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Marvel's The Avengers TV Spot - Together

by Marvel Entertainment • 1,519,772 views

The team comes together in this new TV spot for "Marvel's The Avengers," in theaters & IMAX 3D May 4!

story:a long time ago iron man had found a MONSTER NAMED HULK and then a god named THOR lol
I know why Superman killed Zod, but that doesn't mean he didn't kill him. Batman pushed Harvey off a ledge, which is why the police were after him in the Dark Knight Rises, go watch it again. I didn't say Batman could beat Hulk, I'm Superman and Batman would take out Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America first, leaving Hulk and Thor. Batman deals with god like creatures all the time, Hulk is no different and Shazam would kill Thor, thor is more about lightning than magic.
I never get tired of the commercial
This is my favorite movie EVER. The only part i didnt like was that they underplayed Captain America too much. They made as weak as a normal human. Plus his costume's a little too.... idk, blue?
nah Hulk dont really need that if he get anger enough it will be over in less than that!!!
I think your keyboard must want to kill itself, at this point.
Stop overrating them? Captain Marvel and Black Adam also have magic..but Superman still beats them. Stop fucking over rating them? How about you get off Avenger's dick you fucking fanboy? Black Widow, Iron Man and Hawkeye would be the first ones dead. You must not know a damn thing about Batman if you think that the Avengers could beat him.
and the best movie I saw in my life *the part that I liked most was when hulk Agaro to loki and estrayo on the floor ahhahahaha
@Mousegirl811 it gave me goosebumps, the whole theater went nuts too!
I fucking hate dc and I'd have to say "not really" aswell... Don't get me wrong it's fucking epic and I came several times during the movie but let us not forget the second avengers movie that's about to come... ;)
Movie of the year? pfft should be movie of the CENTURY.
what happened to the orignal HULK guy?
Omg I love this movie! This is my new favorite and I'm gonna go see it again!! :D Who all says Iron Man is their favorite character?
i noticed that Cap's Helmet does't have the protruding little wings on it's side. it think it looks better with it. but AWESOME MOVIE! :D
i'm going to see this movie for the third time on saturday IT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME.
you're right that they made him an awesome leader, but the fight with Loki is a bad example. Loki kept taking his hits like they were nothing, and Iron man had to come in to save him. they should have made the fight more evenly matched. and yeah, when he saved the citizens in the lobby; COMPLETELY badass!
i loved the hulk but i also wanted spiderman in the film and speaking of spiderman what if venom would mix with hulk ? it would be the strongest character ever made !
you know the one thing that i didnt like about this movie was that they never said one of the most important lines in marvel comics history...... AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!
Ah , yea lol forgot about the weapons although Iron-Man is my favorite. we need a HUGE suit here!! :D
Whats wrong with liking both? Settle down bud! I watch DC and Marvel movies (as long as they are good!). You don't gotta be such a jerk if someone likes DC.
Furry: "I want to know HOW he turned my men into flying monkey's .." Thor: "I don't understand your reference .. monkey's .." Capt: "OH I get it.. yeah .. I got that" Stark: (Que: Eye roll)
The top two comments just butchered amazing dialogue from the film
When captain America throws his shield, that wasn't in the movie :/ where it looks like the shield is coming at you
OMFG! This TV SPOT is so fucking awesome! EPIC 0:24
1 yes it "fucking" will. thor can also beat superman into mush. and almost kill him 2 yes bruce is pretty strong and smart but banner is smarter and hulk IS stronger. (banner can sometimes control hulk, which would make him just as good as batman) . 3 you keep bringing this up, SUPER MAN DOES NOT KILL..jeez 4 superman is a bad match for thor, one of his weaknesses is magic (stop twisting the facts) . batman has never met the avengers, so he WOULDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. he would be beaten.
seriously people i cant read a comment without u two idiots having a pointless argument ijust got from a ps4 xbox one argument so yeah
Actually he tells Hawkeye to be the lookout and call out the bad guy locations :)
Who wants 2 see a civil war movie(marvel)
I'm sure Mr. Stark could make something accommodating for the Hulk to wear. :)
Can't u read a comment?I said make sense.No life that need likes in youtube.....
1. THOR CAN USE THE ODINFORCE, SO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? 2 thor is fighting superman not hulk. 3 i'm just saying he just doesn't kill, stop saying he will kill thor or the avengers. 4 yes it CAN be as effective as kryptonite 5. also iron man is a multi billion-air, so that means that he can get some "krip" really fast to top superman. 6.yes well batman is going up against hulk, captain america (his shield is unbreakable and is also a super-solider) iron man, hawke-eye and black widow.
