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Katy Perry - Making of Last Friday Night

by KatyPerryVEVO • 6,480,387 views

To help celebrate the one year anniversary of 'Teenage Dream', Katy wanted to give you an exclusive look behind the party of the year! Hear from all the guest stars of the "Last Friday Night...

I think the boy is sooooooooooooooo hot and he has lots muscles
omfg 5SOS' Good Girls is basically this story. "She's a good girl. She's daddy's favourite (...) She's a good girl A straight A student She's really into all that self improvement (I swear she lives in that library)"
The follow-up may continue the time-line precisely... The parents are off to meet with a relative in New Jersey, or something, and they are spending the night....  Katy eventually stirs shortly before Noon, with the others in her room, and has a headache... (They all do.)  So all proceeding downstairs, to have shots, and Bloody Mary's, at Steve Johnson's direction.   "I know how to cure these matters... come on." Then, ... Annette, Steve Johnson's elder sister arrives, that happened not to appear in "Last Friday night"('s) party, saying that she was here to pick him up, her younger brother, as organization was commencing for a party at the Johnson house. All were invited, of course... Steve suggests: "Come on, let's go; it's Saturday after all. Party is at our house.   Annette has everything arranged; you'll love it." "Saturday Afternoon", projected to be a larger party than "Friday...", it was however missing in some of its goofyness and surprises.  Nonetheless, it turned out to by just a slightly bigger jam than "Friday".  Guests included Kirk Russell dressed as Long John Silver (it was a costume party, or dress as you are, either way was cool), Rob Lowe, and others.  Russell actually lives in the neighborhood, and when he heard this huge party was developing, said (in his husky voice): "What can I say, I cannot resist.... Where's the whiskey?" Many other guests had started arriving at this point ... S. Johnson, usually the consummate reveller, or at least he tried to be, said to his his sister: "I don't know what this is turning into, here, Annette.  Look, that is Russell, ... he is pretty hard core.  I don't.... " Allayed by his sister: "Everything is cool, Steve.  Can you stop being a quieff for one moment, please...?  and have another drink.  Jimmy Page is about to show up.." "Pagey's going to be here...?  What the...&$^%  Why didn't you tell me?" "Surprise, any way, I wasn't sure until he called yesterday..." Page arrives slightly before 2:00pm, along with most of the crowd, and with the band "Gun's 'n Roses". Television personality and host, Alex Trebek appears at 2:30pm, saying: "Well, it's been a while, but I figured, what the heck." Annette: "Great to have you, sir."  (With a little surprise.)  "Mr. Trebek, what would you like?" "Vodka and Tonic, would be fine, thank you.  When does the concert start?" "About 3:00pm... possibly slightly afterwards" S. Johnson: "Annette ...?  What the hell is going on here?  You never said anything to me along this scale..."   Annette: "Yeah, well, I just began making calls the last two nights, and friends started calling for me... you were away all yesterday, remember? ... and... well things sort of took off from there..." Steve: " aghh.... shhh....  {You're doing it again..}  Why? ... Why...?" Annette: "Remember... its because I love you that's why... Now be a sport and help with the drinks?" Steve: "Oh... yeah.... well, allright." Meanwhile, at the party, Rebecca Black and Kathy Beth Terry are well under way partying, in the mix, .... Pagey is tuning up his guitar... and Gun 'n Roses are bring their equipment in....  At 3:15pm Nikki Six arrives, along with Goldie Hawn (Russell's wife), and Rob Lowe, the latter saying: "I love a good party, man..." Just when the concert is due to start, Annette realizes that the house is near dry... so she goes to her brother: "Steve: we need to take a short trip to the liquor store... come on, get in the car.... let's go." He just stares at her for a long moment. "Look, I have a few drinks on me; I can't do it... "We're out, Steve, we need to restock here... I'll drive then..." "Ohhhh no... look, ok, alright, I'll go with you.  You're paying with credit, ok?" "Sure; of course." Successfully returning, Jimmy Page has just started the concert with a solo with the band.... And so commences "Saturday Afternoon ..."
She is really talented. Kinda impressed with her whole array of skills as an actress and a singer/performer. She is funny.
Doesn't Debbie Gibson (Katy's fake mom) look like Leigh-Allen Baker (from good luck Charlie) does anyone agree???
IM SORRY IM NOT A C CUP!!!! 😝😝😝😝😝 best line evah!!! 😝😝
In the description box , it says Rebecca Blac . xDDD
