50000 Volt Accident

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thai guy gets toasted!

Saying someone got injured from volts going through their body, is like saying a person got injured by 1000 feet. Saying someone got injured from amps going through their body, is like saying a person got injured by a 1000 foot fall.
Fallait le laisser là, perché ! Pourquoi aller secourir de telles personnes aussi crétines ??  Charles Darwin avait raison : la sélection naturelle !
Volts don't actually kill you but Amperes.
if that f*cking idiot did not climb up surely everyone will be save but nooo he climbed up and nearly killed a worker dumba#$
What an idiot. almost got another man killed because of him.
I seem to have met an inordinate number of them in my time in the electrical trade or anywhere for that matter,I haven't done any paid work for 2 years and I think this sort of thing has been the main problem,I'm sure "they" are all made in Thailand and I can bet they will find a way to cover their backsides so that they don't lose their jobs due to this mishap which could've killed at least one person.Yes, it seems to be every one of them is a pedophile or something like that and hasn't been trade specific, they're everywhere !!!!
why screen become dark when electricity hit him , in broad day light  
Из-за  тупорылой  обезъяны  с  нарушенным  инстинктом  самосохранения  погиб  человек...
ofc its all because of the drug! Evil drugs!
so when can i get some of this new street drug !!!!
So a worker get electrocuted while simply performing his job... All because of the idiot on drugs and the idiot who forgot to turn the power off. Fuckin' people.
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The National Grid powerlines in the UK (big silver 7 wired poles) carry the max of 400,000 volts. Imagine being electriciuted on that.
fuckin A  ,that will learn ya'
why does the spark appear??
Because he came into contact with it!!!
because eletricity is so hot it has flames when it arches it causes flames
50 000 isn't so bad actually
safety saves a man, good
this isnt surprising. im a firefighter and i see shit like this all the time. half the time, the power company doesnt even pick up the phone, and when they do, they tell us to get stuffed. 
You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!
It might not have happened in America but the narrator is an American and he goes over board with every thing that he narrates enought said for the yank
You've been hit by a smooth criminal.
"You've been ZAPPPED!"
kennen stop trolling people not funny
Poor bastards trying to do his job and help a shithead scumbag..Then he's the one who get's fried.. Hooray.
turn off the electricity they're stupid or
Ever heard of Zapp n Roger?
I would be sueing for the miss information about the power being shut off and it wasnt i'm an electrician if the power was shut down it should've been tested to see if it was the right one cos thats dangerous you dont play with someones life when it comes to electric
It's not america so unfortunately you can't sue and yes they should of tested it
thats retarded, wood isnt a conductor
They should have let the fucker fry himself!! You can't fix stuuuuuuuupid!!!
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INSANE!!!! I hear this and I think can one say there is NO GOD??? He should have been Killed! PTL no on was Hurt worse or Killed!!!
That's becoz your an IIDIOT. amera autoamtically adjusts to light amd darles bakground to prevent whoteoput. Your welcome FOOL
TIC tracers start at around 6$...
its not about the volts its about the wide amps if you heart takes the Amps or not, for example if you heart resets then you are almost dead you need CPR but if you heart just gets an arrythmia then you have a chance to survived, but also in high voltage you can loose limbs (extremities)
50000 volts yeah but how many ambers like 15?
There are more than enough assholes in world, why save these suicidal sob, what good is he to society, let the motha fukr burn by 500000 volts.
what is worth is that news are trying to make a drama out of this to people who do not know that the real danger has the name amper..even from simplier things like this u can see their disguidance to the uninformed mob
The big burst of bright light made the recorder image mess up that's all
Actually to clarify your misstatement the amperage is what kills you, currents between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) are lethal regardless what voltage potential is being carried. If you absorb enough charge to get your heart out of sinus rhythm ( v
You're both wrong. Americunt is so focused on the fact that current not voltage kills you, he is disregarding the fact that, all other things equal, more voltage will provide more current. A taser doesn't have a current limiting resistor, why would it when your body provides hundreds of Kohms of resistance, it's the physical limitations that limit the current. A distribution line does not have such small limitations and can provide more than enough energy to run a few amps through you.
