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October Lookbook

by beautycrush • 180,046 views

or, a week of OOTD's =] Check out new youtuber Emily!

I am going through alot right now, and one of things is that Im trying to fidn myself. U have truley inspired me to go outside the box and really bring out my personailty with my clothing, and find out who I am. I thank you so kindly! I wish i could meet u :( ! Blessing and happiness to you always ! - Jeannisa Mahrie ♥
i would never wear real fur too! you are really beautiful)
soooo can I have wardrobe? cute, cute, cute outfits girlie :-) P.S. Your boyfriend is soooo cute lol
i love your style! could you do a room tour? stay awesome! :D
you are so beautiful and so cheery and i love watching all of your videos =] you really brighten my day!!! thank you so much for making videos <3
i love your style what are your fave shops, apart from topshop, i can see you like topshop:D? xxxxxx
is there a primark in southampton?
LOVE ITTT and aww ur friend LOL so cute
omg i love your style! :D it's so inspiring! i wish i could wear stuff like this but it wouldn't look any good on me :(
So strange you shaved your head.... nice compilation of OOTDs' :)
I so loved the last one :D <3
I love your hair short!!! :D Gorgeous!
i have them boots (: and i want that bag =O
I love the intro aha. And I'm in love with the second outfit I like slouchy like stuff
Love your style so much! i wish i had some pennies to spend!! x
Gotta love your style lol. Haven't seen Ricky in a while lol :) x
love ur style and ur hair looks so much better
I absolotley LOVE your style :D I feel like going shopping now haha x
i'll be visiting my family in london sometime this year or early next year. do you recommend any food places/clothing stores?
@misstashface10 lol i do! I also like h&m, zara, urban outfitters, primark and many more! :P
how much was your cardigan in outfit 1 ? :D xx
watching your videos i feel like i need to buy TONS more clothes D: but i love your style :) x
you're new hair looks so good!
omggg you cut your hair!!!! cuuute!
you are good for finding good things i sales :O
i like how you say "haytch"&M - in the states we say H "aytch" - your way is much cuter!
can i ask how tall u are? i love the coverage of mac studio fix fluid, but my boyfriend hates it and says i smell like a hospital when i wear it lol :/
love your hair and makeup on number two :)
omg your hair looks GORGEOUS! <3 xxx
U wa t to distract us from talkin about ricky by bringing another hott dude lol well hello Grant
@beautycrush..ohh and u might want to put a little annotation in the video to tell everyone its fake fur..because ur going to get a lot of comments about it!
ohmygosh, i typed in emily rose in google.. scary... i thought thats what u said, but i guess its not..
whats with the haircut kinda bold on one side?
you should shave your head like willow smith!
i love these fasion vids, do loads!!!!!!
@beautycrush lol! guess they didn't hear you right!
Lmao! Grant..what a legend :)
Your very fashion forward, you look amazing as always. Some other YT folks could learn from you , as the tary dress and ton of crappy jewellery look, is not a good one lol x
please do tutorial for your hair in the first outfit!
love everything, and your hair looks awesome!!
i love you style soo much <3 it inspires me :D
ahh! girlfriend what are you going to do when you want to start growing your hair out?
how tall are you?? btw i lovee your outfitsss :) and i really love your earringggsss!!!! x
you really know how to put outfits together!! love itt
I love your accent!! " this is from hey-ch and m...this is from hey-ch and m... aaaaand this is from hey-ch and m..." LOVE it! haha
HAHAHA your friend was so funny!!! was he being serious? cause if he was then that was really nice.
where can i order those flats with the metal tip??? i absolutely loveeee them
@beautycrush..ok just making sure :) ur so beautiful, and u have a great sense of ur hair short! <33 i tried the link and it says that the account was deleted:(...
She has her hair in a Bun ? -__-
OMG love tht cardigan on day1 it looks so warm and cuddly lol also you have amazing fashion sense x :)
I LUV your new haircut Sammi! Tre Fab!!!! You should keep it short!
Love love love it! You should make this into a weekly thing, very inspirational indeed
second outfit is amazing because of the silver accents and the red and black and your bag is a burgandy (mix of red and black) it's suprisngly complex haha Do you manage to always keep your bag on the crook of your arm or do you end up carrying it in your hand? I tried a few primark bags but so many weren't long enough to keep on my shoulder! looking good!
i am gonna copy outfit 4! its so amazing <3
@iamaCD why don't you take your "clever" sarcastic comments elsewhere? ;)
Omg I have that exact same bag!!!
i prefer lookbooks where there is no talking and theres music and then you write where its from - i enjoy watching them moreee but i love you and your style :) <3
What's the introduction song? The "Wachu wachu want" one, haha.
aw i cant find what your lookbook url is, cause i wanted to add you. what program or software do you use to edit your videos??
hair cut is a thumbs up from me :)
ughhh why do you have to be so gorgeous!!! love your new hair!
your hair looks great! lovin the new cut
LOVED everything! Screw haters, you have great taste! xx
i have shaved a part side of my head too! But a little bit more than you. It looks so muchy prettier on you thought <3
the red jumper is a good colour on u <3
can you show your hair more up close? i would be interested to see it a bit more and how you style your hair with it or if thats changed even at all. thanks
red suits you soooo much <3
Your friend is so cute x'D!!! "I'm not a fashionist but..." awwww x'D!
can you get airy fairy in the uk?x
grant's input was adorable, reminds me of when my dad talks makeup with me. hes kinda confused but really sincere, hhaha
So glad you whent back short ! i loved it so much before that i cut all mine off ! then you got extentions! lol like it long but love it short! xxx
I feel slow because i didn't realize a jumper was a dress. -_-
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