Jake and Amir: Bagels

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0:11 Jake feels he has a responsibility to apologize for Amir lol 
Jake: You guys are dating? Great! For how long? Murph: FUCK YOU!!! LMAO
LOLLL imagine every koala in the world in a bikini. WTF.
Pretty hot if you ask me.+
Im still waiting for the final episode when amir gets pushed in front of a truck.
"suck off Uncle Sam and swallow what he gives you" I didn't even realize that was sexual until he said that's what he did in his dream. LOL!
Kinda stole this from the office but still funny
"Hey, for how long?" "Fuck you!"
"I hate that you can put those on so quikly" fucking makes me laugh because he always does that shit
Meanwhile, in a part of Canada where "baggle" is the standard pronunciation and I can barely hear the difference between that and Jake's correction...
+OrnateDagger haha exactly, americans never recognize the names of the provinces.
+OrnateDagger From Toronto and I've also never heard of that, also moved from NB to British Columbia and have yet to hear it in my life. You most hang around some strange people that use wonky slang bro :p
Amir totally Britta'ed it.
Hey, l lived in New York, I know how to pronounce baggle.
Hang the fuck on. Did you just imply that the English mispronounce words? Words from the ENGLISH language? Wow, that's just sad.
note to self : never watch jake and amir havinng lunch
why do they have to throw up every time i am eating and watching their videos? !
Amir needs to teach me how to put sunglasses on like that.
I can't hear a friggin' difference. How are they pronouncing bagel differently?
Did you really blow Uncle Sam in your dream last night? LOL
Oh god, I still sometimes slip up and say "Baggle" instead of "Bagel", lol.  I used to do it when I was a little kid all the time, haha, and I had to train myself to say it properly.
Jake can eat circle bread?
Why do I keep watching this videos!? Every time I get a step closer to developing an ulcer, aside from the homicidal thoughts I get with all the shit Amir pulls. Should that guy actually exist in real life I wouldve probably made him a quadriplegic by now.
Thumbed up for Murph xD
Amir is a little bitch...I like it.
Why do murf and his gf have it they didn't eat them
@Ioannis Kokidis, hahaha lol literally
Who throws up like that? I don't.😝
Amir should've accidentally eaten a bagel at the end of this.
say bag. day. le? ell. bagel. bag-ell.
Actually Jake,it's pronounced "Jibbly John's on the Half-Show."
Have they made a Jake vs Murph video? I don't find murph at all funny except in trustfall 2.
Am i seriously the only person who laughed my hell off when Jake said " You showed up with bagels around your nipples and said bagels on me"
They're just taunting me with that "click to procrastinate" shit....
pronunciation*. I don't like how only 3 ppl recognize the Community reference. Britta For The Win.
theres no way that it would cause diarrhea, vomiting, and then finally jaundice. they're not even the same ball park as far as symptoms go.
I call them Jibbily Johns on the half shelf
Probably just something random they came up with so everyone would comment on how funny it was that she wore a shirt like that. =P
what ever happened to hardly working with crazy murph? i miss him.
Amir spent a bad amount of money on those bag-els
Ioannis Kokidis, hahaha lol literally
Her t-shirt says "fat pig" in german :D
He spent a bad amount of money on those bagels.
Amir must be related to Britta. Baggel..
why are you touching his hands jake???
Oh no I thought these were all real life situations that happened to be recorded on spot. What next, are you going to tell me Amir doesn't actually act like that?
LMAO @ 0:05. A whole bunch of Jews surrounding a box of bagels. Cute.
what the? since when is Murph a badass?
Amir spent a bad amount of money for those BAgels
I started calling bagels *bagels* this morning and my mum kicked me out because i wouldnt stop....
HAHAHA OMG the starting is so hilarious. I had a fuck dream last night.
Emily was in multiple episodes as Murph's woman before Double Date.
"No way, how long?" "FUCK YOU!" I lost it.
"click to procrastinate" it's not procrastination if i was originally going to another jake and amir video...
It's funny how Amir is fluent in Hebrew and still can't say bagel.
Haha Amir was doing Morse code XD
@dalzelljack LOLOLOL also you also forgot they couldn't jerk it
why are some of these not on the playlist
no way how long? FUCK YOU! hahahaha
1:38 That face.... I almost died laughing.
@ostrichking6 I was thinking the same thing...
couldn't they just google a cure?
click to procrastinate .... TOO TRUE!
Heh, I ate this while watching a bagel.
I'd beat that little punk (who is probably taller than me, despite me saying little, but who cares?!) until the symptoms kicked in and then I'd handcuff him to something so we could all barf on him. This is even though I friggin love Amir. Food poisoning just sucks. You live in the bathroom dry heaving for (depending on what it is) up to a month and the only nutrition you can get is in liquid foods. Grrrr, Amir, I'll yank your nipple hair off.
I can't say bagel the normal way anymore...
Amir's "listening face" at 1:37 is the best
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