The suicidal man should have been knocked on the head for risking these guys's lives
this is where america got the idea for tazers.
thank to informer whom said the voltage was been cut off
That's because they're current limited with a resistor. Do you seriously think that power lines will have resistors so they will only transmit a few milliamps ??
and the nigger who started the whole ordeal went home safe and sound
Why the sky turned black ??? I dont think the power can do that
The camera was adjusting to the intensity of light for few seconds.
FYI you can get shocked by thousands of volts and live, given that the amperage is low. Power lines use very high voltages and low amperages in order to reduce power loss due to resistance in wire. Coincidentally, this is also a safety measure.
This suicidal man should be fucked, raped! son of bitch, putting other people's life in danger!
Whew, man was sleep or not then it save belt
คนจะฆ่าตัวตายดันไม่โดน คนไปช่วยดันโดนแทน ซวยจริงๆ
that is not the point nor am I confusing anything. I just stated in my first post that "volts do not kill", 'cause everytime I see a video on this matter they always state: 100000,2000 ,50000 volts instead of 500 - 1000 - 300000 amp accident. they just wanna impress people with high numbers , that is called disinformation! I can have an accident with a 1000000 volts stunt gun , someone who did not study physics would say"wow, how did he survive",someone who did study would say"just tickle"
probably less 15 he would be dead...1 or 2 AMP
Because volts don't kill, you could have a million volts but only one amp and you would be a little stunned.
potential energy =calm water in a lake (v) ship floats kinetic energy= whirlpool hot+ , cold- water (a) ship sinks. the movement in one direction of the electrons (c) through your body , kill you.
It is not the voltage that kills, but the current...but I agree, that narrator is stupid and american. ;-)
Awesome Video. I can't help but wonder just how in the Hell the lineman was able to endure a jolt of 50KV, and only end up with minor injuries. Would only consider it miraculous. Only bad thing is: It happened to the wrong person- Should've been the fool that was high and climbed the pole in the first place....O_O
ประเทศผมเองครับ ^^
Technically it's both the volts and the amps. Watch Afrotechmods's video on it: watch?v=8xONZcBJh5A
well if I was a Canadian I would return my passport knowing that you were born in my same land. fuck off , you , edison and tesla.
"Stop risking other people's life!!" B**CH please. I wanna know who the idiot that told them the power was cut is.
utter rubbish , amps are what kill you. the stunt belt was delivering 50.000 volts with a 0.0001 ampere. electric guns deliver 200.000 volts with 0.0001 ampere. is the current(ampere) that kills you.
Well there would have been no risk if some idiots at electric station had done their job and cut power off.
I would market that, it may well be able to store electricity from useless wind turbines
i lived around there and i saw this accident. :(
never try to save this type of guys because if they will not get it this time they will try for it another time and get it
The reason there aren't any videos with the amperage in the title is because it can't be determined. You don't know the resistance of the person, etc. You may find videos of arc flash faults with current listed however... The voltage is known so it's put there, and people can determine how dangerous it is because of ohms law, which although doesn't always apply, it can still give a good idea of what might happen. Also, I don't get your water analogy. Just say what you mean
its really not deadly what so ever (the taser). It will just burn your skin at most. you die of the current running threw your heart not the voltage! (although to reach the heart some voltage is neccessary. But only voltage and no current doesnt kill). .....well maybe if its enough voktage to burn you to ashes but you are not usually coming in contact with that lol
I think he's confusing instantaneous current (ie van de graffe or doorknob shocks) with sustained current. The peak current determined by ohms law may be very high, but the available current is quite low over time. Power lines can deliver a fair bit of current to say the least.. I'll invoke this classic line: "The higher the voltage, the more current can flow for an equal amount of resistance". Can't get any more complicated than that.
Taser have a very low amperage, you can't turn on a simple TV with a taser !!! Amperage of city's electric network is very high. When amperage is high, 60 Volt can be enough to burn a man !! (Electric chair)
sorry .. in my opinion .. The above before being electrocuted ... Who is he .. does he want to kill myself .. if so he wanted to kill myself .. for me .. he should be electric .. and not to be the savior .. should be ..
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