I dont know why but i want to see Katy Perry collaborates with Rebecca Black again in one of her new music video.. I know that Rebecca Black play as minor cast in this video, but i thought it would be more interesting if Rebecca Black sang with Katy Perry in T.G.I.F :) I don't care if it will be damn so bad :p
Anyone else watched this video to see Darren Criss or Kevin McHale?
Her Dad Is "Mouth" From The Goonies 
How do they do the braces on katy perry and the other dude? Anyway Katy is a really good actor for a 29 year old who's playing a teenager.
Omg how did you get people from glee to show up?!!:-P :-) :-)
Rebecca Black was 13 or 14 when she filmed this.
Katy perry is my sister she is 27 Im
6:08 "I tried doing a sit-up once..but it hurt.." sameeeee.
I don't think Katy Perry is 13.
HAHAHA Katy i love you <3
Holy shit!Is that the guy from Stand By Me???I love that movie!
It's lots of muscles you put muscles what in the world were you thinking I think Everett McDonald should be with Katy Perry in in last Friday night because they are like so the best couple like they are the most cutest couple and I think that part when the guy in that last Friday night touched Katy Perrys but was inappropriate because what if little children is watching the videos I was I watch that video like I don't even know how much times I watch that video!💚💙💚💙(I love Katy Perry)
I grew up in the 80's, I have no idea what a 'rager' is.
You know, like a raging awesome party - drinking, loud music, and shite getting broke!
We called that 'Wednesday'.
um so 9:28 is his hair supposed to be like that
Katy's voice with braces makes me think of Becky Jackson
Katy Perry is freakishly so F'N hot!
instead of this being a music video this should of been a movie but with soundtrack with it i think it  would of been cool for it to be turn into a movie 
i love you katy perry
9th grade.... omgg lmao
Ewwww the advert before this song was one direction it killed my ears!😭
Pues Katy Perry eres una gran cantante ala cual no se puede olvidar
Los videos de katy perry son muy buenos y me gustan todos !!
She play as a 13 year or. 14 because the boy is 14 in 9th grade why are they drinking O-O
stupid freshman now a days i caught my younger brother who is a ninth grader at a party i was at a couple of weeks ago he thought i was someone else and asked me to get him some captain i have never see that little guy run for so long in my life but he is slow and i dragged him to the car and we drove back to his house like 15 minutes away
This would be such a funny movie, love Katy Perry.
Cant get enough of kathy
She's 13 and she had ...
but still, how should a thirteenyearold be partyin like that?
Richie Looks Like Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
the goonies  MOUTH!!!!!!
Katie I'm your number one fan I know if you've heard that many times but I love you
Thèse are the characters finally glee actors
Does anybody know what sax Kenny's playing?
hey katie can i ask wich song you loved making the most.
you are so ungly (sory Katy but ... I see this)
Corey Feldman is so hot...just saying
What does TGIF Mean?!? Can someone please tell me
Thank God It is Friday
I Love<333You Are My Life
Katy Perry is 29 why does she keep playing a teenager
She was 25 when this was made. She was still young enough to act like that. 
9:17 lmao takin pics wit a ds
Congratulations katy, good video kisses from mexico
I'm 40 why do I keep playing a teenager ?
Mix match high heels no braces crazy clothes wierd hair
Katy I love your music
what does TGIF stand for?
Thank God It's Friday :)
Tgif means thank god it's friday
I Love YOU Katy. I sing, but I must admit I Love your Voice
I tried doing a sit-up once, but it hurt. Lol!!! So funny.
Wow!so that is how it was made
what her real name is kathey betarry what and she is 29 and still wearing thous things on her teeth and brases 
+cossetteponntemercy its means thank god its friday !!
Rebecca Black looks like Debby Ryan in a good way. I mean really resemble 
the nerd and kathy are meant to be
Tgif means thank god it friday
I love this video!!! I think it is because I loooovvve Katy Perry!!!
cossette ponntermecy it means thank god its friday
everything about this was so epic.
It mines. Thank God it's Friday
Okay can sombody tell me how many glee people are in this lol
She is world's most beautiful girl
i feel sorryn for kathy she didnt get invited to the party
man i love your song can you play gmod
It's I hate autocorrect
if the party was in rebeccas house, why is her house all messed up? 
t.g.i.f = thank god its friday
TGIF mean thanks god is Friday
Love you :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.G.I.F stands for Thank God It's Friday
I saw easter egg for slenderman!!! The mark on a guys face!!
I heard the song it's cool
los frenos seran de verdad?
Si son de verdad nada más que se los ponen y luego se los quitan
it means thank goodness it's Friday
It means thank goodness it's Friday!!!! Xxx
what happen to your teeth or is it just fake
It's fake, it's like those fangs at Halloween stores
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