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Thrasher Death Match 2012 - SXSW

by ThrasherMagazine • 279,269 views

Live music, mini-ramp madness, movie stars, and many a woman made Thrasher's SXSW Death Match the place to be. If you didn't make it out, here's a taste of what you missed. Start planning for next...

Literally. The. Worst. Music. Ever.
It's punk, at least it's not about money and chicks and bling bling.
that mini looks terrible
what is the song at 5;30  theorigonal song 
Full Of Hell is fucking sick
I sometimes don't get white people.
Whats up with all the shitty music at Death Match? Off and Fear were the only good bands...
if your into Grind/Crust/Sludge check out Balaclava and Dead in the Dirt..... too bad Lizard wasnt there
Amount of black people on the stage rising exponential to the lateness of the daytime.
need some contests like these in BRAZIL
boneless on the ex. say thank you on fathers day
Did you guys notice the trolling at 6:27 ?
anyone else get bored during the rapper montage?
Check out my footy of death match and more..
the highway man parody at the end is amazing
Fear is playing holy shit awesome!
The skateboarding was good. The music was mehh. Im not a big fan of rock, but A$AP playing in the background would've made it better. & I thought CITIES AVIV was gonna be there. here me bitchin
hip hop! There is no hipster music, hipster jsut take some good music like jimi hendrix and call it there music!
if i mute it i can't hear the sound of skate cuntbag!!!
Death Match is consistently the best party at SXSW.
no its not. i mean from 0:00 to 0:10 .. i want this song. but thanks anyways.
so many losers in one video
what song 2:40 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i'm only here for 3.01 :P sick clip
fuck off thrasher with your whack ass music
that ain't even close to music but sick skating.
I think the songs were bad but it's just an opinion that means nothing
hahahahah jokes highwaymen parody at the end. Love Johnny Cash and and the Highwaymen
Lemme guess, you think Lil Wiener's music is better right? Suck a dick bitch.
1:40 i saw this band last night in seattle showbox at the market:)
maaannnn i aint think they was gonna beat last years. But damn, this shit went ham.
theophilous london went hard as fuck
i just rewinded it at 3:55 about 15 times
chur danny brown ,dropping a performance big ups .
i know rite. deerhoof is awesome but wtf are they doing there. lol
i want to skate so bad. but i know no one who likes to skate. fuck man this looks so fun
hahah neckface rockin the mercyful fate
your just a bitchy little bitch. go cry a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it
I can't get that gangster of love shit outta my head. Lol
Mason killing it with the blunt to fakie on the table!
No, "hipster hop" is like those ringtone rappers who make a mockery out of hip hop.
does anyone know the track in the third minute ? that hip hop / rap one ? Or the sample it used ?
what the fuck is this slither scooter shit.
2.30 santa clause is caming to death match
this souds stupid but andrew wk really needs a shower
3:02 had a serious case of manface. nice tits, but manface
MOB FIGAZ!!!! Bay Area represent
o my god greatest line up of bands ever. cro mags, fear, ceremony, trash talk, full of hell. the louisville homies xerxes were killin it there too. stay hesh friends
@TheAstropotatoe nah faggot never liked wayne and did you know thrasher like him and make videos of him skating? u dumb shit, but this music is just as fucking shit so go wank your dad cunt
I'mma find whoever that gita girl is right now
Aside from all the "hipster hop" good show.
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