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1 in 4 women experience sexual assault during their time as a student. Don't accept drinks from people you don't know and always look out for your mates. For information and tips on how to avoid...

An irresponsible, misleading video. The 1 in 4 stat is from the HiddenMarks report. "Sexual assault" (actual stat: 16%) is any unwanted touch, e.g. a kiss or grope. Bad things, but the video implies rape, which is worse. The HiddenMarks stat for rape is 5%, + 2% failed attempts. Adding all together for effect? How very Daily Mail of you. Also, the big risk isn't the mythical drink spiking stranger: it's (ex-)boyfriends and acquaintances. "Knowledge is power"? Not in this video.
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What you've said is completely true, I too noticed this during the video
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Nice one! Thanks for creating this.
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