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What to do when your Xbox 360 has the red ring of death (Destruction method)

by hola12300 • 88,663 views

READ THIS... Before you start crying about 'how easy RRoD is to fix', this was an old, pre owned Xbox which had broke 3 times previously. Whilst this Xbox was getting repaired for the 4th time, we...

Why you gotta be so rude to the Xbox 😪👌😡😐😭
Hey fucktard!!! I know a way to fix it!!! Take it to bestbuy and they fix it for 40$$
I wonder if it still work
lol I dropped mine and the front of it fell and IT STILL WORKS
Oh uh, I didn't read the description... I'm an ass...
Oops caught it on fire
Wtf this kid is beating and abuseing his xbox 360
i will never do that i love my xbox
oops i dropped it
Off the fire it would deffantly have the over heating error mesage
Let me fucking kill you
I think it will work now.
U could have fixed it
You fucked up your shit when it has life time red ring of death warranty on it wow.
Try dropping it on your and see if the dog fetches it
Guys its his xbox not yours he can do whatever he wants to his xbox since its his not yours. Hola, great vid man this cracked me up.
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha cool really funny
No won xboxone a error is not even a thing on the xboxone but it we'll turn off 2 sec sometime just deplug evrything and rep lug then TaTA and you can fix red ring and if your feeling like you should loos sub cuase your sub dumb just make camp fire with it :D
ur soo fuckin supid dont ever frekin do dat XD!!!!!!2 dude ur like 4 years old
you ssssonn of a bbbiittchh poor xboxx
I it's fine guys the Xbox still works (I think) 😭😭😭😭
Thats four minutes ill never get back
Lol idiots posting on this comment feed, you realize this video was posted in 2010. It's ancient now.
i mean the red ring not the fucking hold thing fuck i dont know about that
Dude their is a bit of a difference between a spelling mistake that was inflicted by a programmed apk keyboard in comparison to a thick teenager smashing up his xbox 360 with the help of a kid, seriously man you are thick just look at the comments.All you had to do was repaist the gpu and cpu or at the very most reflow the board your an idiot who probably had to buy a new xbox and i still have the same one saving my money to buy new games. iv not got much money coz i dont live with mummy! Bitch!
I hope they don't stop commenting though, it gives me something to laugh at.
first of all if i had a hammer like that the system would be shatterd and second sell it
Too bad the purpose of this video wasn't to see how fast I could destory it, therefore making your statement redundant.
U don't know how to destroy a Xbox
hey the like bar and the dislike bar are the same dont mess with it
i read the description guys it at least is good that one they put it out of its misery and two they had fun using it one last time
if it was plugged i though...the whole house would burn and get a electrical shock...probbably
It's surprising to me that someone like you could afford an Xbox 360!
Lol you are an idiot. Money, can be CONVERTED. :D?
1:20 when i see u teeth i know you are definitely british and i was right!
If only he knew u can fix red ring
I don't like that u could of recycled it instead of destroying it. Plus, u could of gotten it fixed for like 50$ dollars, but now if you want another one you got to spend about 300$
Yeah your totally right! They love to have sexual intercourse with other men!
yeah u dont break an xbox place it under sand for 2 hours and it will work again
Or you could make sure the back plug is plugged I. Properly?
The fire made my Xbox explode and now I have stitches!!!!!
3:05 Oh Thank God, he's putting it out... Wait a minute, NOOOOOOOOO D:
LOLOLOLOL, this is why children DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE. Your burning that shit on your grass.. there is only one grass you should be... wait for children. Are you trying to start a fire??? LOL
What the hell your a Fukien retard
I like Xbox but Jesus Christ i laughed pretty hard at this XD
i could have fixed and sold it for 160 bucks jtagged
Wow. How dumb are you? Dont you know that theres lead in an xbox
2:42 time to get the marsmallows and some grame crackers and chocolate and some sticks to make some smores lol XD
0:45 the dog its like wtf am i supposed to do?
Why give this wanker bad comments true he looks like a fuck ing rapist but actually wait
if u want to now how reply back
WOW wat was the point im trying to find somin and i got stupid idotic people showing stupid videos well done mate!
That thing is durable as fuck.
hmm burn xbox on grass.. good idea man
u idiot go to gamestop if dat dont work sell the components
this video should be called this is wot you should do to a xbox after paying for it new
at 0:40-0:47 I hoped the dog would piss on the Xbox xD
Why you do all that just go and fix it
first of all how do you get the xbox in a tree.........
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