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Bulldog Adopts Wild Baby Boars

by uzoouk • 311,227 views

After being found abandoned, these adorable boar piglets have a new mother...Baby the bulldog. Click to subscribe for more educational videos: Facebook:...

uzoouk Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
This is the cutest thing ever.
who knew baby boars were so cute... 
uzoouk Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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'Share' below if this made you SMILE! This Bulldog Adopts Wild Baby Boars... *Special thanks to Uzoo ! Visit them for more videos at:
Zeb Dropkin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+tankatraue yes they are, they are French Bulldogs.
haha the 2 littles are trying on the drum set:D
Miriam Chacon Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
I think I'd better leave the 'cute animal' part of YT or I'll be here for hours.. Maybe one more..
I'm just glad that these little guys are in their native land of Germany. Here in the United States Feral Hogs are a big problem
I think Lumpy should become a cannibal and start his menu with himself so he can make the world a better place by getting rid of a sick pathetic loser!!!!
aww they`re so cute! it was nice of the bulldog to take care of them <3 :)
i watched it, and i still dont care because 1. i didn't kill it and 2. i need to eat.
Awesome! Thank you for rescuing them. I have nothing but admiration and respect for people who rescue animals.
haha WILD boars indeed! They can't sit still for a second, can they?
mama bulldog will wonder, when she sees how big those will be one day =D
Wow, those piglets look like baby deer.
This type of video is the reason why I relax and watch Youtube. They truly make me have a good laugh. However most regular people are slowly but surely KILLING their dogs!!! The shit which they put in dog food leads to varieties of cancer and makes family dogs pass away early. I came to understand the difficult way when my doggy died at 5.If you have a pet dog and you want to conserve its life and really expensive veterinary costs and make sure your pet lives for longer then you must have a look
So cute! Oh, and dude, put on some different jeans or something, you got a huge hole in your crotch! Lol
I think Baby mama will miss them when they got older....Hope they go visiting one day xD
For those who think these animals should be hunred down and eaten are BIG IDIOTS. I undertand that we must eat but for fucks sakes killing young ones are stupid. THIS IS WHY SO MANY ANIMALS ARE GOING EXTINCT. BECAUS3 OF ALL THESE GAMES AND HINTIN FOR FUN AND TRADES.
There must be something wrong with me...0:27 Guy's pants are ripped near the awkward area :D
and then people call them BEASTS!!! the only real beast is the human being!
awww they have no traction on the floor so cute!
All God's creatures are beautiful and these cute little Piglets are an example of that!
Kill then!! These things are a huge problem
Well that's not a bulldog, it's a boston terrier, but this video is soo cute. ;3; <3
as humorous as the irony of that is, watch a few documentaries on how pigs are killed in the industry for meat and maybe youll feel a bit bad. (good documentary= Earthlings )
This is the cutest thing I saw today!! Thank you so much! I was feeling really bad and now I feel better ^^
they look like a mix between a deer and a puppy
how come no one licks my butthole to help with my digestion?
People are paid good money to shoot these pests. Waste of time keeping these nasty piglets alive.
I really enjoy doggy video clips on Youtube. They never fail to cause me to have a good laugh. But a large amount of people are slowly but surely KILLING their dogs - without knowing it! The crap dog food companies use in dog food brings about cancer and makes dogs pass away early.. If you have a dog and you would like to help save its life and costly veterinarian charges then you should have a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Look in Google.)
oh my much cute in one it :)
These pigs are awesome! They look like bacon even in animal form.
Holly mother of bacon !!! these can go straight on the roaster!!! yummy,,, will probably cook in less than an hour too...plz eat them before they get too big!
i was eating pork while eating this... o_O
that floor looks so slippery, they're shufflin' there lol
Don't kid yourself, the dog knows its bacon just the same as you.
Amazing animals and amazing people that take time to look after the animals, thanks so much to all animals carers, God bless you all.
No, HereKittyKitty, that's a french bulldog.
now the piglets have a foster mum and dad
Awww they are so damned pretty & adorable when they're piglets! =D
I love how everyones getting along all nicely being cute then the cat appears in the back all the fuck is this. Man cats are awesome, douchebags but awesome.
Dog knows that pigs raised by hand tastes a whole lot better then the farm raised stuff
that is the cutest thing i ever saw. what a good bulldog mommy!
Movies such as this help to make Youtube marvelous. It usually takes up a great deal of my afternoon. HOWEVER a great deal of families are slowly and gradually KILLING their family dogs (without knowing it)... The crap that they use in dog food causes malignant tumors and tends to make family dogs pass away early. I figured that out the challenging way when my pet died at 6. If you have a dog and you would like to protect its life and highly-priced vet charges and make certain
100 Degrees of CUTE! ≧◠◡◠≦
Endlich mal ein schöner Beitrag aus GERMANY !
Cute but I think that it is a part of the basic instinct of mammals or living creatures to do that.
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