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Mary J Blige Band

by Rexsell Hardy Jr. • 157,899 views

Mary J. Blige Band rehearsing for Good Morning America 2011

thank you.i needed them words cause man i been stressin.but hearin your words i feel better thanks bruh.
Rest in Peace Day Day!!!!!!
where's that S.I.R Studios?
Great encouraging words rex. I ben a fan man wayyyyy , b4 the Mary gig. My homie Phil from chi town use to take me to see you and few other kats from n the Chi area. Keep grooving homie. Your a great inspiration
That's what it's all about, Rex! Just like you said. Keep grinding it out. Inspiring!!!!!!!!!!
They're killin at 3:23!! Somebody post that song and performance. I'm stuck on that small
Musicians always have terrible style lmao
They got that quartet down fr u know they came from the church
"Sup Bruce??...{silence}..thanks man" LMAO LOL
The quartet bump in the bac though.....
Bruce Lee Sr......I'm done
inspiring quick story oh hail up james martin for me we met at jamaica jazz and blues
Hey bro, I thank God for how He has elevated you in this season of your life.. We met around 2000-2001 in Chicago when I was on the road as the keyboardist for Jimmy Sommers(Saxophonist) at the Green Dolphin Club, you sat in with us on 2 songs I believe.... You sounded amazing then and you even more polished now. May God Continue To Take You To New Heights!
Thanks for that message bruh I needed to hear it. Keep going. Never stop.
now see you said "whats up bruce" if he would have said "whats up kunta" we would have had a brawl LOL
REX..Great inspiration Bro...Keep da fire burning..Speak on it..Mad LOve.G$
4:34 "This Niggas strings glow in the dark.........but 2moro's a morning show -__- so it doesn's matter" LOLOLOL
thanks for the post! you da man.
@masterkeys48 I love that they were playing church music too ... LOL!
making fun of the driver because he is from other race is not very christian,they are great musicians,but as human beings.....
Thank you for this video needed that.. I am about to attend musicians institute in October and kinda nervous that nothing will work out! Any advice??
thanks man youre advice gave me hope 4 the future..!
whats up bruce lol !!!!!!! thanks B L. LMAO REX IS CRAZY
whats the song on 3:11 ? when Eric Walls talks..SOMEONE ?
I'm 17 years old guitarist and would LOVE to play with someones live band as a living but I don't know what steps to take. Please help cause this video looks like the life I want to live
That's all you got from this video? lol smh.....
his inspirational speech starting at 6:13 to 9:17 really inspired me to never give up.
they took it to church for a min
@michaelvidales90 Be Happy (My Life Album - Mary J Blige)
Thanks for sharing Rex, love the story of how you got started with Mary & your telling others who think it won't happen for them to just hang on their chance is coming :)
How come they are all black ??
@Fenderbaby94 Im in the same position. I don't know what country you live in, but im heading off to college in October to study drums, and i'll learn all about the various steps needed to get to whatever stage i want to be at, as well as learning my trade and honing my skills. The really get behind you too, and if you're good any work they find that would you suit you, the get you involved. Look around for courses/contacts like that, but don't give up. Chase your dream!
Theseb guys are legends. so Funny
The GREAT OMAR EDWARDS!!!! IM A huge fan of philly heavy hitters....
Whats the song at the end?? that they are playing at GMA
What kind of camrea do you use?
@keyballa Not a dude, and it didn't look like the guy was laughing.
Your right brother.U never know when ,u gotta be ready .Much love S.Ortiz
yes sir you said it at the end man, i been going through that it in atl getting let down but im not giving up yet, i've come too far as a musician to give up...thanks for the words of encouragement...
Great words of encouragement. Preciate the post.
orange striiiingggsss!!!!!??? :O
Thanx I needed tht cause a bro struggling trying to get on!!!! But I haven't given up!!!
All I can say is thank you bro....#inspired
I watch this video a lot just to listen to the encouraging words!!
its a blessing to see someone the came from the bottom and now at the top,i play but i gave up on my dream and started driving trucks and this makes me want to stop driving trucks and get back into music!thanks for the clip bro god bless
This is so cool, behind-the-scenes stuff! Loving Rex's drum kit, and the way they tossed the gospel flavor in there. I thought it was immature that the Asian man was called Bruce Lee just because he was Chinese.....otherwise I liked this.
whats that story with this fucked up faux-western-toothpicks ???
man rex really enjoy these vids u insperrational.keep um comming big dog!!
Man Thanks Rex! The vids of your musical fam are mad funny! But out of every vid I've watched so far the words of encouragement meant a lot too an up and come drummer as myself. Those words hit deep, much needed this mornin. Thanks Ray Vick Twitter: @rawv85
Nice words,bro! Hit me up when you're in Europe!
man i love the story... i stay having dreams that i could make it one day... im def gonna stay inspired and stay hungry, most of all ima try and be a cool dude to people because nobody likes to a bad attitude. Hey Thanks REX!
5:58-9:18... Made my day... Much appreciated, Rex! -B
This man catchphrase. lol. 4:40 "So it doesn't matter"
great story bro. thanks for those words 9:04.
what is the intro song called?
Nice little kick of inspiration at the end bro. Needed that. cheers
Whats that song from 2:48 to 3:20?
Thanks Rex bro,I just shoot my first music video in stduio day ill be on my way to studio 1
..."what up Bruce".......BWAHAHAHA!!!!! #Dead
Am i the only that hears them churching while he is telling his story!
JJ bass strings glow in the dark.. but that wont really matter cuz the show will be in the morning ! lol !!!
5:13-5:36 DaDa went quartet! LoL! Yall are Crazy!!!
5:37 - 6:00 is so damn clean. Nice intro and transition back to the song. Love it. Grooves.
love how you and Marcus are such good friends
What kind of bass is that "sunkist"?
Man, that was a good word of inspiration forreal.
I wonder what heads Rex use on his drums
@hotdrumchick dude it was just a joke lol...have a sense of humor
@spenceman62 yo i feel the same way, man idk even know if i will get in.
Love the encouragement and thats true sometimes i feel like nothing ever Gonna happen if it does then it do and if i don't then it wasn't Gods plan for my Life MY LIFE MY LIFE MY LIFE Lol
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