be a green flashing light for an update NOTCH. LIKE if you agree!
use half slabs i know because i love using redstone
dude your like 9 i saw your videos your fucking gay and ugly
ok first of all you are a child second off, you dont have minecraft videos third of all you have exactly 8 subscribers, and all of your videos are mostly disliked. get off the internet.
I'm watching the TQF RIGHT NOW! I'm so excited for a casino!
the thing when there is a redstone torch is going on becose the redstone torch is powering the block above it and the block above it is powering the redstone witch powers the block that it is siting on it powers the redstone torch witch it makes a clock as some pepole cal you menefini or something like that fingie and there is a hard coded code in minecraft that the one that made the game it makes redstone stop when it flashes too damn fast
lol, youtoube deletes the endlines.. just split the "e e t r r c c c t" (and the other one) onto 3 lines of 3 letters... Should I make a video response to solve that problem?
its lies and a huge ego that will be the downfall of your channel and your entire trial of life itself if you are way better then why werent you in the minecraft survival games or why dont your vids get thousands of views per day? because your pathetic excuse for a life is obviously wasted by your ignorant ego and your envy of all the successful youtubers that have made a name for themselves and you cant get what they have so you decide to troll their videos and for the record your vids are shit
Minecraft sucks....the community sucks LIKE THYS OR IMMA KILL MUH SELF!!111 IYM NAWT NYN1111!! fake and gayyy
yea... ur not better than any of them except the jogcast... cuz they dont exsist.
If I knock the ceiling up a little bit...
Possibly because she maybe hasn't seen this channel before.
oh the good old days of the minecraft files
i like your videos im a girl 9 years old im a fan yup
this was released on my birthday :D
Ummmmm... this may sound mean but chin probboblay (excuse the spelling) has like over 200,000 subs now in 2013 and theres only 3,922 likes on this vid come on guys we can do this SWIFTERS UNITE AND BLOW VIDS AWAY ON A REGULAR BASES.
what the heck is wrong with you? do you make multiple videos everyday like chim? do you have a server with your name on it like keralis?
I just started my own Minecraft series and could use some feedback. Check out my channel and let me know what you think of my series! Thanks!
Today i learned that you suck at redstone. i created a much easier pulse system where all the lights flashed at different intervals! (I still think you are awesome) :)
when you said flashing lightsni thought you meant randomizers and redstone lamps
fuck ur dog or pet and ur mom kill ur self u lowlife bitch and get out in youtube mother fucking asshole
does anyone actually buy them gay shirts?:L
well if you were you wouldent be 1.a dick 2 a cocky dick 3 a crap youtuber
Shut up you dumbass 13-year-old kid. Like you know anything.
im on season five and I'm looking back :D IT'S THANKSGIVING 2012!!
Its imposible to watch all the minecraft files episodes in a day i tried and made it to season 4 om my other channel
i think that his super spell bound cave was awesome
urrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! im so annoyed how i see people trying to do redstone but cant and never even trying to learn -_-
I cannot see what the fuck you are saying due to your extremely bad punctuation.
Fuck you I will fucking cut off your balls your not better your an idiot. Why are you insalting Chimney if your better than everybody and should be playing Minecraft dying and dying and dying and dying over and over again. You weren't even in the survival games. You don't even get over 1,000 views 5 hours after you post your video. Your just a pathetic joke. You waste your life uploading videos and playing Minecraft. Fuck you asswipe.
Thumbs up if you saw the squid at 8:26. :)
at 13:39 he should have used trapdoors to partly conceal the redstone
I cant find the first playlist anymore and i wanna see seasons one and two, plus the beginning of season three;(
maybe on skype forgot to say that
I ONCE POOPED ON KE$HA'S EYEBALL Okay, now that I have your attention, could you please check out my channel and my Minecraft Hardcore series? I hate to be a spammer, but this is really one of the only ways to get my name out there. I love Chimney Swift and all the other gamers on YouTube. They give me inspiration, even though I'm still a nobody. I would really appreciate it if you gave me a chance and checked my channel out. P.S. The first episode is REALLY BAD. Hahahaha
thats y u have 8 sub and they have like 200,000+ sub.
did anyone see the squid at 8:38?
He knocked the ceiling up. If you know what I mean. ;)
8:26 - 8:28 thums up if u c an trapped squid :^)
no you sucks yogcast and the others ar way to better than you!
Red Inc. for all your redstone needs
i like your voidos im a gril 9 yers old im a fan yup
GOLDEN BABIES You should build a dungeon and have traps around your house!! XD
Dude u inspired me to play minecraft! U r awesome!
You're better than the hot steaming deuce I laid about 5 mins ago...MAYBE. You're nothing but a whiny little bitch. Go fuck yourself
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