The Best Marvel Movie Ever!!!! Can't Wait May 1 2015 For 2nds
Hulk " Grrrrrr," smash " >:) Grrrr
Lol srsly.Didnt u read my message?i know my english is not perfect but at least u could understand it.You said i was delusioning and i said at least im not in deny (but then i wanted to say that im not delusioning).
turns out hawkeye is really bad ass, my mistake :P and ur right!
Because Sony holds the rights to the Spiderman movies and Disney holds the rights for the Avengers. Money is the only reason there was no Spiderman :(
Bruce Banner would still be a genius. Captain America would still be a phisically enhanced super-soilder Thor would still be a Demi-God And Ironman would still be Millionaire, Playboy, Philantripist
In fact he didnt smash loki he played with him.Because hulk smash is when hulk jump and smash his opponent o_O.
haha.. if the movie makes Thor as original as the comics, He alone can end this fight..
Oh really??Well I'll spell it wrong again lil kid.Fiz.Fukc.Ingor3.Dikc ha3d.Fukc fec.!LMAO!If yor a guy,0r girl then I know you have n0 lif3,and a virgin!LOL.Grow up!I will block you so I'm cool los3r.
Saw this movie twice, once with my friends and the second time with my brother and dad it's a
Went to see this last night with my brother....was AWESOMES!!! lol
you forgot hawkeye's bow and black widow's combat skills/ her wrist thingys
Haha that was the funniest part of the movie! :D
LOS VENGADORES, la pelicula perfecta, si no fuese por la presencia del CAPITAN AMERICA, ese desgraciado es del Tea Party, un maldito
I'm not saying I'm blaming Superman or Batman for killing dude, I'm just saying they have killed. What does killing or not killing have to do with anything? We're saying if the characters COULD kill each other, not if they would.
Nope, I'm not kidding. I'm simply telling the truth you're too scared to admit. ;) Plus, I think my comment is less disgraceful as compared to the video you posted. ATTENTION! /watch?v=h9bEnU18NO0&feature=plcp Explain yourself now, jealous baby. :P
I know what I meant.For all you know my computer keyboard could be missing a letter or I was in a hurry.To correct someone on yutube shows how childish you are.I'm pretty sure you are not an adult and still live with your parents.If you want to correct someone,do it at school and we'll see how a person your age takes it.Dont be surprised if they want to kick your ass.So,grow up.I seen your cooments and most of them are on comic movies.Grow the fuck up.You are blocked!!
superman killed zod because zod was going to kill the other people if superman didn't kill zod. and the avengers are not going to harm anyone else, just batman and superman batman did NOT kill harvey dent, watch the movie again. imagine if hulk went against batman, he would fucking demolish batman. thor is stronger then captain marvel and black adam combined. so yes HE would beat super man.
i think i agree with him, not the best movie of the summer or hisory, if your an 8 year old maybe
im always thinking about.." who will be the next superhero in the avengers-- spidy or wolverine..." i hope for hugh jackman...
Can you not make a better excuse? Seriously, your excuse is pretty much drop dead lame. :)
thor has magic, superman is weak against magic therefore thor wins the rest of the avengers would demolish batman. stop fucking over rating them.
this is still the best TV spot for any movie I have ever seen
Why does Iron Man have a circular chest piece at the end there?
When I saw this in theatres in IMAX with my dad, we both laughed SO hard when the Hulk beat up Loki. We cried, "Yeah, Hulk! Kick his ass!" This was THE best superhero movie I've ever seen! Now, I'm an Avengers fangirl! Hope The Dark Knight Rises doesn't take away the records the Avengers got. 'Cause if they do, you can be damn sure they'll avenge it. LOL. AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE, AVENGERS FTW!!! XD
every time i see a trailer for the avengers i go cross eyed wtf?
IT'S LIKE THIS- Loki: "ENOUGH! YOU ARE ALL BENEATH ME! IAM A GOD YOU DULL CREATURE! AND I WILL NOT BE BULLIED BY AH-" SMASH SMASH SMASH! SMASH SMASH! *Loki looks up, stunned and unable to move* *Hulk walks away* Hulk: "Puny god" Don't butcher excellent dialogue please lol
This is the best tv spot! Loved the movie...EPIC!
Every video related to THE AVENGERS are full of Spoilers! XD
Rofl are you kidding me u think im jealous of someone just because he got 29likes.Here u prooved two things 1 u dont have such of an life 2 You write shyt like a whore just to get attention.
I think that may have been from Captain America but I'm not sure
well number fucking one, magic isn't going to kill Superman, he can beat Thor into the earth until he's nothing more than a smudge on his hand. second, Batman is one of the smartest humans on the earth, he has gone up against Doomsday and almost every dc villain before and here he is, alive. Avengers are no different. Superman would kill Hulk and Thor while Batman takes the others but Superman can kill Iron man, Capt, Widow and Hawkeye with just one swing which he would probably do.
Lmao, that should've been the actual line.....XD...... "I am more superior to the huma...." Lolol.
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