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Pick My Valentine's Date Night Outfit!

by RachhLoves • 19,171 views

I can't choose! Let me know which one is your favourite! Don't forget to "Like" and vote for me HERE please :) : if you like the items I showed! :)...

i think you should do the white dress and leggings in #2 with the black boots from #3 :)
Second one. You look so cozy I just want to climb in with you
the 2 was the best one i like number 3 but it isnt much for valentines. go with 2
I like the third one! I'm a boy! =D
LOL guess what?! I CAN'T CHOOSE! like seriously..i tried but my pick is either #1, or #2...or well, #3 HAHAHAH
outfit #2 is the cutest but I would add a belt to cinch the waist
3rd one for sure. The bolder colors suit you better!
2nd or 1st probably 2nd though
i like the sweater!! it makes u look seriously pretty
oufit number two is sosososo cute and girlyyy :D
all are really nice, but the second is the best :)
Definitely the 3rd one! Simple but still eye catching! Love it :)
i love 3 but i think chris would like u in anything.
2nd one...the whole 'shirt untucked with short jacket over it' thing just screams slob to me. Go with #2.
im lovin the second one. and like if not then the third one for sure!
definetly number 3, looks like "ya I woke
Out of those outfits, the third one. I am wearing a dress for my Valentine's date :)
i think that out fit 3 is the BEST!!!
Third with plain black heels instead !
number 2 is cutest in my opinion xx
2nd outfit :)))) [but they're all gorgeous!]
3rd, but change the white jeans to blue jeans! it would look sooo much cuter
not supposed to wear white jeans til after easter, just saying :) i know its uncommon for people to follow this rule, but i feel like if you paired to 3rd outift with some dark skinny jeans, it would look more "wintery" and darker, since you will also be going out at night i'm sure. i'm not trying to be rude or anything, just a suggestion!! all three outfits are cute by the way (: i wouldn't be able to pick either!!
first is the best.! just dont wear the third
Fooor suuurreee number 3, except with heels.
The third one is super cute! I vote number 3!!!
THE THIRD IS PERFECT!!! Super hot & super cool!
The 2nd one!! It looks really cute and cozy too....Like something that any date would want to snuggle up against. ;)
Third looks the best Especially since Chris likes the jeans :)
definetly number 3, looks like "ya I woke up this pretty" lol :)
I think the second one because its a dress and you look sooo beautyful in it and its girlie too
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