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Katy Perry - Dressin' Up (Lyric Video)

by KatyPerryVEVO • 7,469,170 views

Official lyric video for Katy Perry "Dressin' Up," available on her album 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection'. Download the album on iTunes: Video Produced by...

Dressin' Up > Recorded in March 2010 Electric Chapel (Born This Way) > Recorded in March 2011 FUCK YOU GUYS, STUPIDS!
why are the songs getting compared? they are nothing alike
Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga 🌝
Voyage voyage by desireless actually
Lady Gaga's fans are so fucking annoying. And i like Gaga a lot, but damn. This songs comes first, not electric chapel. 
Okay Gaga fans (BTW I am one too and a Katy fan) Electric Chapel was released in May 2011, Katy recorded this song ALL THE WAY back in 2010, she COULD NOT HAVE HUMANLY POSSIBLE copied Gaga at all. Dressin up was released in 2012, but recorded 2 years before that, same can be said for Roar and Brave which Roar was recorded in March 2013 and Brave was released I think in June 2013, they may sound alike, but THERE IS NO WAY KATY COULD HAVE COPIED ANYONE because she recorded it before the other songs were even released
lady gaga's electric chapel is better than this
Katy Perry's Dressin' Up is good two!
Elle est trop belle cette chanson J'l'adore!!!!! <3
Si les parolds étaient mieux oui
Pourquoi qu'est-ce qui ne vas pas avec les paroles??!!!
Lady Gaga's fans are fucking stupid look at these comments holy fuck lmao
Was she having phone sex while writing this song?
this song should of been on the 50 shades soundtrack
katy really this like your only dirty song I just paid attention to the lyrics and I was like wow  I really like the song but the lyrics are bad so yeah
Most of her songs are actually a lil dirty so yeah this one is just the most
+kyle edward yeah.. sure. born this way album was recorded before the monster ball world tour had even started.. who will copy a song that hasnt even been released? and who would copy a song from the No. 1 artist in that year.Think about it... i guess you can understand too 
Oh weird, I thought it sounded like that too?!! Ok so it's not just me!!
This is not a copy of Electric Chapel and neither Electric Chapel of Dressin' Up.They're kinda different.But Electric Chapel is better,even if I'm katycat and little monster.My opinion.
Are you ready for your blood to rise?! Whaaat???? HAHAHHAH
Bitches,Gaga wrote Born this way album on Monster Ball Tour and thats mean 2009-2010!So shut the fuck up!Gaga ruls!
Piu bella International simile
Wow...i wouldnt dare say this to anypony who knows me in person...i like this song. a lot. like seriously. i really like it. Dominatrix, eh?  PS the musical aspect of this is far better than Electric Chapel, in my opinion.
gaga write her albums only one song....
yeah, just the first verse in the prechorus thats it. I dont know whats the big deal. Most of the pop songs sound somewhat similar atleast somewhere.
"Are you ready for your blood to rise?" Hahahaha Katy, you're a really naughty girl. This song is sooo inappropriate.. 😅
The comment section says: "Lady Gaga copied this song!" Me: -.-
This should be in 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'
Katy shades of grey. The Musical
Because certain lyrics that were released, did not turn single?
Watched this lyric video the day it came out years ago, and I came back to see all of these comments comparing Lady Gaga and Katy? Why do we always have to pit artists against each other? Why can't we enjoy each song as their own song that their performer put their own time into? damn
Electric chapel is way better. This is just another katy shit song.
then why did u came here
Dressin up demo 2010 pero fue liberada oficialmente en la redirección de TD en 2012 losers fans de Gaga -.-
Someone please tell me why the hell everyone is comparing those song they aren't alike at all damn
Let's all think that it's about a massage.
:O esto es una vil copia a Electric Chapel
+Victor Naal Exactly, Gaga plagiarist.
Like if your coming from bajancanadian fanfic My beng.
Lance Dressin' Up as single...I love you very... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Releasing....
This is way from Elwctric Chapel this is gopd but Gaga did it better
Katy the only one ;) Simply the best 
Lyrical pornography, aural torture.
It sounds nothing like electric chapel so get a hearing aid
Who else saw this vid in 2015??
Me. 😂 I didn't know this song existed.
Lady Gaga is known for her "copying" material or making songs very similar to other foreal, she is KNOWN for doing that!.. but i am sure she isn't the only one.. So is 1 Direction! and have you noticed that Katy's song Roar and Sara's song Brave sounds very similar? (the music, not lyrics)..i think originality is kind of diminishing slowly.. :/
Didn't realise she made a lyric vid for such a bad song...
Esta mucho mejor de katy ke la de lady gaga me gusto dressin ' Up
Yay go Katy Yay for me and you Yay I'm so excited for my life and I love it Yay yay yay who doesn't love Katy perry is someone who ain't got nothing to lose
Electric chapel 2.0
