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This is probably the most brainless and dumbest show that i have ever seen..... I FUCKING LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!!!
Same 😂😂 so dumb yet SO GOOD!
Ah , Stanley Kubrick , a genius between genius.
So... I watched this anime in like 5 days and I loved it. Could someone recommend me something similar to this? I watched Is This a Zombie?, Highschool of the Dead, Heaven's Lost Property, and Highschool DxD and really enjoyed them. Also I prefer anime with good art... I'll love anyone who gives me something. <3
Or maybe watch Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
Yessss if feel the same way I like those animes to
There's male, there's female and then there's hideyoshi.
What about elizabeth? Gintama
+XxxKinetypicXxx Elizabeth's a guy. Katsura is just an idiot who gave him a female name..he a lovable idiot though.
I watched this when I was 15 and now I'm 17 and I'm feeling nostalgic :') those were the happy days 
SOUGO :O , i like gintama XD
+XxxKinetypicXxx Hmm... you certainly have good taste 
Here's a little challenge for all the people that haven't seen the series yet. Realized that there were a couple of twins in there? Okay, good, now tell me. Who's the male, and who's the female? Come on, tell me. I FUCKING DARE YOU
Nice work tying to confuse them with a TRICK QUESTION. There is no male. Only Hideyoshi.
+xWeeze12 Anime and manga are, if I can say so, the mirror of what most of Japanese people would look like. Examples : the white skinned girl (sorry I'm French ^^"), like the occidental one, or the big eyes for the girls who found it "kawai" (and also the thing you could have looked for to know if Hideyoshi was a girl or not). :)
this anime is damn funny
Im watching this anime to recover my feelings after watching akame ga kill
I just stumbled on this opening by accident. Is this a good anime to watch and what kind of anime is it?
All I can say is that you won't regret it
Its worth the watch and it's quite funny, =)
The most mother fucken anime show.
Can anyone suggest an anime like this?
acchi kocchi is okay. It's a romance anime (more so than baka and test) but it is quite hilarious and is about school life 
+giem95 Sta 'zitto! Nessuno ha chiesto il tuo parere. Possono le patate potenti si colpirò dove ti trovi.
no, this is patrick
don't mind me I'm just obsessed with anime openings right now any way this one is from Baka&test do you guys watch that one
This is a funny anime, recommended. Hilarious
i would not have watched this if it wouldn't be for Hideyoshi lol
my fav character was the ninja and the green hair girl... i ship them alot
Wow, Youtube actually made a decent suggestion to me. Nice!
Is this anime good, would you recommend it to anyone.
Depends if you like hilarious school-life anime with a splash of romance. If yes, than this series is perfect! 
I didnt really like the anime, my opinion guys, but this is a great op.
This was a GREAT anime ^^ I totally recommend it to anyone who's thinking of watching it.
Man Bleach really went down a wierd road after season 6
Silly Japanese people thinking they can speak english
Look at these weeaboos. But to be fair, in this trailer they spell them pretty well. 
Both people are silly
... i love this anime.
my favorite slice of life.
i lovve this anime!!! \(T▽T)/ 11000 thumbs up  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
+xMistaDawg Their hair styles are also completely different. Honestly, I don't see how anyone can't see who is who at first glance.
Well, I like this anime so much, I forgot to eat dinner while a having a marathon with BtTtS. Hehehe
why!?!?!?! why!?!?!? why do animes have to end!!??? It's not fair!  
I used to think this was a witches anime. I'm so glad I was wrong!
Please make a third season.
これ深夜アニメじゃないほうが人気出たんじゃないかな・・・ 勿論高いから深夜じゃないと枠を取れないのは承知の上で言ってる
Beginning of the song is deceiving.
Gosta de Anime Sanguinarios Veja Mirai Nikii Outros anime Date A live Swort art Online Rosario vampire  Princess lover Accel World Espero que gostem :D 
Easy, the male is the one that looks like a girl
This song sounds and looks so japanese :P
+Kimsalabim How does a song look japanese?
odio a la prota de este anime =.= es un estorbo.
This song fits to Neptune. 
well... this song is permently stuck in my head
This anime just makes me happy and this op just has happy vibes everywhere
We will see it twice.
Esta wea me dio 12 tipos de cáncer al páncreas D:
La del Pelosi Rosa se parece a louise la zero no shukaima Pero louse es mas guapa
Ash Zero Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Hataraku maou-sama, Arakawa under the bridge, Amagi brilliant park (ongoing), Bokura wa minna kawaisou, no game no life, and noragami. Just a handful 😤
amo este opening al igual que el anime
Que passa Tv A Cabo Meu claro então Passa Death note Bleach Ate agora, que eu vir....
This is the first anime i ever saw.. .
Is this a good anime to watch cuz my friend says it's good so I wanna check if it's good or not
It is :)) You won't regret after watching it
This show was hilarious. But now I'm just sad because I'm running low on comedy animes I haven't seen. I guess I can always rewatch it though?
I think B Gata H Kei or Welcome to the NHK may fill that void.
i know a good amount so if you need any help lemme know :3
omg this song made my brother and i shit our pants lol
Im here for Hideyoshi :D
What is this anime about
i love how happy this opening is XD
Esse são anime que eu Gosto Na minha Opinião :D
So one of my friend recommended me to this.  I can not stand it, everything is too god damn happy!  And also too much fanservice.
I don't kno why this reminds me of pokemon!! 
i cant stop watching the beggining
if yu like dis listen to lucky star op
この頃のバカテスは初々しさが全面的に出されてよかった セカンドシーズンも評価されるものだけど一期の醍醐味はそこ
Hey I'm thinking about starting this anime but is it worth it and is it a harem because harems r ok but I just wanted to know
I finished it a long time ago and no its not and it's awesome u should watch
¿Alguien sabe por que si ya termino su novela grafica y manga aun no hacen su tercera temporada?
I transcribed the opening song! musescore . com/user/198654/scores/336091
Reading volume 12, which is practically the last one... oh, the feels. THE FEELS!
How good is this anime, someone tell me why should I watch it. Is it very good.
Loved it. There are no more words for how much fun i had.
funny opening i like it
Why they made Hideyoshi as a boy.... its like... torture and shit ; (
i like yoshii's beast,it has a katana and iron man love story
el que able español le que me diga yo al que le en canto esta serie y su esplendido opening
Idk why but it makes me think of kenihi even though its nothing like it , maybe because yoshii has the same voice actor as kenchi shirahama X3
Yeah, he does... Josh Grelle has a habit of playing people that are considered "losers" and "idiots". 
Good show or naahhh? All the characters look reallyyyy cuteee
The anime so generic and cliche its good. 
The anime is a piece of trash but the opening is magnificent.
Don't worry everyone. This anime is so good, it's impossible for anyone to dislike it. He is obviously trolling.
But they are perverts
0:09 the bad of dis anime : SMALL BOOBS >:-( JEEZ
+trekiegirlful ok sry but is this anime worth to watch it ? ;3
+ThodoriscraftGR - The Gaming Project well i liked it, but i would recommend watching it anyday
Pink hair girl looks a lot like Louise Francoise De La Valliere.
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Ever want to send an encoded messsage that only a handful of people can actually crack the code? Well, look no further; my brain hurt when I made it and I still have a slight hangover... so, enjoy!      Binary Code man
+Alice Nanni It says "I Don't really understand this anime..."
NHK animexs Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Male / Female and Hideoki
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