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♡TUTORIAL: NYX Spring Fling Palette♡

by Ashley Sander • 37,609 views

***EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION!*** You requested this look, so here it is! :) I apologize for the lighting. Its natural, and Im still trying to figure out how to have it NOT wash me out so much!...

YESSSSS thank you for doing this VIDEO!! where did you get the BIG fan brush?? that thing is humongouss, lol.!! THKS FOR SHARING!!
yaay new vid! you are sooo gorgee ash!! just read your blog blinddate to marriage story!! sooo sweet, part 2 pleasee lol!! I also am starting out on yt pleasee stop by my channel, feedback, comment xoxo ♡ Jasmine
it was nice to see your natural eyecolor. i love it, so intense. : ) i have brown eyes my self but not that dark.
Your makeup looks flawless!! Love that Bronzer, gotta have it!
I tried to like this video :( great look!!
Love the look!! But what's the name of the lip color?! Xo
Love this look! The True Match foundation looks good on you :) thanks for the vid
I know you usually like natural colors for your eyeshadow; but girl this is awesome. I think you can totally rock the nude shadows as well as the bright colored shadows. Thanks so much for getting out of your comfort zone to bring us this look. Love ALL your videos. ;)
Love the video! Could you do a video on how to do your makeup for senior pictures?
i didn't want that palette til i saw this tut.. soooo cute!
thanks so much girl! it is pretty awesome. :) not my typical "go to" palette, but glad i got it! xo
you can't even see it because the light washes out everything
beautiful! i would love to see more looks from this palette!
girly you look so beautiful , & i say this in almost evert video lol
Love this color combination on your eyes. Hey have you tried using the colored lash glue? It dries dark and you can't see it. Recently started using that myself.
FYI thought I would drop by to let u know that part 2 is already out!! Ashleys working on part 3, part 2 is soooooooooo good, cant wait for part 3!!!!!! Have a nice day.........GOD bless!
who else saw her Marilyn Monroe mirror & wants it <3 ? Shes my idol C:
Could you make a video aboout your piercings i know you don't have a lot, but it would be cool if you did make one :D
love you , love you , love you . so mcuh <3
You are so beautiful! Love your videos!
do they still have the "maybellie fit me concealer"???
I've purchased this palette a little while ago. I just fell in love with the packaging. But once I had it, I couldn't put brighter colors to good use. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It really helped!
could you please do a video on how you clean your makeup brushes? Especially that elf powder brush because I often find that I have to thrown my elf one away cause the liquid foundation gets too deep into the brush and I can never clean it out thoroughly. Thanks if you see this! (:
if you apply your bottom mascara with the actual brush part and not the end your lashes wont clump or be stuck together
What shade is the NYX round lipstick in?
I can't wait for parry three of your blog! I feel like its a book I can't put down!!I can totally relate to you're love story and believe everything happens for a reason gods reason.. plz don't make us wait to long for part three:) your such a sweetheart thanx for sharing so much with us
love this look im always looking at my channel to see if you have new videos :)
YAY!! i love you!!! you're my idol because im married wit a 2 yr old babygirl too!! and u make me want to stop being a lazy bum and look pretty. thanks <3
I love your videos, but the lighting was waaaay to bright, I could hardly see the colors :( But great job btw :) My new favorite guru!
Thanks so much for doing this video. You are so good at tutorials! I like how you let us see really well everything you're doing and using and explain so nicely. Awesome! :)
I got the elf liner because u used it..I love it!! Works great for me! And cheap!
yea you posted this on my bday!! i cant believe i didnt see it. love the look!! please do more tutorials when u can.
Im a new comer to youtube. Please stop by my channel & subscribe. Pleasee && thank you
LOVE!!! This is really beautiful! Makes me want to bust out my pastel shadows & go to town! PS ~ You have the most flawless skin ever... I'm in awe ; ) xoxo
Love this look girl! I love the way the lighter colors came together at the end with the darker ones-AMAZING! What was the lipstick color you used, it looked great on you!
Beautiful! Just tht ur voice was a lil too low
This look looks Great on u, good God :)
I NEED that palette! Nice look!(:
I love Ur makeup tutorials. Keep em coming.
this look is so cute i love it, and can you do the 20$ make up challenge please :D
Girl you is gorgeus......great spring summer look!
I absolutely love this look on you Mama!! ;) loved the tutorial as always! xoxo
yes! i would definitely agree! i LOVE that concealer!
You have FLAWLESS skin and it is always glowing!!!
Beautiful look. You remind me of a Hawaiian version of Gwen Stefani.
It seems like the only "myglam" item anyone has gotten a use out of is the sheer cover concealer -anyways you look great :)
Gorgeous! Your skin is flawless! So jealous!!
You are really great at your makeup application. When you apply your lashes do you glue them to your lid or onto your lashes?
Love your eyebrows!! Always perfect
I know everyone at one point will say.."YOU ARE MY FAV ON YOUTUBE", but thruth is, you are!!!! I love yout tutorials, watching you and your daughter, so adorable! I love all the loooks you have created and keep on creating. Bring on more tutorials..night time looks!!!
I love your videos! You just got another subscriber! ♡ You should check out my channel and let me know what you think! i'm a starter here on youtube (:
Love!! Now I have to buy that palette for myself so I can try to recreate this look! :D and as always you look beautiful!
That palette is GORGEOUS!! Great look girlie!! <33
Check out my makeup tutorials ;)
i think the light don't help, i can't see the real color
Do a summertime full face routine video ... ;))
Does your bronzer have a lot of shimmer can't tell in video? on the hunt for something to contour like you
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