Lmao at people in this comment section saying that Katy copied Gaga with this song! Dressin Up was a newly released track in Teenage Dream The Complete Confection in 2012 and everything (except for Wide Awake) in that rerelease/repackage were leftovers from Teenage Dream sessions that were written and recorded in 2009-2010! Katy wrote and recorded Teenage Dream in 2009-2010 and this song (Dressin Up) was written and recorded in 2010 but never made it into the original release. There was even a demo of this song leaked in 2010 but this had a little bit different lyrics and instrumental but in 2011 for the rerelease/repackage which was set to release in 2012, Katy changed the lyrics a little bit and the producers remastered the beat and there we go we have now Dressin Up but Electric Chapel was a track from Born This Way album and Gaga wrote and recorded Born This Way in 2010-2011 so there is now way that Katy could've copied Gaga with that song but there is a high chance that Gaga copied Katy with Electric Chapel!
I'm o ly here cause of Matty t
Wow, why without a video? Like so much😎😎
Dressin' Up > Recorded in March 2010 Electric Chapel (Born This Way) > Recorded in March 2011 Stop it!!!! ;)
This sounds EXACTLY like Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga.
This sounds EXACTLY like Halo by Beyoncé
+PRISM Lipe you sound really stupid look it up, Electric Chapel came was released first, and even if you said that dressin up demo came first, lady gaga already had Electric Chapel written before dressin ups leak! Get your sources :)
Wow, this video is amazing.
still waiting for the music video... And why this song isn't on the prismatic world tour ... ?
Me encanta esta cancion l<3lita
Literally who even cares if this sounds like electric chapel its 2015
People,now it's obviously that why didn't was a single : Cause if you try to search remixes,acapellas or instrumentals,or a simple live of that music, you will not see. 'cause the music have two versions,and this version (that lyric video music),is the hardest instrumental to find. I think on the recording,they lost the instrumental,and why that doesn't have a live of this song. It's hard to excrat this instrumental,REALLY :c
Yay yay I'm so excited about this Yay yay yay yay yay yay Katy perry is more popular than MIley Cyrus on YouTube Yay for me and you
it's Miley "who owns my heart"
You don't have to Chang just to get attention, don't be like Miley Cyrus
Im sorry but this song was writed in 2010, one year before of electric chapelb
Dressin' - Upstorm
she should take a clip for it
yo ya se como es el video se tratara de maquinas del tiempo de gatos me encanta esta cancion :)
the ironic part is Matt Thiessen cowrote this (her ex bf)
I was instantly reminded of this song by taylor swifts song "I know places" on her new album 1989
Everybody need to know that gaga didnt copied perry, Electric Chapel was released before dressin up, and even if you say that dressin up's leak came first, it really didn't because Gaga had already written Electric Chapel during The Monster Ball (2009)
+Brett Service dont be a liar, and look it up!
This song would be good without all that pet my kitty, dirty doggie, cookie monster bullshit. Like tf? Making sex kid friendly? No hate, just saying the referenced were a little lame :l
Did they even make a music video for this?! just watching this video makes me feel old.
OMG BEST SONG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm dressing up for you......
I know the real point of this song, but an I the only one who thinks this song is about Halloween?!
Şarkının internetten çevirisine baktım aman tanrım didim :SDF:FD:SD
Flera såna här låtar??
cancer -.- in may in 2011 was released Born This Way album, Electric Chapel we could hear before that happend in Gagavision. Dreesing up was leaked in 2010, and released in 2012. WHE DONT KNOW WHO WRITE SONG FIRST. Born This Way album was written while MBT tour so its 2009-2010 and we know that she written song called "Electric Chapel" since 2009, but we didnt know how it sound in 2009. STOP STUPID FAN WAR. ENJOY THE MUSIC. Thank You
Guys, I dont care which one was released first or which one you think is the best. Just stop this stupid argument about katy copied lady gaga. And even if she did, this cannot change the truth that this song is beautiful. Your bullshit is starting to get annoying. Really.
Where did all of this songs come? I mean I listened to almost all her new songs but I don't know maybe I got lost between so nice artists 
It's katy perry singing the song not lady Gaga ):<
Lady gaga s a lucer she copyright the best Katy perry
I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o
I have never heard this song before-never knew it existed. I can't believe it! And I used to think she was one of the better singers. This song is so bad! And don't "so what?" me, YouTube community. 'So what' is dirty songs are not all that. They are not as popular as clean songs because there are still Christians and good-doers no matter how hard you try to snuff. Us. Out. Thus I have not heard of this song
What I am trying to say is Katy Perry, I hope you've turned and stopped putting out dirty songs. 😊
This was in 2010, I'm pretty sure she's changed
Electric Chapel=Dressin'u Up <3  Perfect <3
Katy pleas make a video of this sing
It's katy perry singing the song not lady Gaga ):<
Katy Perry - Electric Chappel II
I wasn't expecting it to be like this... It is AWESOME
Electric chapel copy....but Gaga have a masterpiece done...u kati nothing
Your wrong, Katy recorded it before lady gaga, so do some research before you talk, thanks.
I don't get the 95 part?
9 to 5. Most people work 9 to 5. Basically, she'll make his feel so good he'll forget about all his work worries
oh ok thank you it makes sense now +Hope Mattice !!
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